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Day 1

Yoido Full Gospel Church is an ordinary church in South Korea, except for its size. It claims more than 800,000 members and has good as the largest fold in the universe. It has seven Sunday worship services because of the high demand.

We will get down our circuit of Christianity here, by sing their worship service. The laminitis and curate of the church, David Cho, will fall in us for a brief talk about his mission. Afterwards, you will be able to take part in Communion if you so wish to.

The worship service is held on Sunday, the twenty-four hours of remainder in Christianity. In Catholicism, the service is referred to as Mass. In Protestantism, it is merely by and large referred to as Sunday service.

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A Sunday service is normally split into three parts: Communion, worship, and the discourse. The Communion and discourses are normally performed by a priest. A priest, besides called curate, curate, and reverend in different denominations, is normally the functionary in charge of carry oning the full service.

Sacramental manduction is the transubstantiation of the staff of life and the vino into the organic structure and the blood of Jesus Christ. It was first described in the Bible, during the Last Supper of Jesus. He said, “he broke [ staff of life ] …This is my organic structure, which is for you ; make this in recollection of me…This cup is the new compact in my blood ; make this, whenever you drink it, in recollection of me.”

[ 1 COR 11: 23-25 ] . This act is celebrated in the sacrament of the Eucharist, otherwise known as the Holy Communion. The importance of this event is to retrieve Jesus ‘s decease for world ‘s wickednesss.

Worship is the act of praising God. It largely involves the usage of music and wordss to praise God. Different denominations use different types of music. More traditional churches will utilize anthem and biblical canon to congratulate music. More broad churches use modern-day Christian stone music to portray their congratulations. In any instance, Christians believe that both are of import to demo grasp to God.

The discourse, besides called homily, is a address given by the priest or curate. The address normally deals with a biblical application or the treatment of a job. Many other curates deliver a address based upon a subject, like love. On particular occasions like Easter, a curate will present a particular discourse.

Sunday Service is of import in every civilization, and particularly to the Christian community. It serves as a clip to retrieve Christ ‘s decease, congratulations God for his actions, and turn with other trusters in religion. The twenty-four hours will stop with David Cho speaking about his astonishing journey turning the church.

One of David Cho ‘s innovator motions, and besides the ground why his church rank is so tremendous, is his usage of little groups. His church is divided into zones, each with their leader. The leaders are largely adult females, a cultural phenomenon in South Korea ; and they each have an helper. They keep conveying people into the crease, and whenever the little group becomes excessively large, a split happens. The helper becomes the leader of the new group.

Day 2

Vatican City is one of the most identifiable images of Christianity in the universe. Inside the city state, where 1000000s of pilgrims go every twelvemonth, lays one of the holiest topographic points in Christendom. Famed, non merely for being the place of the Bishop of Rome, besides known as the Pope, it besides is a mausoleum of Peter, a adherent of Jesus. During the circuit, we will be lead by Friar John Di ‘ Illio. Although the metropolis is the central office of the Roman Catholic Church, Protestants still view this metropolis as full of Christian civilization, doing it of import to both denominations. We will see 6 chief countries during our visit: St. Peter ‘s Square, St. Peter ‘s Basilica, the Apostolic Palace, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museums.

St. Peter ‘s Square:

St. Peter ‘s Square is a immense egg-shaped ring that serves as the entryway into the Vatican City. Around the ring, a colonnade with 140 statues of saints graces the country. It is here, in the square, that the Catholic Pope gives his bi-annual address Urbi et Orbi, which we will be hearing about subsequently in the circuit.

St. Peter ‘s Basilica:

A basilica is an of import church and St. Peter ‘s Basilica is one time of its most leading illustrations. It is the most iconic image in the Vatican City and justly so. Designed chiefly by Michelangelo, it is one of the largest churches in the universe. Its celebrated dome was considered an architectural admiration at the clip of its creative activity, tower 120 metres above the land. However, St. Peter ‘s Basilica ‘s true value lies under a immense canopy, called a baldachin, which protects its contents. Interred under the baldachin are the relics of Peter, the first Bishop of Rome. Peter was one of three closest apostles to Jesus. Peter ‘s importance to the creative activity of the Christian Church is one of the grounds why he is buried here in such a sacred topographic point.

The Apostolic Palace:

The Apostolic Palace is known for its celebrated occupant – the Pope. The Palace, itself, is spilt into two subdivisions: the Papal Apartments and the Church offices. The Papal Apartments is the official abode of the Pope from October to June. The Church offices contain the papal bureaus that govern the full Roman Catholic Church. As the central office of the Catholic Church, the largest denomination in Christianity, the castle is one of both ecclesiastical and diplomatic power. During the circuit, Friar John will besides be educating us on the function of the Catholic Church in today ‘s modern times.

The Sistine Chapel:

Inside the Vatican City, there are legion chapels that hold services for Mass. However the Sistine Chapel is the most celebrated chapel in the Vatican City and possibly the universe. Its most celebrated characteristic is its dramatic ceiling by Michelangelo. Its subject, every bit long as the span of the Bible, covers the Creation of Man, with God giving Adam the flicker of life, to the Last Judgement. As

good as being a tourer location, the Sistine Chapel is besides used as the topographic point where the Papal Conclaves, when the College of Cardinals elect the following Pope, are held. As good, the Pope holds particular services in the Sistine Chapel.

Vatican Museums:

The Vatican Museums are some of the most esteemed museums in the universe. Inside contain centuries of Christian art and literature. Its chief subdivisions are the Vatican Art Museum and the Vatican Libraries. Other smaller museums in the Vatican show largely sculptures. The Vatican Art Museum contains many Christian pictures created by leading creative persons such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and Bernini. Most of the art trades with of import Christian topics, such as saints. The Vatican Library is one of the oldest libraries in the universe. It contains many articles, covering with the history, classical literature, and art. It is particularly of import that we visit the Vatican Museums to acquire a glance of the history of Christianity, through different mediums such as art and literature. Art and literature frequently provide us with different penetrations into the political, religious, and physical battles at different clip periods.

Day 3

Baptism is a really of import portion of Christianity. It is one of the seven sacraments, a holy rite, of the Catholic Church. As good, it forms an built-in portion of the other Protestant denominations. Baptism, itself, is the action of plunging a individual in H2O. The H2O is meant to symbolically stand for the rinsing off of wickednesss, one of the most of import actions that define Christianity.

The first New Testament baptism, which was recorded in the Bible, was performed by John the Baptist. He baptised Jesus into the Jordan River, where we will be heading. There, we will be able to understand the full importance of baptism with our treatment with Rick Warren. As good, We will hold the privilege of acquiring Rick Warren baptise any who may wish to be baptised.

In order to be baptised, there are two stipulations: that one accepts Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, and that you understand the significance of baptism. When one gets baptised, the Church officially recognizes that individual as a member, able to partake in Communion. Therefore, it is of import that any believe understand the full significance behind the baptism before he or she partakes in it.

Even though the action of a baptism is physical, it has immense symbolic significance. The baptiser, normally a curate, submerges the disciple into H2O. The submergence symbolizes Christ ‘s decease and entombment. Afterwards, the baptiser lifts the disciple out of the H2O, typifying Christ ‘s Resurrection. At the same clip, the submergence besides has a nonliteral significance to adult male. It means that Christians are no longer slaves to transgress because Christ has died and resurrected for them. Christians besides believe that as our wickednesss are buried, we are born once more with a new life. That is why many people who are baptised refer to themselves as converted Christians.

Besides being a symbolic signifier of penitence and credence into the Church, baptism serves an alternate intent. It serves as a public committedness to follow Jesus Christ as your ain personal Saviour, in full position of all the brothers and sisters in the Church. For this ground, a certification is frequently given after baptism, turn outing your trueness with Christ and with the Church.

Rick Warren is one of the most well-thought-of Christians in America, every bit good as the senior curate of the Saddleback Church in California. He was besides named one of the most influential Americans. Besides being a curate, he is besides an influential spiritual writer that has had significant impact in Christianity.

He is the writer of Christian texts such as The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life. Both are widely used by Christian curates and disciples likewise. Both are particularly used place churches and cell groups, where little groups have dedicated themselves to following 40 yearss of alteration to alter their lives. He has immense influence in the Evangelical motion in the USA. Besides being a curate for a big church, he besides runs a magazine called the Ministry Toolbox that sends hebdomadal messages to over 100,000 curates.

During our meeting with him, we will be able to inquire him inquiries about his life. As good, he will travel through the processs of baptism with us.

Day 4

Easter is the most of import event in Christianity. During Easter, Jesus is said to hold died and rose once more in three yearss. Across the universe, people prepare for Easter in different ways such as Lent, to sublimate themselves for this event. We will be observing this event in Jerusalem, foremost around the metropolis, and so subsequently at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Pastor Rick Warren will be fall ining us during the early portion of the trip to explicate the significance of Easter. Afterwards, we will take part in the Via Dolorosa.

Officially, Easter is separated into three particular yearss, known as the Easter Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Monday. Holy Thursday is the twenty-four hours before Jesus ‘s decease, every bit good as the day of the month of the Last Supper. The Last Supper is where Jesus created the sacrament of the Eucharist. Good Friday is a recollection of the crucifixion of Jesus. Through this decease, world was granted salvation of their wickednesss. Easter Monday is the jubilation of the Resurrection of Jesus. The Resurrection shows Jesus ‘s power over decease, every bit good as the victory over wickedness. These three events make up Easter, and sum up the important beliefs of Christianity – that Jesus Christ died for world ‘s wickednesss that they may derive ageless life.

Via Dolorosa, intending “Way of Suffering” is an Easter ceremonial found in Jerusalem. It recreates the walk that Jesus took throughout the metropolis as he carried the cross to his topographic point of crucifixion. There are 14 Stationss found throughout the metropolis. The last five of those Michigans are found in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the tradition site of Jesus ‘s decease and entombment. It is because of this ground that the church is the location of the five staying Michigans.

When we get to the Church, the priest, Mr. Alhemi Yuseff, will be steering us and indicating to the important countries within in the Church, like the traditional locations of the cross and the grave.

During Easter, another tradition goes on in Rome called the Urbi et Orbi. The words Urbi et Orbi mean “to the metropolis and to the world” . It is a address that the Pope, Bishop of Rome and leader of the Roman Catholic Church, gives during Christmas and Easter. We will be heading back to Rome to witness firsthand this address.

Urbi et Orbi, referred to as a apostolic reference, is a approval to all Catholics around the universe. As good, it grants the remittal of wickedness, known as indulgence. It is of import on Easter to hold this event because Jesus ‘s decease granted power over wickedness. This address is to remind Catholics of the beginning of Christianity.

Day 5

Hillsong Church is a Pentecostal church located in Sydney, Australia. It is the largest church in Australia, with more than 20,000 attendants spread over four locations. As good, they have planted subdivision churches in other metropoliss such as London and Kiev. Over 150 states can watch their discourses.

The Hillsong Church is celebrated for its Hillsong Conference, which draws over 25,000 Christian leaders all around the universe, every bit good as its Colour Conference, which is a adult females ‘s conference. However, their most celebrated claim to fame is their set – Hillsong United. During the circuit, we will acquire a opportunity to take a circuit around the church every bit good as talk to the set.

Church worship music is an built-in portion of every church and Hillsong Church is no different. Every hebdomad, Hillsong United plays during Sunday services ; their music can be described as soft stone. The set is credited with pulling a immense figure of teens and immature grownups towards the Hillsong Church, Most of their vocals involve singing, non merely from the set members, but attendees to the church. Most of their vocals relates to Christianity, largely about God ‘s love and Christ ‘s decease and Resurrection.

Hillsong United ‘s music is really popular, non merely within its ain church, but besides around the universe. Their influence on modern-day Christian Music is really extremely regarded. Their music is played around the universe in cross-denominational scenes. Their most celebrated vocal Cry to the Lord, written by Darlene Zschech, is sung by over 20 million church members across America. In entire, Hillsong United has created more than 300 vocals on over 50 albums.

We will be talking to Darlene Zschech, the former leader of Hillsong United, about the set and its music. As good, she will depict to us her astonishing journey into how she came to cognize Jesus Christ as her ain personal Saviour.

Day 6

William Franklin Graham, known to most of the universe as Billy Graham, is one of the most celebrated Christians in the universe. We will hold a opportunity to run into up with a curate who ‘s called America ‘s Curate by presidents and citizens likewise.

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, he was raised by pious parents. He officially accepted Christianity at the age of 16, and subsequently went on to analyze scriptural classs at different universities. After he graduated, he began to prophesy at a local church before going a talker for Youth for Christ.

After go forthing the organisation, he began to launch resurgences in different metropoliss. The first few metropoliss, Grand Rapids, Charlotte, and Modesto, responded modestly. In 1949, he launched the Los Angeles Crusade, get downing his steady rise to celebrity. He was so invited to metropoliss around the universe including: New York, London, Paris, and Seoul. He was the first revivalist to prophesy behind the Iron Curtain, in Romania and Hungary, and the first to prophesy on the Capitol stairss, after a particular Act of Congress let him.

Billy Graham, although noted for his sermon, is besides considered a major human-rights militant. He was personal friends with Martin Luther King Jr. and he even paid bond for him after he was arrested. As good, he refused to prophesy in South Africa despite being invited because of the segregation of the populace.

Beyond speech production, Billy Graham created World Wide Pictures, which creates Christian films. As good, he besides founded two magazines: Christian religion Today and Decision. His impact to evangelical Christianity has been enormous.

He has reached a entire lifetime audience of over 2.2 billion people in his life-time, through different mediums including resurgences, telecasting, and wireless. Over 3 million people came to cognize Christ as their personal Jesus because of his witnessing.

Billy Graham avoids much contention between different denominations because his mission has ever been to prophesy about Jesus ‘s love and nil else. He considers himself non-denominational, but because of his birth, most people identify him as Southern Baptist.

We will be going to his place in Montreat, North Carolina, to interview him. He will portion about his experiences as a planetary representative of Christianity every bit good as his battle to salvage psyches.

The International Congress on World Evangelization was one of the most of import Congresss in modern twenty-four hours Christianity. The Conference, headed by Billy Graham, was held in Lausanne, Switzerland. The chief credo that was signed by over 2000 revivalists states this:

“We, members of the Church of Jesus Christ, from more than 150 states, participants in the International Congress on World Evangelization at Lausanne, congratulations God for his great redemption and rejoice in the family he has given us with himself and with each other. We are profoundly stirred by what God is making in our twenty-four hours, moved to penitence by our failures and challenged by the unfinished undertaking of evangelization. We believe the Gospel is God ‘s good intelligence for the whole universe, and we are determined by his grace to obey Christ ‘s committee to proclaim it to all world and to do adherents of every state. We desire, hence, to confirm our religion and our resoluteness, and to do public our covenant.”

This papers, known as the Lausanne Covenant outlines the major rules in modern twenty-four hours evangelism.

Day 7

Brazil has one of the largest Roman Catholic populations in the universe, most that are to a great extent devout. Marian worship, the worship of Mary, the female parent of Jesus, is particularly popular. Brazil is the place of many world-famous Christian icons ; some being Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida and the statue Christo Redentor.

Christo Redentor is a immense statue located in Rio de Janeiro. Christo Redentor is Lusitanian for Christ the Redeemer, who the statue is based upon. The statue portrays Jesus Christ keeping his custodies out towards the metropolis and, finally, the universe. It was created in 1931 and has become a celebrated icon of the metropolis, Brazil, and Christianity.

During the last halt of the circuit, we will be going to Brazil to run into with Bruno Ambrosio in Rio de Janeiro. Bruno Ambrosio is a immature Catholic. His parents abandoned him at an early age, go forthing him to fend for himself. Fortunately, three nuns from a local monastery, Sisters of the Sacred Heart by association, found him. We will be speaking with him as he speaks about his inspirational journey, non merely as a Catholic, but as one who has faced many adversities in life.

Pilgrim ‘s Travel:

What does being Christian mean to you?

Bruno Ambrosio:

Bing Christian agencies accepting the Lord as your personal Saviour. The nuns at the monastery taught me that we must believe in through religion and workss. That is why I ever try to assist them every bit much as possible.


You have had many adversities in life. Where do you pull hope and inspiration from?

Leo ixs:

My favorite poetry in the Bible comes from 2 Timothy 4:7. It talks about running a good race. That is precisely what I want to make in life, aid others.


What do you desire to be when you grow up?

Leo ixs:

I want to go a priest or a physician.


How make you move different now that you are Christian?

Leo ixs:

I try and move more mature. Sister Mary is assisting me a batch. At first, I used to be really bad because I did n’t understand what had happened to my parents. I kept inquiring to see them ; and when I did n’t see

them, I became progressively aggressive.


What is your favourite book of the Bible?

Leo ixs:

My favourite book of the Bible is both books of Timothy. Sister Sophia said that they were written by Paul. They talk about many things in respects to youth. For illustration, 1 Timothy 4:12 says “Do n’t allow anyone look down on you because you are immature, but set an illustration for the trusters in address, in life, in love, in religion and in purity.” I think I should populate up to those values every bit much as I can.

Platinum: Do others handle you otherwise because you ‘re Christian?

Leo ixs:

Most other people in the monastery are besides Christian. However, most of them were born as Christians. I do n’t cognize if I was, and sometimes they make merriment of my deficiency of a birth baptism.


Is there anything you want our readers to cognize?

Leo ixs:

I merely want everyone to maintain loving Jesus. He ‘s helped me through so much, and I know he can make the same for you.

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