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The aim of my coursework is to compare the quality of life between two contrasting areas. One area will be Milton Keynes which is a planned urban environment and my 2nd area is Hayes which is an urban sprawl and also my home area. My hypothesis is that, A planned urban environment provides a better quality of life than those that emerge through urban sprawl. I will be gathering information using surveys, environmental study, maps etc to get my information and then using this information my hypothesis can be proved or disproved.

My home town is Hayes which is situated in west London and has been built up through the process of urban sprawl. Hayes is shown in map 1. West London is situated in south east of England. It is the capital of England and therefore easily accessible as it is bordered by the M25 (which is like a ring road going all around London), which links on to the M4, M1 and M40 and then they lead onto all other routes taking you around England.

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 The area I am going to be comparing my home town with is Nether field which is situated in Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is in Buckinghamshire. Milton Keynes is well-placed for major cities including London, Birmingham, Cambridge and Oxford it has got good road links to surrounding towns including Bedford, Northampton, Aylesbury and Luton. The city is situated near the M1 (Junctions 13 and 14) and is ideally place for London’s airports at Luton and Heathrow.

It has fast rail link into London Euston (approximately 45 minutes). Milton Keynes was designated as a New Town on 23 January 1967. With an area of 8,900 ha (22,000 acres), Milton Keynes enjoys a strategic location, impressive design, first class industrial and commercial premises and an excellent quality of life. It is in the heart of one of the nation’s fastest growing regions which in turn is the most heavily populated urban area in Europe. It has got a population of 230,000 people and is home for over 10,000 businesses. Nether field is shown in map 2.

I will be researching this project using both [primary and secondary data:

  • Questionnaires
  • Environmental study
  • Photos
  • Transect
  • Tally survey
  • Deprivation index
  • Maps

I used the questioners to gather information from the residents. This is really good because it tells you what the residents feel about their area. I used the environmental study to study how the residents effected the environment physically, chemically etc. I used photos to show the different physical features between the two different towns. I used transect to record the amount of traffic each town had on its main roads.

I used tally survey to compare the differences between the two towns. I used the deprivation index to show the percentage difference between Hillingdon and Milton Keynes, the main areas are Rank of Employment Score; Rank of Income Sale; Rank of Average Ward Scores and Local Concentration ranks*( these are deprivation hot spots within the area). I used maps to show the areas and how they are built.

The term ‘quality of life’ defines as superior style of life. In this coursework I will compare the superior life style of Nether field (Milton Keynes) to Hayes (my home area). I will collect the data using the above methods and use that data to compare each area, its physical features, and the effects of urban sprawl and planned urban sprawl, the percentage of jobs its offers, employment, education and what the residents actually feel like living there.  This all will either prove or disprove my hypothesis; a planned urban environment provides a better quality of life than those that emerge through urban sprawl.

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