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Christian aid is an agency run by Christians to development. It is helping over 60 countries and is a member of the Trade Justice Movement and the make poverty history campaign.Christian Aid’s HistoryChristian Aid began in the 1940s with the name ‘Christian Reconstruction’. They began by helping refugees, but now Christian Aid (its name changed in 1964) has expanded and now works in over 60 countries worldwide. Christian Aid’s aims are:* To deliver real, practical benefits on the ground* To speak out where there is injustice* To campaign for changeHow does Christian Aid spend their money?The diagram to the above shows what Christian Aid spend (per year) on projects, emergencies, campaigning, fundraising and governance. 47% of their funds are being spent on long term development projects. That means just over £39 million! The diagram shows us that a lot of money is needed for the different projects. This diagram is an easy reassuring way to know that our money is going to the right place.Who do we help?Christian aid aims to help people all over the world build the life they deserve. They help anyone, not only Christians.”Whether they have a faith or not, people support Christian Aid because they know we have the courage and integrity to take the difficult positions. They expect us to deliver good-quality aid that tangibly helps people in need. They know we are a bold, incisive, effective, efficient, results orientated, growing and ambitious organisation that equips and encourages people to put their faith into action.”PovertyI do not think that we can ever completely end poverty because there are so many contributing factors that are out of our control, such as drought, earth quakes, volcanoes and hurricanes. I do think that a lot of poverty can be reduced by everyone taking their fair share of the world’s money and resources.Recent ReportsThere has been a flood in India and the floods cover a huge area and it could take at least three months for the waters to subside. Christian Aid is responding and its partners are:

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