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When Westfield shopping centre was built and opened on 30th October 2008, Shepherds Bush area has changed since the shopping centre has been built. The shopping centre itself is a very clean area; the attractive, clean design brings tourists from all over the world to the shopping centre. Before Westfield had been built the pollution level was very high, the local residents to Shepherds Bush usually got their low order goods from Shepherds Bush market. Now they can look to find better quality/high quality goods at the Westfield shopping centre. New recycling systems have been put into place, which will make the area cleaner as a whole, also the amount of Recycle/waste disposal bins have increased since Westfield was built. Westfield was built on a brown field site, which is where derelict offices used to lay.Justification for Hypotheses 2As the Westfield shopping centre has been built, more people travel through Shepherds Bush on a day to day basis. When people travel through a certain area the amount of pollution increases through significant things such as litter, carbon emissions and vandalism. This causes the area to look worse and repel tourists. The Burgess model is where geographers have put models of land use to show how a city is laid out. This model is based on the values of a town or city. They describe/group the different cities into different sections, such as: Central business district, Factories /industry, working class housing, middle class housing and commuter zone.Background informationSince Westfield shopping centre was built the amount of houses have almost doubled and less derelict houses have been seen. This has put a weight on the amount of environmental quality in the area, people that have moved to the area respect the area as it is a tourist attraction site. The amount of litter bins there are in area has changed, and they have also brought in more recycling systems which allow people to look after the new Westfield shopping centre area. According to the BBC, Shepherds bush has around 11,000 people living in it today. This population has grown since the Westfield has been built and is still increasing now.MethodWhen I went to Shepherd’s Bush, we took various data collection methods which show the increase of population and the increase of environmental quality. When the population increases in a city the environmental quality can either increase or decrease according to the environment energy saving techniques the area accumulates. When taking my method of data I counted the number of transport in 12 different areas, when counting the traffic it shows the amount of people using cars rather than public transport such as busses, this proves the environmental quality decreases everyday when carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide travels into the atmosphere.Other methods of collecting my data for the area were an ‘Index of Decay Points’ table. This table shows how satisfying the area is. When analysing the area properly and recording the points in a table, it shows how useful/attractive the area looks. The ‘Index of Decay Points’ table also shows us how much litter was in the area, it shows us how clean the area is and how much the area is respected. There is also a total score given where overall you are rating the tidiness and reliability of the area.A place check form is also another great way of recording data. The way this table works is the data is collected and filtered into ‘What do we like?’ and ‘What do we not like?’ about the area. This data collection method also shows us what it would be like to live in this area, and how the residences find the areas pollution.Data PresentationThe data which I had collected from the various different zones were all recorded in a table. In the table below, it shows how many cars, lorries and vans had passed and how many pedestrians and busses had passed. Altogether we counted the amount of traffic for one minute.

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