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Higher reverence of reproductive disorder, including low birth weight, are common in areas located near existing and former landfills. And although studies have produced equivocal results, “Cancer Cluster’ are said to also exist areas within close proximity to landfills. Disposing waste has huge environmental impacts and can cause serious problems. In U. K much is buried in landfill sites holes in the ground, sometimes old quarries, sometimes special dug. Some waste will eventually rot, but not at all, and in the process it may smell or generated methane gas, which is explosive and contributes to the greenhouse effect.

Incinerating waste also causes problems, because plastic lend to produce toxic substances, such as dioxins when they are burnt. Gases from incineration may cause air pollution and contribute to acid rain while the ash from air incineration may contain heavy metals and other toxic. Environmental issue is one of the most widely known problems that the Philippine country is encountering. It is not just a problem in this country but also to other countries as well. There are tons and tons of garbage that is Ewing disposed in just one’s barraging.

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Floods that the country faces also starts with the garbage that filled the canals from where the water should flow. Thousands of homes are being swept away by flood which resulted from trash that has been thrown just anywhere. That’s why Philippines experienced floods and a lot of people died. Garbage kills a lot of people if it is mismanaged. Illness and diseases from garbage will not only kill the lives of the people but they will also lose money from it. Our river in Barraging Zone 1, Dig’s city, the reason why the river is nominated of dirty waste is just because of the people who are throwing their garbage in Dig’s river.

And the responsible of this are: hospital near in Dig’s river, people who are throwing near in the Dig’s river and also the people who have their business like poultry and pig raiser near in Dig’s river. It can cause major flooding. Also it does harm to people or animals who consume the polluted water. Aquatic animals will also die due to the water pollution. And there will be a decrease of fresh water sources. Not only the river will polluted but also the sea where its connected.

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