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The only difference is trial disasters reminds us by showing entire picture to us. Second, as the existence Of dark reminds us the value of light, the existence of death reminds us the value of life. Similarly, the existence of diseases reminds us the value of health. If God Almighty did not create death and diseases, mankind would not understand how valuable life and health are. Natural disasters are profoundly helpful in this sense,one could say.

Obviously,we are not and should not be keen on to have natural disasters,death or calamities,but that is one of the wisdoms why God sent hem to us. What we ought to do is to pray God that He should preserve us from them. Last but not least, after understanding that these natural disasters are from God All-wise, we should refer a verse from the Curran: “Whatever misfortune happens to you, is because of the things your hands have brought and for many (of them) He grants forgiveness. ” (Sarah AAA-Sahara, 42:30). It is clear that these disasters are the result of our evil actions.

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What we must do – if any misfortune happens to us – is to check out our deeds and revise what we eave been doing, improve and correct ourselves immediately so that we can be from further punishments Before answering the question ‘Why does God allow natural disasters? ” It is vital to find out an answer for this one “What is the wisdom behind death,diseases and other calamities? ” In order to understand the bounties given us by God All-Wise,these calamities are absolutely necessary.

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