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In today’s generation, people so loosely use the word that is demeaning and caused so much hurt in the past. It is amazing that people have selective amnesia and conveniently forget that the N-word brought among hurt, confusion, death and betrayal. Now people are trying to say that the N-word can be used as a word of endearment, a word that sets apart an enemy from a foe. Of course depending on the tone and nature that the term is spoken in. I have been deeply offended and distraught at the thought that this word could be used in any way uplifting.

So many people died not be called that word and now so many people thrive and look forward to being labeled such a terrible word. I have also come to the realization that people that use the word as freely as they do, have no real knowledge of what the word really means and only uses the word to “fit in” or feel “accepted. ” But accepted by whom? Accepted by the same people that are on the streets hustling, living paycheck to paycheck. Spending their time killing and fighting versus trying to execute change.

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I found myself asking those that use the N-word freely how actively involved in the 2008 presidential election they are. Not to my surprise, many people don’t even know the full names of the respective candidates, let alone their stands or beliefs. The N-word should not be used by anyone. But how do we get past the word if it is so accepted and so actively used in all forms of entertainment and media. I await the day when this generation, as well as generations preceding, realize the true meaning and the true effect that the N-word had on the lives of so many great people that have gone on.

So many people that risked their lives to be called by their government, family given names gone down the drain. Do we let those people’s legacy and fight go down the drain, simply because we’d rather use a demeaning slang term? Regardless to race or color, the term should not be used. It is even more a slap in the face to our ancestors when it is used by those of the African-American distinction. The use of the word is disrespectful and should be banned from the minds and vocabulary of people of all ethnicities.

If people would do so much as pick up a book, take the time to watch a history movie, they would understand why this word is so hurtful. Why it causes so much controversy and debate. It is more than just a word. The word caused a movement. It caused a fight. Therefore we should respect it as such. The word should be buried, never to be raised or spoken. How long will it take for the word to be non-existent? As long as it takes for people to open a book and realize that there are other words.

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