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Settlements and shopping centers can be placed in order of importance in a highway.The most important will be placed at the top of the hierarchy the least important at the bottom.My Aims are:1. To find out which shopping center has the greatest variety and number of shops and services.2. To determine the quality of the shopping centers3. To discover how large the catchments areas are of both shopping centers4. To find out the proportion of convenience good shops to comparison good shops in the shopping centers5. To determine as to whether pedestrian flow varies within each shopping canterMy three hypotheses are:1.High order shops (Edgware the broad walk) has both a greater variety of shops and services and a larger number of shops and services than Low order shops (Burnt Oak)The reason for my first hypotheses is that I am predicting that the bigger the shopping center (high order shopping areas) the more customers, high order shops have more better options like better shops and services than low order shops so more people will shop there also there will be a better transportation system so more people can get there easily.2.People will only travel short distances for low order shopping centers and low order goods.The reason of my hypotheses prediction 2 is people who obviously live close by to a shopping center or shopping area will be doing low order shopping because that will be their main local place to shop so that will be there closest area to consume products and goods example milk, newspaper, bread, sweets etc3.People are prepared to travel greater distances to shop at high order shopping centers that use public transports or cars.My reason for my last and final hypotheses is that High order shops attract more people who use public transports or cars because there are more variety of shops so shoppers will obviously have more choices and decide what they want and what shops they would like to purchase from because of all this shoppers would want to travel a fair amount of distance to buy high order goods using public transport or cars.I have chosen these 2 shopping areas Edgware the broad walk and Burnt Oak 1 high order and 1 low order centers because these 2Areas were very close to my home so it would be easy for me to do all my research and data collection I wouldn’t have to travel a long distance to do my work so it was convenient.Also the 2 shopping centers will provide me a good comparison.I can carry out a good statement or estimate of similarities and differences, the quality of being similar or equivalent between my shopping centers with all my data collection.My shopping areas.My first shopping center a high order area called Edgware the Broad walk.Edgware the Broad walk is an indoor shopping center there are also low order shops outside but the main pedestrian shopping area is inside. The inside of broad walk is fairly clean with many bins, the inside has many high order shops which attract costumers and has a easy shopping environment which means lots of space and many different varieties of goods sold.Outside there is a bus and train station which can link directly to the indoor shopping area the transportation is very fast and frequent so many people also travel to other places like to work and school from edgware.My second shopping center a low order area called Burnt Oak.Burnt oak is a low order local shopping area where people near by just go out shopping for daily needs like bread, milk, sweets, etcIt has some services like cab; taxi services and banks, also clothes shops but all of them don’t make a great deal of profit like high order shops.It has a train station but doesn’t have a local buss station but has many buss stops. The shopping center Is usually overcrowded because I have done extra work to find out why it is so crowded by asking passing pedestrians and the results I came up with is that people travel to other nearby areas from burnt oak like edgware hendon colindale Brent cross Kingsbury etc so burnt oak is like a link to other areas also burnt oak has a fair amount of litter from food shops like chicken, fish and chip shops to cigarettes it lacks a fair amount of bins and has frequently a lot of graffiti especially on sides of shops and nearby estates.What do high order/low order shops, services, shopping hierarchies and sphere of influence, mean?1.High order shopsHigh order shops mean the more high-class shops in appearance and quality.High order shops are usually bigger than low order shops if not sell quality products they are expensive and people will usually have to travel further for high order shops people also rarely go to high order shops unless they have the money and are bought rarely2.Low order shopsLow order shops are smaller lower quality shops compared to high order shops.People are not prepared to travel far for low order goods they do not take time to buy they are cheap and bought frequently maybe even daily e.g. bread milk, newspapers, bread, sweets.3.ServicesI will write a list of things that could be defined as services.1.a. Employment in duties or work for another, as for a government: has been in the company’s service for 15 years.b. A government branch or department and its employees: the diplomatic service.2.a. The armed forces of a nation: joined the service right after college.b. A branch of the armed forces of a nation.3. The performance of work or duties for a superior or as a servant: found the butler’s service to be excellent.4.a. Work done for others as an occupation or business: has done service for us as a consultant.b. An act or a variety of work done for others, especially for pay: offers a superior service to that of his competitors; provides full catering services.5. A department or branch of a hospital staff that provides specified patient care: the anesthesiology service.6. Installation, maintenance, or repairs provided or guaranteed by a dealer or manufacturer: a dealer with full parts and service.7. A facility providing the public with the use of something, such as water or transportation.8.a. Assistance; help: was of great service to him during his illness.b. An act of assistance or benefit; a favor: My friend did me a service in fixing the door.9.a. Active devotion to God, as through good works or prayer.b. A religious rite.10.a. The serving of food or the manner in which it is served.b. A set of dishes or utensils: a silver tea service.11. Sports The act, manner, or right of serving in many court games; a serve.12. Copulation with a female animal. Used of male animals, especially studs.13. Law The serving of a writ or summons.14. The material, such as cord, used in binding or wrapping rope.15. An answering service.4.Orders of goodsDifferent goods and services attract people in different ways. Goods such as newspapers, bread and groceries have little value but are frequently used. People rarely travel long distances to buy them. They are known as LOW ORDER GOODS. They are also known as COMPARISON goods or SPECIALIST goods. People are prepared to travel long distances to buy these goods. Examples include furniture, jewellery, and clothes.Shopper services provide services rather then a good. Sometimes services are free but usually a person pays for the service they require. Examples include theatres, estate agents, solicitors and restaurants.5.Shopping hierarchiesShopping areas vary in their size and the range of goods they offer. They can be organized into a Hierarchy. At the base of the hierarchy are shopping areas, which sell low order or convenience goods, which may be needed every day. At the top of the hierarchy are areas selling high order comparison goods, which are not needed very often.Shopping center gradesGrade 1A department store and at least seven shops of the following types: large chain stores, clothes shops, furniture shops, banksGrade 2No department store. At least three of the types of shops listed in grade 1.Grade 3Over 20 shopsGrade 4Between 10 and 20 shopsGrade 5Less than 10 shopsHigh order goods LargeLow order goods Small6.Sphere of influenceShops and services in an area will attract people from the surrounding area.People will travel longer distances to purchase high order goods or use specialist services because such journeys are not going to be made very frequently. They will want to have a wide choice of shops or services so that they can make comparisons in order to get the best deal possible. Therefore shopping areas with a wide variety of shop, many of which are high order shops, will have a large sphere of influence.A center with a smaller variety and number of shops, many of which are low order shops, will have a small sphere of influence because people are less prepared to travel a long way for goods they are likely to want almost everyday.The furthest distance a person will travel to buy a certain item is called a range of that item.Grade 4 shopping area Grade 2 shopping areaI did my research at burnt oak during my summer holiday using 4 days and 1 our of each day to do my data collection. I started at 2.30pm and finished roughly around 3.41. At my first shopping center burnt oak the weather there for the first 2 days was mild not hot or cold but average but there was still a fair amount of people shopping.On my third day it was sunny and on my fourth day it was mild again so it was basically the same as the first 2 days fair results.My second piece of research was at edgware the broad walk I did this shopping center last because it was further way from my home.I did this research on the second week after my burnt oak data collection and planned to set out the same time that I did for burnt oak because I found out that I got good feedback from costumers the time was 2.30pm until 3.30pm for edgware I finished earlier than burnt oak because there was more people shopping there so I could ask more people easily in less time.The weather in edgware was usually mild everyday but 1 of the days that I was meant to go out for data collection it was raining I didn’t go out to do my research because I knew that not many people would have set out to do there shopping while it was raining so my data would have been unfair.How am I going to investigate each hypothesis?I am going to do my going to collect all my data by doing surveysWhich is asking people on the streets information about where they shop, age, what are they buying etc to prove my hypotheses right.The techniques I am going to use are going at a local time like a rush hour in my shopping center so there will be more than enough people to ask for my survey this is 1 of my major techniques and most likely the only 1 I will use.My prediction for my hypotheses 1 which is High order shops (Edgware the broad walk) has both a greater variety of shops and services and a larger number of shops and services than Low order shops (Burnt Oak) will be right and succeed because high order shopping centers always have high quality shops so more people that are seeking high order goods would want high order shops more than low order also high order shops tend to be bigger than low order ones and have more and more high quality services.My prediction for my hypotheses 2, which is People will only travel short distances for low order shopping centers and low order goods.My opinion and prediction is that my second hypotheses will be right because people who obviously live close by to a shopping area will be doing low order shopping because that will be their main place to shop so that will be their closest area to consume things like example milk, newspapers, sweets etc. everyday needs people will not travel further to high order shopping areas to consume low order goods when they can get it nearby there home.My prediction for my hypotheses 3, which is People are prepared to travel greater distances to shop at high order shopping centers that use public transports or cars.On my third and final hypotheses I both agree and disagree that this will give me full results.I agree because people that want to do high order shoppingWill obviously travel further to get their goods and that have convenient parking space and a god transportation system.But I disagree because people might already live by a high order shopping center e.g. edgware where I live I can walk 2 minutes from my home to arrive at edgware the broad walk so I don’t need to use public transportation or be driven to my destination.METHODOLOGYWhat did I actually do?I carried out an investigation questionnaire on what influences people to shop at the two shopping centers which I did edgware a high order shopping center and burnt oak a local low order shopping center.I did this by asking 50 people for each shopping center 25 males and 25 females for each one I asked them questions like what are you buying here, what types of goods e.g. electrical appliances, food, clothes, hardware, games etc, where do you live, age, why have you chosen to shop here today, what is the main item you are buying here today questions from my questionnaire.When I did it?I did my survey during the summer holidays; it took me 4 weeks to complete it.I would normally get up, about 9:00am and set out around 12:00pm to start asking people questions to complete my survey.I used approximately 1 week and a half to complete 1 survey for edgware then started my second burnt oak I didn’t do my survey everyday but made a self plan which was to do it on Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays when people shop most to make my survey fair as possible I made sure I was available on these days to complete my tasks.How many people I asked why?The amount of people I asked was 50 people in total for each shopping center I asked 25 males and 25 females for each area to make it as fair as possible I asked people of different ages and different genders to get different opinions and results.Where I did my surveys why?I carried out my survey’s on the main shopping center alongside burnt oak shopping center which was my low order center because I found out more people shop in that area of burnt oak it was also the same for edgware more people shopped inside broad walk so that where I asked my questions but I also asked pedestrians outside to get different resultsWhat I did to make my questionnaire as unbiased as possible?Shopping center name high/low:Name1.Are you male or female?MaleFemale2.How old are you?0-1516-2526-3536-4546-5556+3.Where do u live?Burnt oakEdgwareColindaleHendonMill hill4.How often do you come here?1-3 times a week4-7 times a weekTwice a monthOnce a monthTwice a yearEverydayHardly5.What transport did u use to get here?WalkBikeBusTrainCar6.Do you like the atmosphere here?YesNo7.What type of shops would you like to see more of?Electrical shopsGame shopsFood shopsSport shopsShoe shopsClothes shops8.What are you buying hereElectrical appliancesFoodSport goodsShoesClothes shopsGames consolesToysWhy I asked each question?Each question is helpful for me to prove my hypotheses because each question tells me about the habits of other people shopping in that area what type of goods they buy why they buy them how will it help them this will help me with my hypotheses number 1.Each question I asked would give me vital information about each shopping center about its shops what people think about the shops the environment about the area and shops thanks to my environmental planned survey.

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