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If a team member acts in a dysfunctional manner, however, the team member may be removed from the group. If a team member is not cooperating with the group by failing to return texts, emails, phone calls, or by not attending meetings, the unresponsive member may be fired if six attempts to contact the member over a reasonable amount of time can be documented in a log. The cooperating members should meet and plan this action and then present the log to the instructor and discuss the situation.

If the instructor approves of the action, the instructor will contact he unresponsive member with the information that the member has been removed from the team. The member will then have the opportunity to complete the assignment alone with a deduction of 50 points from the total score obtained. No presentations for full credit will be allowed. Please choose to be a responsive team member so this situation does not occur. If a member is communicating with the group but failing to meet deadlines or contribute quality work, the entire team should meet with the member in question.

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Perception-checking and descriptive language should be used to ampere viewpoints, establish standards, and identify needs or differences. The member in question should be given one chance to recover the team’s confidence. If no improvement occurs, then a full team meeting should be held with the member in question to provide constructive feedback. All members, including the one the team is releasing, should sign a statement of understanding that the member is no longer a part of the team. Submit the statement to the instructor within one week of its signing.

Again, the released member will have the opportunity to complete the assignment alone with a deduction of 50 points. Am happy to serve as your consultant to help your team work effectively, but please do not complain to me about team members who are not meeting your expectations. Instead, use your knowledge gained in this class to do something about it. As future managers and executives, motivating low- performing team members is something you will do. (Assignment provided by Dry. Sherry Dean, Edited by P.

Outset) Presentation Requirements 1) Teams will be identified by a team animal. Teams will have approximately two, one-half class periods for team work, but should expect to meet outside f class as well to formalize and practice the presentation. A minimum of three “official” meetings are required before the team presentation. Each meeting should be documented by emailing Team Meeting Minutes to the instructor using the Team Minutes template. Every team member will receive 10 points for each set of minutes recorded and submitted, up to a maximum of 30 points. 30 Points) 2) Team members should research the chosen country by using ONLY the following approved research sites or other research sources found through the college library: agglomeration’s. Com (Library Database) excitableness. Com hyperlink. Com 3) One team outline should be developed for the presentation, using the Team Outline and Rubric. The outline will require a Works Cited page and oral footnotes will be expected in the presentation. The focus should be placed upon being informative in a way that sustains the attention of the audience. 20 Points) 4) A colorful, attractive Powering presentation should be created to accompany the oral comments. (25 Points) 5) Develop an eye-catching and informative handout that summarizes key country facts. Distribute a handout to every member in the audience at the conclusion of the presentation. A Bibliography in the handout will include the sources cited in the presentation. (25 Points) 6) Complete the Team Presentation Check List before the presentation and submit it to the instructor at the beginning of class.

If the Check List has not been completed in its entirety, the team will not be allowed to give the presentation. 7) This is a formal presentation and a dress code will be required. (100 Points for Presentation) Dress Code for Men: Pants and long-sleeved shirt (tucked in) with tie. Jacket required. No tennis shoes. Be well-groomed. Hair should not be in eyes. Dress Code for Women: Business ores or shirt with jacket. Heels with closed-toed pumps. Avoid plunging necklines and hemlines shorter than two inches above the knee.

Hair should be pulled back and not falling across the eyes. Jewelry should be modest (no three-inch hoop earrings). 8) Following the presentation, each team member will complete a Team Analysis paper reflecting on the team experience and provide a confidential evaluation of each member’s performance. (50 Points) Team Assignments 1) Leader Assignment Each team will select a team leader. The leader will assign group roles to team members (Note Taker, Time Keeper, and Evaluator). The leader will also assign tasks to team members. These tasks are shown below. Equal research responsibilities * Powering creation * Handout development and replication for class members * Outline construction * Works Cited page The team leader should: plan the tentative agenda for each meeting facilitate the meetings; summarize each meeting at its conclusion for mutual understanding; contact team members who are absent; and respond to members who need help or encouragement. It is the leaders responsibility to know the status of each member during the project through the use of lass check-ins, team meetings, circle checks, telephone calls, and whatever means necessary.

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