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Presentation: “ A adult male named Jack was walking along a steep drop one twenty-four hours when he by chance got excessively close to the border and fell. On the manner down he grabbed a subdivision, which temporarily stopped his autumn. He looked down and to his horror saw that the canon fell directly down for more than a 1000 pess. He could n’t hang onto the subdivision everlastingly, and there was no manner for him to mount up the steep wall of the drop.

“ So Jack began shouting for aid, trusting that person passing by would hear him and lower a rope or something. “ HELP! Aid! Is anyone up at that place? Aid! ” He yelled for hours, but no one heard him. He was approximately to give up when he heard a voice.

“ `Jack. Jack. Can you hear me? ‘

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“ `Yes, yes, I can hear you. I ‘m down here! ‘

“ `I can see you, Jack. Are you all right? ‘

“ `Yes, but… who are you, and where are you? ‘

“ `I am the Lord, Jack. I ‘m everyplace. ‘

“ `The Lord? You mean GOD? ‘

“ `That ‘s Me. ‘

“ `God, delight assist me! I promise — If You ‘ll acquire me down from here, I ‘ll halt sinning. I ‘ll be a truly good individual. I ‘ll function You for the remainder of my life. ‘

“ `Easy on the promises, Jack. Let ‘s merely acquire you down from at that place, and so we can speak. Now, here ‘s what I want you to make. Listen carefully. ‘

“ `I ‘ll make anything You say, Lord. Just state me what to make. ‘

“ `Okay. Let travel of the subdivision. ‘

“ `What? ‘

“ `I said to allow travel of the subdivision. Just swear Me and allow travel. ‘

“ There was a long silence. Finally, Jack yelled, `HELP! Aid! Is at that place anyone else up at that place? ‘

Sounds like us sometimes, does n’t it? We say we want to function the Lord and cognize His will, so when He tells us what He wants us to make, we frequently balk at what the Lord is making. This was Israel ‘s job. They were called out of Egypt to follow the Lord by religion. However, they seemed to invariably doubt the power, the promises and the presence of God as they traveled. The full attitude of their Black Marias is summed up in the 2 word inquiry they voices, “ Can God? ” . When they asked this inquiry, they were doubting everything about the Lord. They needed a lesson in trust.

This forenoon, I realize that we are a batch like Israel. We frequently ask the inquiry “ Can God? ” Today, I would wish to state you, and show you from the Scriptures that “ God Can! ” The God we serve is still the Lord of glorification. He is still the King of male monarchs and He is still able to make all the things He has of all time been able to make. You may be inquiring today, “ Can God? ” I want to demo you today that “ God Can! ” Notice this great truth from this transition.


A. They Were Faithless – ( v. 20, 41 ) Here was a people who called themselves by God ‘s name. Here was a people who should hold trusted the Lord without reserve. Yet, they seemed unmindful to the power of God in their thick.

( Ill. Is n’t that a batch like the people of the Lord today? Alternatively of swearing God and life by religion, we worry and we fret. Folk, it does n’t hold to be that manner! I want to state you now, that we have a God in Whom we can swear, without reserve and without fright. Let us decide to be like Jesus challenged Thomas to be, “ Not traitorous, but believing. ” ( John 20:27 )

B. They Were Unretentive – ( v. 7-16 ; 20-29 ; 42-55 ; 65-72 ) The state of Israel seemed to be unable to retrieve all the great miracles that God had performed on their behalf. How He had delivered them from Egypt by the pestilences. How He had parted the Red Sea. How He made the Waterss of Mara pure. How He had put their enemies on the tally. How He had proven Himself to be God and to be all powerful clip and once more. They were unretentive of the mighty power of God they had witnessed in their lives.

( Ill. Again, this describes us, does n’t it? How many times has God come through for you? How many times has He moved mountains, parted the Waterss in your life? How many times has He lifted the head covering of affliction and agony in your life and allowed the visible radiation of His glorification to lighten up the twenty-four hours for you? How many times has He spoken peace to your storm? How many times has He met the demand, done the impossible, and proven Himself to be God for you? And, how many times have we forgotten all about what He did yesterday when the test of today pops up? My friends, we need to take a expression back this forenoon and retrieve all the things God has done for you and me. If God did it so, we can be certain that He will make it now! We need to take stock list and retrieve the Lord ‘s power when the following storm begins to blow in our lives. )

C. They Were Foolish – By inquiring “ Can God? ” they proved their ignorance of His power and of His Person. This same scene was played out many times during the class of Israel ‘s wilderness rovings, and after they arrived n Canaan. One clip that comes to mind is when the 12 undercover agents were sent into Canaan. While at that place, they encountered a race of people known as the Anakim. They were giants. When the 10 faithless undercover agents saw the giants, they looked at them and so they looked at themselves and compared themselves to grasshoppers, Num. 13:33.

( Ill. This same folly has followed the church to this really twenty-four hours. We are guilty of the same foolish comparing. Some job will originate in our lives, in the church, wherever it may be, and the first thing we say is “ Can God? ” It may take other signifiers, but it is still the same. Our uncertainties say “ Can God? “ , when He already has many times before. )

( Ill. This was the status of the people, and I am afraid, we frequently mirror this same sort of attitude in our lives today. I want you to cognize that it does non hold to be like that in our lives! We can swear the Lord, and we can cognize that He will show His power in our lives. One manner we can cognize this is by holding a better apprehension of the Character Of God. )

I. The Condition Of The Peoples


A. V. 5-7 His Promises – Israel had seen God maintain His Word clip and clip once more. He was ever faithful to make what He promised to make for them.

( Ill. God has n’t changed! He is still a God who keeps His Word! Everything God has promised, He will make! There are some poetries in the Bible that bear this out – Read-only memory. 4:21 ; Heb. 6:18 ; Num. 23:19 ; Titus 1:2 )

B. V. 4, 12 His Performance – Throughout their history, Israel had enjoyed the presence and the power of Almighty God. Time and once more God had demonstrated His power in the thick of His people. Imagine seeing Him portion the Red Sea, bead manna from the celestial spheres every twenty-four hours for 40 old ages. Imagine seeing God licking all your enemies. Imagine the bang of seeing His glorification as He came down upon the Tabernacle. Imagine the pillar of cloud and of fire. God had proven Himself clip and once more to His people.

( Ill. May I say that the Lord has non changed in this country either! He is still coming through for His people. Look back over the old ages and retrieve the times the Lord has displayed His great power in your life. Has n’t He parted the Waterss for you? Has n’t He opened the celestial spheres and dropped the manna of His glorification on your life over and over. Has n’t He moved in response to you calls of religion? He has proven Himself to you and me repeatedly! )

C. V. 4 His Power – Throughout their history, God had proven that He was stronger than every obstruction they faced. He was more powerful than Egypt, and the Amalekites. He proved Himself to be greater than their thirst and their hungriness. He was able to get the better of all they faced by His great power.

( Ill. My friends, God is still all powerful. The all-knowing power of God has non, nor shall it of all time flag. He is almighty and He shall stay so until the terminal of an ageless infinity. I merely want to remind you this forenoon that God possesses all power in Heaven and in Earth, Matt. 28:18. ( Ill. The power of God – Luke 1:37 ; Job 42:2 ( Ill. Gen 18:14 is God ‘s ain testimony to His power! ) Ill. Jer. 32:27. My responsibility this forenoon is to remind you that our God, Whom we serve, is able! Eph. 3:20 )

D. V. 38 His Patience – While God continued to demo Himself strong on behalf of His people, Israel continually lacked the religion to swear the Lord as they should. However, the Bible tells us that “ many a clip ” He turned His choler off from them. He was patient with them and take them along in love and in grace.

( Ill. Thank God we serve a patient God! How many times has He demonstrated that to you and me? There have been many times when we have failed to walk in religion in the Lord, but alternatively of throwing us off and taking a new people unto Himself, He continues to love us and work in our lives. We have a patient, loving Lord. )

( Ill. All I am stating is that we can swear the Lord for everything in our lives. We have a God who has demonstrated His power, His grace, His love and His character many times over. )

I. The Condition Of The Peoples

II. The Character Of Their God


( Ill. When we look at Israel ‘s history and the manner God proved Himself to them. Then, when we consider how He has proven himself in our ain lives and when we look at His power and His ability, what are we to make with that information? These poetries tell us in no unsure footings what the Lord expects from us in relation to these truths. Let me to portion three challenges that face us this forenoon.

A. Have Assurance In God ( Trust ) – Ill. Mark 11:22 ; Psa. 62:8 ; John 14:1. These poetries teach us that we are to swear Him for all our demands and in every state of affairs. When the universe wrings its custodies in desperation and uncertainty and asks the inquiry “ Can God? ” We, who believe the Bible should stand Forth and call out, “ God Can! ” When the universe looks at worsening morality, intensifying force, , Y2K, economic problem, lessening in the popularity of the church, increasing immorality and inquire the inquiry, “ Can God! ” We must be ready with the reply, “ God Can! ” This has ever been the manner it was throughout the Bible and it still is today!

1. Daniel in the king of beasts ‘s lair. ( Darius spends the dark inquiring in God can, Daniel enjoys the Lord ‘s peace and remainders good cognizing that God can!

2. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Nebuchadnezzar stood with a smirk on his face as he sentenced the 3 Hebrews male childs and asked, “ Can God! ” Those male childs came out of the furnace shouting aloud, “ God Can! ”

3. The Widow of Zarephath – She stood watching as the prophesier ate the last of the repast and wondered, “ Can God! ” Three old ages subsequently she was still eating while all around people starved and when she finished her repast, she could whisper, with all the confidence of her psyche, “ God Can! ”

4. The Disciples on the Ship – They were in the thick of the storm and thought that they were finished and their Black Marias were filled with this inquiry, “ Can God? ” But, in the 4th ticker of the dark, Jesus cam walking on the moving ridges, exposing all the power of the Godhead reminding the adherents, “ God Can, God Can! ”

5. I remember a twenty-four hours when I stood condemned to decease, under strong belief of wickedness and lost without God. I remember experiencing like I was the most atrocious and iniquitous individual who of all time lived. All I know was that my bosom was filled with the inquiry, “ Can God? ” But, when I bowed at the pess of Jesus and placed my religion in Him for redemption, I heard Him cry in the deepnesss of my psyche, “ God Can, God Can! ” I am hear to state you this forenoon that He still can! He is still God and He Can, Yes, He Can! ( By the manner, He can make it for you excessively, if you are lost! )

I have a picture I would wish to portion with you today that speaks of Godaa‚¬a„?s ne’er stoping love and the programs he has for our lives. ( Show video, This is the truth )

God can and will turn things around in your life if you let him.

B. Name To Mind His Past Works ( Remember ) – Think of the times He has delivered you, when He saved you and the times He moved mountains in your life. Remember His power and all that He has done. Let His past plants remind you that He is able, no affair what you face in life. God is able and He will come through for you, every clip. Let the past be your reminder and learn to swear Him no affair what!

( Ill. Old Uncle Oscar took his first aeroplane drive. Knowing that he had been slightly discerning about it, his friends were eager to hear how it went. At the first chance, they asked him if he enjoyed the flight. “ Well, ” commented Uncle Oscar, “ it was n’t every bit bad as I thought it might be. But I ‘ll state you this. I ne’er did set all my weight down! ”

That ‘s how some Christians take the promises of the Bible. They have no problem believing what is says about the Lord Jesus Christ salvaging all who place their trust in Him. They know their wickednesss have been forgiven and that Eden is their ageless place. But they fail to take the Lord at His word when it applies to other countries of their lives. They ‘ve ne’er “ set all their weight down. ” As a consequence they are plagued by uncertainties, frights, and uncertainnesss. )

C. Carry Out His Commandments ( Obey ) – Genuine religion in the Lord ever manifests itself in obeisance to the Lord and His Word. Remember, Faith come by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. When we get into His Word and let it to lodge in our Black Marias, altering us, so we will larn to swear Him more and more.

Conc: Once I flew from Greensboro Airport to Houston Texas. As I walked from the airdrome edifices to the jet I was capable to the jurisprudence of gravitation. When I came to the stairss taking up to the plane entryway door, I had to mount up the stairss utilizing my power to raise my organic structure up each measure. On come ining the plane, I sat in the comfy place and merely relaxed.

“ When all was ready, the jet taxied to the track, and after a piece began to travel down the long stretch in front. The velocity increased 2nd by 2nd until, when it was traveling approximately 150 stat mis per hr, it left the Earth and rose up into the sky above North Carolina.

“ The force of gravitation against which I had climbed into the plane was still seeking to draw the plane down to earth — the whole 150 dozenss of it, but at that place was another jurisprudence in operation now against the jurisprudence of gravitation, a new jurisprudence, the jurisprudence of aeromechanicss.

“ I knew nil of the jurisprudence of aeromechanicss. I did non necessitate to. Because I was committed to the plane, and, because I was loosen uping, I rose in victory with the plane. The victory of the jet was my victory, its antic velocity was my velocity, all its possibilities were mine — because I was indoors.

“ Thus it is with the jurisprudence of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. I do non necessitate to understand the divinity to profit — all I need to make is perpetrate myself spiritually to Jesus Christ as I did physically to the jet. Notice that it was n’t the quality of my religion that took me to Houston in two and one-half hours. However, there was a scared Catholic lady on board who spent the full flight in dying fright, but she got at that place merely the same as I did. I am every bit strong as that in which I put my religion. If my religion is resting in Christ, so I am every bit strong as He is. Notice, excessively, that I did non hold to assist the plane to wing to Houston. It did non necessitate any urging or forcing from me — the power was in the plane. Similarly, Jesus Christ can prevail in my life without aid from me. The major difference between me and that frightened lady was that I enjoyed the flight and she did n’t. So it is with us! There are many who fail to swear the Lord and neglect to retrieve that God can. As a consequence, they live their lives defeated and discouraged. Folkss, it does n’t hold to be that manner! I want to ask for you to come to the Lord this forenoon and happen out for yourself that God can! Will you convey you uncertainties, your frights and your inquiries and put them to rest at the pess of Jesus? As I close, allow me go forth this idea in your heads, GOD CAN! !

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