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Water is essential to life, yet water pollution is one of the most serious ecological threats we face today. ” – WFM Organizations. Identify the problem- Water pollution is a serious issue that has happened all around the world. This needs to be addressed to Monte Vend because everyday, people die from water pollution, and about 5,000 children die everyday around the world just because of water pollution.

This must be addressed in not only in Monte Vend, but also to other countries around the world to prevent more and more people dying everyday. Another reason to dress this to Monte Vend is that to turn Monte Vend into a cleaner and a greener place. Fully Describe the Problem- Water pollution is the contamination of water by sewage, toxic chemicals, metals, oil or other substances. It can badly affect lakes, rivers, and oceans, as well as the water beneath Earth’s surface, called ground water.

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Water pollution is caused by many different things: Industries Chemicals Sewage wastes Ocean and marine dumping Underground storage Glass and cardboard items Tube leakages If this keeps continuing, we will get serious diseases from polluted water; rehear, cholera, lead poisoning and more worse, death. It is not only happening in Monte Vend or Italy, it is happening in practically every single country in the world. Solutions- The answer to solving water pollution is to make change in our daily habits, and pay more attention to the types of products we consume.

Water pollution brings marine ecosystems, wildlife health and human beings in big danger. T are still some things we have to be careful of: 1) Factories need to double check on the sewage pipes for water leaks so the wastes do not go into the fresh drinking water. Pros: We will have safer sewage and will have less possibility of leaks. Cons: It would cost a lot of money to buy/build a new pipe. 2) Need better places where rainwater goes, because after a rainfall, the rain goes on dirty places such as roofs, dirty roads, which might go into our fresh water system.

So the solution is to have better drain pipes so the water into the pipes and doesn’t go into our drinking water. Pros: Monte Vend would not have acid rain in our fresh water system. Cons: Just like we said before, it will cost a lot of money to buy and fix pipes. 3) Oil spills, trash, in the water can harmfully pollute the water. So to prevent oil spills, we have to be careful on the lorries and maintain the rig. Pros: We won’t have oil spills or trash in the water, in that way, the water would be safe to drink.

Cons: There might be some problems on how to maintain the lorries. 4) Organize a team which picks up trash if found near the sea or river. Pros: The area where the organization/team will be “cleaning up” at will be much cleaner. Cons: There might be too much trash and there might be not enough people. Costs- TO prevent water pollution to Stop, we need to know what is the cost Of aging the solutions come true. Cost for solution No. 1 The cost for maintenance of leaked sewage pipes will usually have to make a new pipe inside the broken or cracked pipe.

This will cost around $800-$6,000. It depends on how long the pipe is. Cost for solution No. 2: The cost for making better drains will cost around the same amount as the sewage pipes. We can also make bumps on the sides of the river, which will cost about $6 every meter with a height of 30 CM to block off dirty rainwater. In the future, we can connect a pipe to the roof, so the rainwater will go into he pipe and it will lead it to the sewage system. Cost for solution No. 3: To maintenance an oilier usually costs about 56,000 a month. Cost for solution No. : This will not cost anything. However, we could convince the government to hire volunteers to pick garbage out of the water sources, it will require a little salary. Organization Helps- Some organizations had already done some work for us. Organizations such as: water companies, paper companies, recycling factories, and much more. They all helped us solve out solution. These organizations made advertisements in shopping malls and in other public areas, some other organizations made short videos and commercials to play for TV advertisements.

Organizations might choose to make posters and signs big enough to hang outside the windows or doors. It is fortunate that the companies had already helped us with a head start. Pros and Cons for Water Pollution- Pros: Less people will get sick from water borne illnesses. There is going to be fewer problems we have in Monte Vend. The community will be happier and healthier. Cons: There is going to be acid rain, so we have to shut down the factories. There is owing to be unemployment from the people that works from the factories.

It will cost a lot of money to fix and repair sewage pipes. Best Solution- So the best solution for sewage is to build a treatment plant, which can at least destroy disease organisms and to remove substances that can cause harmful or other undesirable effects in the wastewater. After this process, the treated sewage will go into bodies of water. In places where there are no bodies of water near by, the treated sewage is usually disposed in the soil. Best Solution Cost- Cost for sewage treatment plant for each house costs round $3500- $9000.

This price includes the plant costs, installation, and the drainage system. However, this plant needs maintenance each year to keep the plant working properly. This will also cost some money. The maintenance cost for each year is about $KUDUS-680 SAID. This money is used in emptying the sewage treatment plane, the energy needed to power the plant, and the maintenance service required each year. This will have a impact to the citizens of Monte Vend because this can help make the environment cleaner for the citizens so that the citizens don’t get any diseases.

Conclusion- In conclusion, water pollution is a very serious issue in Italy, if people still keep littering in lakes, rivers or oceans, there is a chance that we might run out of fresh water in Monte Vend. Without fresh water means illness, thirstiness, or maybe death. The solutions will be worth spending money on, it will help not only Monte Vend, it would help out the world. If people do not want this to happen, lets all work together and improve.

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