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I disagree with the statement “It is primarily the love between Romeo and Juliet that makes the play so enduringly popular”. In my opinion the love is only one of the many potent factors that make this play a success. Other characteristics that perfect the play creating the tension and suspense include, humour, violence, tragedy and hate. In this essay I will be explaining what each of these factors contributes to the play and how Shakespeare uses them effectively.Firstly I will explain how Shakespeare displays Romeo’s and Juliet’s love to effect and how we can tell it is true. Many people believe that Romeo’s and Juliet’s love is “adolescent” love as they marry soon after they have met at the young age of 14 but I disagree. When this popular play was written by Shakespeare in the 16th century it was acceptable for adolescents to marry at this time in life, this was as health was poor and most people died young so therefore for couples to have a good life time together it was logical to marry at this age. Another reason why Romeo’s and Juliet’s love is true is by the expressive language Shakespeare uses and from this we can tell that Romeo’s and Juliet’s love is genuine.For instance in Act one scene five we can tell Romeo’s love for Juliet from the moment he sets his eyes upon her. His use of imagery describing Juliet “As a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear” shows us that to Romeo Juliet is a holy beauty by the use of the word jewel which normally describes a rare, striking and elegant object. Shakespeare then further expresses Romeo’s passionate feelings for Juliet by the phrase “a snowy dove trooping with crows” this symbolises Juliet as the dove.A dove being a white bird would show Juliet as being pure and angelical. Secondly in the balcony scene (act 2, scene 2) some very passionate loving language is used as Romeo and Juliet share a sonnet under the moonlight at Capulet’s mansion. Phrases such as “My heart’s dear love” and “dear love, adieu!” show Romeo’s and Juliet’s passion for each other along with the constant use of the word love. The word love is mentioned seven times within eight quick exchanges between the couple. Also in this scene we can get further justification that Romeo loves Juliet.In context to the story Romeo, being a Montague is risking his life for waiting in Capulet’s mansion for a glimpse of his fair Juliet. Language expressed during this scene is very powerful and the mature lexical choices lead the reader to believe that Romeo and Juliet’s are adults and their love is predestined. At the start of the scene Juliet while not realising Romeo’s presence admits her true feelings for Romeo on the veranda of her room. She pronounces “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo”. This famous line, a desperate call for her lovers name shows us her love for Romeo by the use of repetition.

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