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“The Prime Minister of Malaysia describes hedge financess as operators and the ‘highwaymen of the planetary economy.’ Hedge financess have elsewhere been stereotyped as ‘hawk-eyed speculators, ’ and ‘symbols of economic evil.’ They have been described as the ‘new savages at the gate, ’ and have been likened to the ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over all but the largest economies.”

Brandon Becker1

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Hedge financess play a important function in the planetary fiscal markets. Even in the US, while hedge financess account for merely approximately 2 % of planetary securities market value, they account for more than half of all trading activity in some fixed income sections, 47 % of one-year trading in hard-pressed debt securities, one tierce of leveraged loans and one one-fourth of high-yield bond market volume. They account for 25-30 % of planetary trading volume in recognition derived functions and are net protection Sellerss and more than 50 % of all trading volume in recognition derived functions. They control 30 % of trading volume in high output bonds, 26 % in leveraged loans 80 % in hard-pressed debt. The function of hedge financess in the planetary fiscal markets can be better examined in visible radiation of the construct of hedge financess and how they operate.

An Overview of Hedge Fundss


There is no formal definition of a “hedge fund” . In the present twenty-four hours scenario, fudge financess refer to private investing vehicles that are free to utilize a assortment of investing techniques, schemes and instruments. These financess may utilize short places and derived functions, utilise purchase, charge inducement based fees linked to their public presentation and are offered to a limited figure of commissioned investors. Although hedge financess by and large use derivative fiscal instruments they are non same as derived functions.

How Hedge Funds Operate

Normally, fudge financess are structured as limited partnerships, limited liability corporations or offshore investing companies. As investing options, fudge financess lie at the active terminal of the investment spectrum which makes them popular in bear markets. However, in a bull market they may non execute every bit good as other options such as common financess. Again, unlike long-only common financess, a hedge fund engages in more aggressive schemes and places, such as short merchandising, trading in derivative instruments like optionsand utilizing purchase. Therefore, fudge financess include traditional stock and bond investings combined with short gross revenues, arbitrage and purchase non by and large found in traditional stock and bond market schemes.

1Brandon Becker, Hedge Funds In Global Financial Markets, February 2000, pp 1

Types of Hedge Fundss

Hedge financess can hold divergent investing and corporate administration schemes and therefore take assorted signifiers. These can be classified as:

  • Macro financess,which take places in mature and at times emerging national markets based on analysis of macroeconomic and fiscal conditions
  • Global financess,which take places worldwide choosing stocks on the footing of single companies ‘ chances
  • Relative valuefinancess, which take places on the comparative monetary values of closely related securities.

Hedge Funds Schemes

The hedge financess employ sub-strategies or combinations of schemes. These include:

  • Arbitrage Schemes:investings working market inefficiencies and equilibrating long and short market exposures.
  • Event-Driven Schemes: investings based on the existent or awaited happening of a peculiar event, such as a amalgamation, bankruptcy or corporate re-organization.
  • Long/short schemes: investings in equity and/or bond markets uniting long investings with short gross revenues to cut down market exposure
  • Tactical trading or directional schemes:investings based on theorizing on the way of market monetary values of currencies, trade goods, equities and/or bonds in the hereafters and hard currency markets.

Hedge Fund Industry

With this background, we can now analyze the province of hedge financess in the planetary fiscal markets. Both the figure of hedge financess and the sum of invested capital has grown quickly in the past few old ages. It presently stands at around 8500 and $ 1 trillion severally. While hedge financess account for merely around 5 per centum of planetary fiscal assets, they are responsible for a much higher proportion of turnover in many markets.

The universe ‘s prima location for hedge fund directors is New York City and the Gold Coast country of Connecticut, followed by London. New York City and the Gold Coast country together have approximately twice every bit many hedge fund directors as London. However, London is Europe’s taking Centre for the direction of hedge financess. At the terminal of 2005, about three-fourthss of European hedge fund investings, numbering $ 300bn, were managed within the UK, the huge bulk from London.

Hedge Fundss in Global Financial Markets

Hedge financess are an of import portion of the planetary fiscal markets. The function that hedge financess play in these markets can non be quantified with preciseness. However, the turning importance of that function should non be undermined. Both International Monetary Fund and the Bank of England acknowledge dangers posed by hedge financess to fiscal markets but besides emphasis that hedge financess besides play a positive function in fiscal stableness. Hedge financess affect the planetary fiscal markets in both positive and negative ways.

On a positive international position, the schemes employed by hedge financess enable fiscal markets to cut down exposure to the market hazard inherent in traditionally managed, long-only, equity and fixed-income portfolios. Hedge financess provide benefits to capital markets and contribute to the greater flexibleness of fiscal markets. As hedge financess trade across plus categories they enhance liquidness particularly in bad, less liquid market sections and drive invention. Hedge financess increase the efficiency of fiscal markets and facilitate resource allotment in the economic system. They besides help to distribute hazard within the fiscal system. In assorted fiscal markets, hedge financess are progressively eventful as suppliers of liquidness and absorbers of hazard. In the US in 2003 when the options and other fixed income markets were under force per unit area, hedge financess helped reconstruct market liquidness and bound losingss to derived functions traders and investors in fixed-rate mortgages and mortgage-backed securities. Hedge financess are major purchasers of the riskier equity and subordinated tranches of collateralized debt duties ( CDOs ) and of asset-backed securities. In add-on to this, fudge financess can leverage the assets under direction through usage of derived functions, short places, and structured securities.

On the negative note, the turning hedge fund industry continues to raise inquiries about the function of hedge funds’ in destabilizing planetary fiscal markets. This is chiefly due to mostly unconstrained investing schemes adopted by hedge financess. It seems that in the recent times hedge financess have created a major hazard to planetary fiscal stableness for which there are no obvious redresss. Even European Central Bank ( ECB ) has issued a warning on hedge fund hazard for fiscal stableness and systemic hazard particularly as hedge financess lead to potentially high purchase: “… the progressively similar placement of single hedge financess within wide hedge fund investing schemes is another major hazard for fiscal stableness which warrants near supervising despite the indispensable deficiency of any possible redresss. This hazard is farther magnified by grounds that wide hedge fund investing schemes have besides become progressively correlative, thereby further increasing the possible inauspicious effects of disorderly issues from crowded trades. ” ( Beginning: ECB Financial Stability Review June 2006, p. 142 )

Now the critical inquiry about hedge financess is whether hedge financess really destabilise foreign exchange markets and disrupt macroeconomy. The reply would depend on how one views hedge financess operations in the planetary markets. Do fudge financess that trade in currency markets play a function as lead tips in the herding by investors or make hedge financess encourage other institutional investors to fall in in a generalised move against a weakening currency? Whatever may be the position, there is no denying that hedge financess pose systemic hazards to planetary fiscal markets. In the yesteryear, hedge financess have been implicated for currency crises and turbulency in bond market. The assorted cases when hedge financess were blamed included the followers:

1992:Crisis taking to interchange rate realignments of the European Monetary System

1994:Turbulence in International bond markets

1994-95:the Mexican peso crisis

1997:East Asiatic currencies prostration

1998:Destabilization of the Australian dollar

1998:Russian rouble crisis

There have besides been allegations of big hedge fund minutess in assorted Asiatic currency markets such as Hong Kong and Australia in 1998 which led to a close prostration of Long-Term Capital Management ( LTCM ) , a major hedge fund. Despite the assorted cases, the function of hedge fund is fiscal destability is non really clear.

Hedge financess may besides interrupt the macroeconomy by imparting flows of financess into hazardous and illiquid assets over the average term. This could promote foolhardy behavior on the portion of other hazard taking entities and lead to both to misallocations of capital and sudden issues by investors and therefore inauspicious impact on balance sheets. The affect may be terrible in illiquid markets as demand for these assets continue to be comparatively thin. Hedge financess besides increase short term volatility in planetary fiscal markets and the likeliness of riotous fiscal incidents, including crisp erodings of market liquidness.


Hedge financess clearly play a important function in planetary fiscal markets as they are beginnings of liquidness and directors of hazard. But as their importance has grown, so excessively have concerns about systemic hazard from inordinate hedge fund purchase. Hedge funds’ purchase demands to be controlled by promoting steps that encouragement market subject.


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