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This is an excellent article. It uses easy and understandable languages to form a great introduction of what is sociology, who is sociologist, and what they are doing. And the meaning of this article is significant and draws people to think and taste it. After read this article, I gain some new impressions and ideas of what is sociology about and would like to discuss the few questions. In this article, the curiosity play role which drives people to explore the field of Sociology.

Just like Berger said in the article, curiosity grips sociologist in front of a closed door and it make sociologist want to open it and obtain the new knowledge that human have not perceived and understood yet. In personal extent, I believe that curiosity also plays an important role in human development. For example, because we are curious about the sky, we have astronomy, because we are curious about what is on the other side of the ocean, we sailing and discover new continents. It is one thing that pushes people to think, to discover, and to advance.

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The answer to what do sociologists study could be broad. Simply, they study the doings of men. Generally, they study the way that people acting and interacting which other in a society. In the mean time, it not so simple, sometimes they need to study their own life, sometimes they need to study and contact with some fearful, distasteful, or boring information, sometimes their required they get into some “dark field” such the world of crime. In factor, they keep studying in their life.

They could not leave their job in the company or laboratory, their job will accompanies them any moment because they are also living in society. Honestly, I did not found why sociology could be dangerous very clearly in the article. However, there are few sentences that mention about how sociologists love to discover and experience the new world, such as the world of crime. In my personal extent, if those sociologists become a criminal, they could be very terrible and taught criminal because they are the expert of how society works.

Finally, in the best of my understanding, the meaning “Things are not what they seem…” is that one thing could be interpret as multiple meanings because people have different cultural background. I am an exchange from China, in my experience, sometime my idea could vary dramatically to an American student. For example, my neighbors like to play loud music and drink a lot on a truck because they think this is cool, but I just can not understand and that sometimes scare me.

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