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This website not only gives suggestions, but also asks for suggestions to solve environmental issues. We can find the latest news and the events attached with water. Http:// www. Sec. Go. Ca/CEQ-race/English/default. CFML This website focuses on developing national guidelines for water quality. The recommended guidelines are mandated by various acts and agreements. The website describes briefly about the water quality guidelines for the protection of aquatic life, and for agricultural water uses.

The website has PDF format protocols and guidance documents available to derive water quality guidelines. The link to the other environmental website is divided into five categories which makes the further research easy. The website not only provides the guidelines, but also accepts comments which are helpful to make website more efficient. Atmosphere http://www. Climatologist. Org/solutions/index. HTML This website tells about global warming. The website describes the global warming as the most serious issue of our time.

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The website tells about the bad effects of the global warming on our health and on the different regions of the earth which makes people think about global warming seriously. The collection of photographs from all parts of the earth shows the early signs of the global warming. New map points highlighted the places which have experienced heat related illness and deaths due to global warming effect. The website makes us aware about the various organizations which are working to solve global warming issue. Http://www. EPA. Ova/air/soaps/projects. HTML

This website is aimed to preserve and to improve the quality of the air inhaled by Americans. The website tells about the sources of air pollution in the United States. Various air pollution monitoring programs are described on the website. The website provides information about the air toxic agent and also provides information how to reduce/eliminate these air toxic. The reader can learn about the pollutants (added into the atmosphere by mobile sources. ), their future effects, and their solutions.

Additional information to reduce air pollution in he different parts of the world is provided through the linked web pages. Lithosphere http://collision. Net : The website focus on the soil erosion and its effects on the agriculture and natural environment. The site tells about the causes of the soil erosion so that we can prevent erosion from happening. The site differentiates the small and large erosion. The on-site effects and off-side effects are explained clearly. The map on the website shows the extent of soil erosion in various parts of the world.

The links to the other websites help to now more about soil erosion. Http://www. Gardens. Com/articles/other- gardening/soil-degradation. Asps : The website focuses on the major soil degradation problems in Australia. The site tells about the types of erosion humans caused through their activities. The site shows the solutions to control erosion. The causes of salinity and it controls are given on the site. The solutions to improve the health of damaged soils are given on the site. Soil acidification which makes soil unfertile can be prevented from happening by knowing its causes.

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