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Use sources F and G, and your own knowledge, to explain why some people came to see the 1960’s as a period of bad influences.I am going to use sources F and G and my own knowledge to explain why some people come to see the 1960’s as a period of bad influences on British Society.Source F is a newspaper article. The article is about a woman called Mary Whitehouse, who was a school teacher. Mary launched a national campaign in 1964. The campaign was about helping writers who found it difficult to induce the BBC TV to screen their work. The work that Mary wanted to be published was about the Christian faith. She wanted plays and different people’s views about this faith to be viewed because she thought people across Britain needed to be educated to make Britain a moral society.The BBC was not screening this stuff which Mary Whitehouse wanted on. They were pushing the boundaries and showing materials which some people could find offensive. Mary Whitehouse point was that the programs the BBC was showing were not going to educate the public. However the British public didn’t want to watch these educational programs, they wanted to watch programs with action, murders and crime. These programmes what Mary Whitehouse didn’t want screened were aimed at a specific audience, which would have been about 18-27. Mary Whitehouse was wrong to try and get these educational programmes broadcasted because she did not represent everyone.Therefore different people across Britain could have a different opinion. These educational programmes were boring, so with the BBC screening these exciting new shows the ratings were up. Her reaction against this was very shocking. Why had she gone through all this trouble? I think that Mary Whitehouse did all this to get publicity to make her seem like the perfect teacher, however, it didn’t finish like how she imagined it would.Source G is a biography about Janis Joplin and her rock star life. This biography was written in the 1990’s. This source says that ‘She was a rebellious teenager.’ With the term rebellious it means, well in her case, that she took all types of drugs from an early age, drank alcohol and bedded random people. Nevertheless this source on a whole doesn’t say a lot of bad things. The source is more about Janis’s achievements and how well she could sing, ‘She developed a powerful blues voice…’ This quote proves my point. This source is balanced because it says bad things as well as good. It is not an opinion, it is factual. Even though Janis died of a drug overdose, this was her own personal choice to take them. A lot of stars at and around this time had taken or was taking drugs. Big stars such as Elvis and the Beatles were among the people to take drugs.When Janis died in 1970, it was sensational for people because news like this doesn’t come everyday. A lot of people blame Janis and other stars for people taking drugs, but Janis did not represent everyone. If one star took drugs it doesn’t mean every star did. She didn’t represent every performer.Most of the British public at this time liked the new music and the new television programmes which were being broadcasted. The British public had learnt to accept them. If these new programs were getting the ratings up then the BBC would have stopped showing them and would have gone back to the old materials which were used before.

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