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Where did Jonas live?
What type of farm was the Split Oak Farm?
What was the name of the owner?
Master William
What was the name of the man son?
Master Percy
Where did Percy take Jonas?
To Kansas Territory in search of gold
What job did Master William promise Jonas upon his return?
Manservant to the master
Why was Tate excited about Jonas going to Kansas?
It was a free state
What was the drawback about Kansas being a free state?
Slaves were still considered property
Where did Tate want to escape to?
Who was leading the wagon train?
Jeremiah Quincy
Who was the doctor?
Dr. Yoder
What did Sophronia do for Jonas?
Taught him alphabet / reading / writing
What was Sophronia’s nickname?
What did Jeremiah Quincy give Jonas?
New shoes
What was Jonas’s job on the wagon train?
What was the first letter Jonas learned?
S / salt
Why did Jonas ask Sky to help him learn to read?
So that he could read the labels of the cooking supplies
What friends of Percy’s arrived at camp?
Dag and Bud Chalmers
According to the Chalmers, what happened to Tate and Leola?
They ran away and were caught.  Master Williams shot Tate and sold off Leola.
Who told Master Williams about the runaway slaves?
Ebenezer, the manservant
How did Sky help Jonas escape?
She drew him a map
Why did Jonas decide to runaway?
Percy and the Chalmers were kicked out of camp since they shot Quincy.
Who helped Jonas escape to freedom?
Mr. Rulo – said he would take him to Mexico.

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