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The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, age, physical abilities, etc. 1. 2 There is a need to be sensitive to the needs of others in all aspects of life including office life. L, myself, am formally registered disabled by being hard of hearing aid. My line managers have always been aware of this and adapted my work accordingly.

Before I was sued with this new hearing aid, I was never expected to take minutes at meetings nor work on reception. However, as I am now fitted with a better hearing aid, I feel able to do both these areas of work as well as any other colleague. I am also in my mid fifties yet I have never encountered age discrimination. Nowadays, would expect this sensitivity towards me in the workplace and would feel entitled to complain if was treated insensitively in regard to my age and deafness. Equally, would show similar respect and understanding to another person’s disabilities, age, gender, race, etc, etc.

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It is to even that it should be perceived with understanding but should be welcomed as life (anywhere -? at work or elsewhere) would be dull if we were all identical robots. 1. 3 See 1. 2 1. 4 Not only would it be dull in the workplace if we were all identical, it would not offer the best of service either. My colleagues have learned from me that when talking to someone who is deaf, I need to be able to see their mouth in order to hear what they are saying as, subconsciously, lip-read.

By working with me they have a greater understanding of how to address and communicate with someone with a hearing problem. , similarly, learn from them in this regard too. I have no personal knowledge of what it is like to be discriminated against because of my race or color but, because work with people of different ethnicity to myself I learn from them and their experiences in this matter just as they learn from my experiences in regard to my age and disability. 2. Working with logging exclusions in the Schools and Learning division, I acknowledge that this work – the names of the children concerned – is all highly confidential and sensitive. It is important that I keep the data and the information safe so that their rights to privacy are secure and assured. 2. 2 Because of data protection laws and privacy laws, organizations are required, by law, to protect the privacy of personal data. If an employee is negligent in matters Of confidentiality and abiding by these laws they are likely to faced dismissal and the organization will probably be fined. . 3 Please see 2. 2. 2. Twitting County Hall there are a variety of systems put in place with regard to ensuring personal data is kept secure and confidential. I am aware that there are Council officers who check the workstations of employees during he evenings when everybody has gone home to see whether or not information of a sensitive nature have been left lying around on desks. A colleague was reprimanded for this at the end of last year and it made us all much more aware of the need to lock away scraps of paper that we had made notes on during the day.

The confidential waste was also moved from the “public” corridor to the more secure (lockable) kitchen. If we send information that is sensitive (egg a form for excluding a child from a school) it is password protected if it is sent by email. If a hard copy is sent, the envelope is marked “confidential”. 3. 1 Waste is costly and ineffective. We are a publicly funded authority. We are funded by Council tax which is paid by people living on the Isle of Wight including ourselves. It is bad practice and even immoral to waste their hard earned money. . 2 Hard copies of documents are one of the main course of waste. As a Council, we have a policy of only printing when absolutely necessary and having most of our work as “paperless” -? ii, We send attachments and emails rather than documents and letters. This saves on postage as well as on paper. Another resource of waste is use of electricity/fuel. The Council has recently been refurbished and now has lights which are sensitive to the presence of people. If nobody is in the vicinity, the lights go off automatically.

We have recycle bins in every office and cardboard and heavier items can be taken to the post room. 3. 3 Please see 3. 2 3. Please see 3. 2 3. Paper, plastic, cardboard and other items that were previously dumped at the island’s tip are now taken away and re-used which is beneficial for the Council and keeps our carbon footprint down to an absolute minimum. 3. 6 see 3. 2 4. 1 The benefits of recycling are beneficial for the environment. As a Council we impose recycling on residents so, therefore, we must set an example and also recycle our waste as much as is possible.

It is beneficial to recycle and irresponsible not to do so as there is a finite supply of paper/ wood/glass, etc and plastic does not biodegrade readily so unless we recycle these items we add to problems of supply, deforestation and waste disposal tips. 4. There are no hazardous materials used in my workplace but if that should be the case, I would refer the matter to the appropriate officer. I understand there is an approved contractor used for disposal of such materials. Within the Council, the person who oversees the post room also oversees disposal Of recyclable waste.

We separate waste into recyclable and non-recyclable in the office and kitchen and the post-room workers take away the recyclable waste and the cleaner disposes of the non-recyclable waste. 5. 1 The purpose of improving efficiency is to ensure the amount of waste going into landfill sites is reduced and that we re-use glass, plastic, etc as much as is possible. The earth’s resources are finite and we need to conserve SE of these items for the sake of future generations. 5. Sass an organization we have made several policies that help reduce wastage.

We try to avoid paper based work and use electronic messaging and for forwarding documents. This helps hugely with keeping our paper waste to a minimum. We also print/copy both sides of paper whenever possible. As previously stated, we have recycling bins for paper, card, glass, printer cartridges and plastic. 6. 11 am aware of the need for respect for others’ backgrounds, abilities, values, customs and beliefs and am glad to be working for an organization ho embraces the need for equality and diversity. 6. 1 have a colleague who is dyslexic and, therefore, there are certain tasks that undertake that she would feel uncomfortable with. Equally, I am registered disabled because of deafness and this colleague understands that it is difficult for me to hear some of our clients. We work well together – as a team! 6. Each learner attending a course at our venue (where I am a receptionist) is asked to completed an evaluation form. There is a section relating to my work regarding reception/welcome/phone/booking on to the course.

We are made aware of feedback both the positive (which is the vast majority;) and the occasional negative. We take on board the negative and strive to improve our service.

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