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Fed up of Shakespeare? Confused with the old English? Well here is the new Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann. There’s no need to get puzzled with the first Romeo and Juliet because the new Romeo and Juliet has everything you’d love, from sex scenes to action and comedy. Baz Luhrmann has passionate and rambunctious scenes, keeping your attention.Baz Luhrmann has produced a successful modernised movie from an antique play. He has used a very good way of entertaining the modern students. He has transformed Romeo and Juliet to a modern-day Verona Beach. Most of the long speeches have been simplified but the story has not changed.Baz Luhrmann has used 9mm gun instead of swords making it more modern. The actual movie is not hard to understand because the way Baz Luhrmann has directed the movie. If you play the movie in another language you will know what is happening because it has been very well acted.The Characters are full of confidents and passion. Leonardo Di Caprio (Romeo) is very romantic and emotional. He’s a bit of a sissy because he gets hurt and is stressed over a girl he hasn’t ever seen or met. He hasn’t even ever got a letter from her, but he does kill Tybalt which was because he got tempered. On the other hand he is also passionate and has fantasies.Claire Danes (Juliet) has an innocent face and is innocent; she is inexperienced and hasn’t loved a guy before in her life. She hasn’t ever had sex before so she is fresh and untouched. She doesn’t get the love needed from her mother.Mercitio is funny and likes to tease people. His transvestite because in the party his dressed as a women and showing off. His very humorous because he taunts Tybalt (Capulet). Mercitio is very flamboyant and is transsexual.Tybalt is a trouble maker and seeker. Where ever there is a fight his the causer or in it. He’s very cheeky and snide. His got a devilish look and is dressed up as one at the party. He’s short tempered and can’t control his self as he killed mercitio and also in the party he wanted to start another fight with the montigues.The Capulets and Montigues have quarrels every now and then. The two backgrounds have had quarrels for long time. Romeo and Juliet make things worse because Romeo is in Montigues and Juliet is in the Capulets and because Romeo killed Tybalt he won’t have a chance to tell Juliet’s parents.

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