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Kerala is known for its scenic beauty and the mysticism. But for people who prefer escapades to a relaxing vacation, Kerala is a surprising topographic point to travel to. There are so many chances for people to get away to and there is so much to make while one is in this land of backwaters that one can ne’er hold sufficiency of it.

For an escapade lover Kerala has the perfect ingredients right from the tall mountains to streams cutting across them, from exuberant green woods to unending span of white sand beaches. The topographic point is merely ideal for anyone looking to indulge into escapade related exciting activities.

Given below is a list of 10 topographic points one should travel to if one is looking for some unusual merriment.

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Water Sports

The rivers, lagunas, lakes, canals and sea H2O in Kerala besides allow for other H2O athleticss like Canoeing, Catamaran Sailing, Kayaking, Para Sailing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Wind Surfing.

Water Sports Destinations

Kovalam Beach– This one is ideal for a assortment of H2O related activities. Be it kayaking, surfing, swimming or skiing, if one gets lucky one can even seek angling here. The best clip to come here is in the months of September to April.

Varkala Beach– Varkala is celebrated for its spiritual importance. But it besides offers some of the most really interesting H2O athleticss activities. Most popular 1s are parasailing, scuba diving and windsurfing and even deep sea fishing.

Backwater Cruises

With a big figure of lakes, lagunas, canals, estuaries and rivers ( 44 ) , Kerala is a Eden for backwater cruising. Adventure freaks can board houseboats, besides known as Kettuvalam, and canvas through the calm Waterss researching the far flung parts of Kerala.

Backwater Destinations

Kuttunad– Kuttanad is a good known backwater cruising finish. The stay at the houseboats lets one to bask the positions of Kerala. The shimmering H2O reflects the beauty of the milieus of Kerala. Kuttanad is fondly referred to as the Holland of India. The best clip to see this topographic point is October to March.

Alappuzha Backwaters– The most ideal and the most popular among backwater patrol cars, Alappuzha backwaters is called the ‘Venice of East ‘ . The landscapes environing this topographic point are what patrol cars come here for. Wide expanses of Paddy Fieldss, small colonies tucked off neatly, ducks swimming in the Waterss, angling cyberspaces and the green all about. This is one such backwater which is in degree to the land which lets visitants have better positions. The best clip to see this topographic point is between August to March.


Kerala has mountains environing it and therefore trekking is a premier escapade for people here. Eco Tourss are hot front-runners amongst people who have the best involvements of environment in head.

Treking finishs

Agastyarkoodam Peak– Situated 60 kilometers off from the capital metropolis of Kerala, this extremum is a beautiful mountain extremum. Standing tall at 1868 m above sea degree, this extremum is a trekker ‘s favourite.On the manner one find some breath taking positions of the flower ‘Neelakurinji’.People believe that a sage resided on this extremum. His name was Agastya. For the same ground, adult females are out from mounting this extremum. The best clip to mount this extremum is between the months of December to April. It is necessary to acquire base on ballss from the forest section of Thirunvanantpuram to mount here.

Chembra Peak-Accessible from Kalpetta, this extremum is 2100 metres high. One on the extremum, one can anticipate to acquire positions of tea plantations all about. This trek is strenuous and so proper preparation or an experient individual should be at that place to attach to at all times. The best clip to make this trek is November to April.

Pythal Mala– Pytha Mala is located 4500 pess above the sea degree. It requires about 6 kilometers of backbreaking trek before one can make the top of the hill. The vegetation and fauna enroute and besides on the top is worth the labor. The best clip to come here is October to May.

Wildlife Finishs

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary– This sanctuary is showered with greenery all about. When a visitant arrives one is taken in by the natural milieus, the odor of the topographic point and the wildlife found here. The wildlife species available here are spotted cervid, elephants, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, bison, wild bear and chetah. The best clip to see this topographic point is June to October.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary– This sanctuary is heaven for some of the rare bird species. This is a great topographic point for people interested in bird observation. There are houseboats and powerboats that are available for visitants here. From these, you can detect that the assorted assortment of birds. Some migratory species found here are Parrots, Siberian Cranes, Larks, Teal, Flycatchers, Wood Beetle etc. The best clip to see this topographic point is between June to August.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary– This is supposed to be a really popular sanctuary of Kerala. It is known more for its elephants than the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams. The Periyar lake right in the bosom of the wood is known because the elephants come here and bathe. The visitants come here to look at the gaiety of elephants. Other species found here are Elephants, Otters, Common Langurs, Nilgiri Langurs, Bonnet Macaques, Malabar Squirrel, Lion Tailed Macaque, Sambar, Wild Boar and Barking Deer. There are more than 200 species of birds in this sanctuary. The best clip to see this topographic point is August and November.

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