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Beloved Sir:

I am pleased that you have considered Spark! as a spouse to drive your concerns growing. Though you may non cognize us or our group straight, you are rather likely to acknowledge the fruits of our work which can be more sufficiently addressed following our approaching presentation. Regardless, our ‘what-we-do’ statement is as follows:

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Flicker! chooses to work with diverse clients to increase organisational, single

and merchandise & A ; service public presentation through both effectual and efficient application

of modest glare.

Flicker!is a confer withing group ofcrisp heads and diverse industry backgroundsgathered for the intent of coaction with your organisation to do a positive impact…fast. Though we are loath to restrict ourselves, by making so we can concentrate on your specific demands. A few ways in which we are likely to outdo aid you and your organisation are listed below:


Human Resources


Behavior and program market research, focal point groups, interviews and study

Training and stuffs development

Competitive analysis

Relational, trade name and category-approaches to selling

Executive and employee coaching

Strategic planning

Data excavation & A ; analysis

HR systems reappraisals

Intra-firm strategic alliance

Print & A ; web design & A ; production

Culture creative activity and care

Balanced scorecard development

Your house isbusyand there is more chance. It’s non merely about working hard, it’s about passing the most clip on the things that are your firm’s nucleus competences. You can non make it all… Possibly because you and your staff arepushed to your boundsalready, there isn’t any extra capacity. Possibly your squad is sofocused, that taking clip to make original research or maintaining one ear steadfastly listening to thevoice of the client. Or possibly it’s merely non something your squad feels “good” about taking onright now. Sometimes you need an nonsubjective point of view, person who has experience and certificates who can talk your linguistic communication to do things go on now in order toconstruct long-run client relationships for the hereafter.

On the undermentioned pages, you will see a figure of ways in which we feel we may be of greatest value. We look frontward to run intoing with you to portion how we can spouse to construct more, better and more profitable client relationships. For the first clip,calls from the populace and concerns exceeded calls from RICS

members, in the ratio of 60-40, change by reversaling the norm in earlier old ages. This suggests that the

higher profile being achieved in the media and through direct selling is holding a positive consequence in pulling possible clients to the profession ( Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors 2004, p. 8 ) .

The surveying, edifice and building consulting industry is extremely fragmented with a but a few ‘major players’ and virtually all houses being identified by the namesake of the laminitis. This type of industry construction is mature for house to emerge with a incorporatecorporateindividuality and a promise to be larger than any individual person could of all time be. Such as house would be carefully and thoughtfully considered and could be the benchmark by which others are judged in footings of all merchandise attributes. For illustration, others may be cheaper, some may ‘specialize’ in a niche of building direction but,thishouse could be the one by which all others are compared. Possibly more significantly, such placement would enable superior callback and acknowledgment which would guarantee that your house is virtually ever included in the command procedure for big commercial or authorities undertakings.

There is a spread that exists. This gaps exists between the budgets and programs of virtually any house. Between ?( min )and ?( soap ), there is a point of convergence between bounds of allocable resources and the graduated table of chances and thoughts. Who are you? Who do you desire to be? Does this suit what your clients believe? Potential clients?

Prior to marketing an individuality, it is of import to first set up it. As it is perfectly imperative that there 100 % alliance between internal beliefs and external messaging, the first measure is a series of guided interviews with a little figure of members of your house that efficaciously stand for all degrees and countries of operation. Following this, it is recommended that between one and three members of our house meet with a little commission from your house to reexamine the undermentioned stuff in a“Building Brand Equity Worksheetthat we will utilize to build initial proposals for a concluding promotional bundle:

  • Merchandise Scheme­­­­­­­­­­­­­ – What are the nucleus competecies of your house? That is, in your market, what can you make that makes you in 1stor 2neodymiumtopographic point? Within this model or you firm’s country of operations and something you can be # 1 or # 2 in making, what are the unmet demands of your market ( Pincus 2003 ) ? Make this your merchandise scheme.
  • Pricing Scheme– Consider that a monetary value is more than merely a number… it is a representation of value to a specific client at a specific clip. It is a contemplation of many factors: cost, image, promotional considerations, and competitory factors. Each of these is non a variable in isolation but instead a factor reflected in the map of “price” . ( Lippman 2004 ) .
  • “Place” Scheme– Of class you do concern locally but, in the digital age, what is “local” ? The reply is, “local is where the client is” . However, there are ever tradeoffs… is it likely to be profitable to try to fulfill demand in Austrailia? The US? The reply is, in true adviser signifier is, “it depends” .
  • Marketing Program / Promotion Strategy– Who is your client? Where do they shop? How much instruction do they hold? Do clients “feel” anything about your merchandises or services? While no individual “P’ is more of import another, this is the working end… the executing terminal. This is the constituent that pulls the remainder together to make a echt purchasing chance for your merchandise.

The proposition will be, in kernel, a position that is readily adaptable to assorted media in which trade name placement is achieved.

  • Brand Positioning– What does the market expect from you? What doyouanticipate from you? What are your ‘points of parity’ and ‘points of differentiation’ with the competition? Put all the old component together and the consequence is the overall placement in the market. The trade name place is the niche that you hold and the lone sentiment that counts is the clients ( Keller 2002 ) .

In add-on to assisting to find who your house is, we will besides work to ease new relationships with your mark market. One of the best ways to accomplish this is toexhaustivelyunderstand who the client is. Customers can be defined in a figure of ways:

Geographically – Are there inclinations for your best clients to populate or work in a certain country? If so we will happen it.

  • Demographic– This ‘old standard’ ever yields a surprising sum of really cost effectual information such as age, matrimonial position, instruction and other factors.
  • Income– At what point is there an inflexion that occurs in income stratification and your client base? For your commercial clients, is that a peculiar ‘sweet spot’ of one-year gross that is disproportionately represented?
  • Lifestage– With a spot of imaginativeness, this factor can use to private or commercial clients.
  • Life style– Consider such factors as regular athleticss participant, pilot, political or church association.
  • Psychographic– Traveling a spot beyond what they look like and giving penetration into how your clients think and what is of import to them in footings of values.

While many of these inquiries may be answered both intuitively and right, an of import constituent of developing a selling run is nonhiting from the hip, but instead taking deliberate and measured actions against which cost efficiency and plan effectivity can be objectively measured. If there is a mistake to your current plan, irrespective of your determination to take our house, we encourage you to take the same process-intensive yet outcome-based position on your selling as you exercise in your houses operations. With this in head, you should cognize that our house does non merely take onanyoccupation. Rather we merely seek and accept those for which we feel we can do a important impactandthose in which we feel that the civilizations of our several organisations are similar.

To guarantee the success of our coaction, at the oncoming ( or really near ) , we would wish to set up non merely timelines for cardinal deliverables but besides cardinal metric by which we could mensurate our common success. Typical step would be the gross figure of calls, electronic mails or other contacts as the figure of gross revenues that result from each of these mediums. Additionally, to supply some component of control, we would wish to set up a pre-measure prior to the executing of a run. While there are legion other steps, we feel that it is by and large best to pick possibly up to five or six that we will utilize as our ‘dashboard’ index of success.

In decision, we appreciate the chance for your consideration and, if given the chance, really much expression frontward to partnering with you for our common addition,

Warm Regards,

Ernst Marketeer

Directo & A ; Consultant

Flicker!Consulting Group

Plants Consulted

Keller, K. ( 2002, September ) . “Three Questions You Need to Ask About Your Brand” .Harvard Business Review, ( 80 ), 9, pp. 80-86.

Lippman, B. ( 2004, Jumping ) . “The Price is Incorrect: How retail merchants can raise market portion and profitableness through efficient pricing over the full merchandise life cycle” .European Retail Digest, ( 41 ) .

Pincus, J. ( 2003 ) . “The Consequences of Unmet Needs: The Evolving Role of Motivation in Consumer Research” .Journal of Consumer Behavior, ( 3 ) ,4, pp. 375-387.

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors [ RICS ] . ( 2004 ) .2003-04 Annual Report.hypertext transfer protocol: // Accessed on-line December 4, 2005.

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