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Northwood is a town situated in the London Borough of Hillingdon, northwest of central London. Below is a map of the area showing the exact site of Northwood and its situation in relation to other settlements.(Map taken from is a map of Green Lane and its adjoining roads, the commercial centre of Northwood. This is the area where I will carry out my investigation._(Map taken from investigation will try to determine how well Northwood�s commercial centre (Green Lane) satisfies the needs of the local community by comparing two factors; what shops and services exist, and what the local people feel is needed in the way of shops and services.HypothesisMy hypothesis for this investigation is that the shops and services of Northwood do not fully satisfy the needs of the local community.Northwood�s commercial centre has relatively good travel links. It has bus and coach services to some surrounding areas; it also has a Metropolitan (Underground) Line station, and has a main road running through it (B469). This means that the commercial centre of Northwood is quite accessible. This means that many people using the commercial centre do not necessarily live locally in Northwood, raising Threshold Populations * to the requirements of middle order + shops/services.* Threshold Population- the minimum number of population required in an area for a shop/service to be viable for that area.+ Order- shops can be placed into a hierarchy based upon the services they provide. At the bottom of the hierarchy are small shops selling �convenience� goods that are needed daily, such as a newspaper from a newsagents. At the top of the hierarchy are large shops selling specialist �comparison� goods that are bought less frequently, such as furniture or a TV. Shops/services at the top of hierarchy are known as �High Order� and shops/services at the bottom of hierarchy are known as �Low Order.�However, larger towns nearby, in particular Harrow or Watford are far more accessible. They also have their own Metropolitan Line stations; but in addition they have (Watford in particular) National Rail links, dozens of bus/coach services to other parts of South East England as well as local areas. It also has proximity to the M25 and other major A-roads. This means that accessibility to its CBD * is much better than that of Northwood. Hence the population in the area is much higher. This means high order shops/services requiring large threshold populations (comparison, nationwide stores) can do good business in the area, and chose to go there instead of Northwood.* Central Business District- the centre of a settlement where the main shops, services, travel links are found.This absence of high order shops/services in Northwood means the local community will need to go elsewhere from time to time when needing to purchase expensive items such as a TV or HiFi. This means that the shops and services of Northwood do not fully satisfy the needs of the local community.

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