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Description of the Business

Restaurant concern is one of the flourishing concerns in Nepal. The tendency of dining outside of the place has become really popular therefore doing the eating house industry more competitory. The turning figure of people dining out with friends and households has made a great impact on eating house growing.

Blend Restaurant is a moderate-sized eating house functioning healthy, organic and modern-day Indian and Nepali culinary art. The clients will bask our simple and healthy yet delightful formula at moderate to low monetary value that will differ us from our rivals. The characteristic of Blend Restaurant is that it offers four types of nutrient service to its client that are dine-in, buffet, takeout and bringing to place or office. The clients may dine-in at one of the 97 seats in the dining room and will bask the nutrient and service from our friendly staffs. Every Friday tiffin we will form buffet specials. The counter tabular array will be set up with a sensible tiffin monetary value. A separate take-out counter will serve those clients who wish to order take off and pick up their nutrient. Delivery service will be available 7 yearss a hebdomad but to a limited country merely.

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The concern will get down its operation in January 2013 on the juncture of New Year. It will be unfastened for tiffin and dinner 7 yearss a hebdomad. Service will get down at 11:30 AM and terminal at 11:00 PM. The eating house will stay closed on public vacations.

1.2 Location

A suited location was found last month in the capital metropolis of Nepal. The eating house will be located at Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. The rental dialogue for a twelvemonth is in the concluding phase. Once the rental is signed, Blend eating house can so get down its operation stage.

Durbar Marg is a tourer and most popular concern country hence our operational cost like monthly rents will be much higher in comparison to other location.

The Royal Palace of Nepal, which is now a mere museum for the visitants, epicurean five star hotels, shopping promenade, nutrient mercantile establishments, travel bureaus and celebrated branded salesrooms have been a particular characteristic of Durbar Marg. The chief advantage of this location is that it is easy accessed through any sort of transit and there is adequate infinite for auto parking.

1.3 The Target Market

The concern is operated with a net income motivation. The chief aim of any constitution is to gain money from its assorted possible clients. Blend Restaurant is besides runing and supplying services, so as to get net income through its clients. The market covers a big country of diverse groups of about all age. It is a touristic country and every bit good a topographic point where people prefer to eat out. Looking the scenario of an country we believe that client will come from three major sections:

Local VisitorA – Durbar Marg, the bosom of Kathmandu where most of the people prefer to see and shop is centrally located and has an easy entree of transit. Therefore, the visitants and the households can easy halt to eat after their shopping.

Colleges and UniversitiesA – There are figure of colleges within the walking distance. In add-on one of the oldest universities near the location has big pupil organic structures.

TouristA – There are two luxury five star hotels – Hotel Yak & A ; Yeti and Hotel de cubic decimeter ‘ Annapurna. Many small-scale hotels, motels, bed ; A ; breakfast suites and hostels are besides available in this country.

Offices and concern -Various concern and offices are located in Durbar Marg. Blend can do the contract with these offices and can supply particular happy hr tiffin bill of fare to the staffs.

We believe the mark market will see us and non the rivals because we are more concerned about our client ‘s wellness and well-being and supply nutritionary and healthy nutrient. Once they experience our nutrient they will larn that alimentary nutrient can be fun, tasty and cheap.

1.4 The Competition

There are legion eating houses in our concern premises but merely few of them will be our tough rivals. They are Nanglo Bakery Cafe and Nepali Chulo. They are our chief rivals because the Nepali culinary arts that they serve are rather similar to ours. In add-on, The Bakery Cafe is the oldest fast nutrient eating house in Durbar Marg and it has figure of regular clients. But nevertheless we offer a aggregation of Nepalese every bit good as Indian culinary arts that can pull the clients. Our quality nutrient and high criterion of services will distinguish us from them. Blend will be the lone eating house among all that focuses the full bill of fare on healthy, low-fat cookery. That will be our chief advantages.

In order to do us competitory in the market we will endeavor for uninterrupted acquisition and betterment, maintain update of every eating houses, focal point on in house specials, high employee cognition and motive and many more. Once we start our service, clients are traveling to see a friendly, efficient and knowing environment. The mark market will comprehend blend, as the right topographic point for healthy dine-in.

1.5 Management

Mr. kang is the Pull offing Director of Blend Restaurant. He is the General Manager of Wimba group, a national nutrient jobber and retail shop. Since 1998 his company has created a high-profile image, repute and awards. In 2005 Wimba Group opened a little coffeehouse within the shop that became so popular and profitable that he eventually decided to spread out the construct into a full service eating house.


2.1 Human Resources

The accomplishments of employees are a company plus ( Barney, 1991 ) therefore we must guarantee that the direction squad and employee are carefully selected so that their accomplishment set matches the occupations that they will be expected to execute ( Jain, 2005 ) . Right people will be given right work because that will maximise their possible to take our concern towards profitableness. The staff demands must be planned in order to run into the anticipated client demand ( Jain, 2005 ) . Twenty-one full clip employees will be appointed. The staff will be employed on the footing of full clip merely. In Nepal the tendency of working portion clip is non so popular. Most of the pupils are dependent on their household ‘s income. However we give opportunities to volunteer pupil trainees who are set abouting cordial reception topic and want to derive on the occupation preparation as per their class demands. Harmonizing to Ruzevicius ( 2006 ) sharing the cognition and supplying preparation to the employee are the most of import precedences of an organisation. Therefore appropriate preparation will be provided to the front staff on client handling, client satisfaction, Health and Safety, fire safety drill and effectual communicating. Staffs have to interact and react with client in regular footing that means effectual communicating with client enhances the degree of client services ( Tarricone and Luca 2002 ) .

Our Human Resource director will execute strategic be aftering procedure of the concern to daily operational degree. They will calculate the employee demand on regular footing and if existing work force is non sufficient so they will enroll and choose the staffs consequently. The HRD will plan the preparation plans and will implement it when there is a infinite between expected degree and current degree of accomplishment of an employee. They are responsible for the employee publicity, wage and benefits, manage redundancy, solution to employee complaint/ jobs.

The Front office director is responsible for the successful operation of the eating house therefore s/he should hold a leading quality that can efficaciously take the whole forepart squad and work together towards accomplishing the set ends. S/he has to play a function of cognition director who sort out all barriers and client complains. Manager should guarantee that the staffs are making the right work and if necessary advocate the staff if there is an country to better. Other responsibilities of front office director include analyzing front office budget, client satisfaction, conduct client service preparation and actuating the staff to transcend the client satisfaction.

The supervisors are responsible to describe the Front office director sing any jobs, issues and decision-making. They are responsible for the overall public presentation of wait staff. It is their responsibilities to oversees and supervise day-to-day operations of the eating house, conduct the staff meeting, briefing, fixing responsibility roaster, learning the upselling techniques to staff. They need to help the director to program, develop and implement concern long and short-run ends.

The responsibilities of wait staff include fixing tabular array for repast, escort the client and do them seated and do them experience comfy, take the order, function the nutrient and drinks and many more. Staff should be responsible for the wellness and safety of the client. They should do certain that dining country is ready to have clients. They should be knowing about the nutrient and drink bill of fare and should be able to urge the client upon petition. They have to maintain themselves updated about any alterations or in house specials. Most significantly they should use the upselling technique that will increase the concern gross.

Executive Chef works as the general director of the kitchen and is responsible for the bill of fare planning. He will supervise the readying of repast and ingredients, nutrient measure and presentation. He should supervise and guarantee declaration to all client issues and recommendations.A He every bit good have to look the administrative responsibilities that include the hiring and the fire of kitchen staff, guaranting all staff demo up to work, payroll computation, cipher purchase order cost, puting nutrient orders, turn toing kitchen staff complains.

Marketing/ public relation director is responsible for doing the web site and maintaining them update with recent intelligence and publicities, exposures, weekend specials etc. they have to actively involved in eating house ‘s newssheet by directing monthly electronic mails to clients that include intelligence, reappraisals. Manager should make and construct the societal networking site like Facebook where everyone can hold an entree to look into and portion experiences related to the eating house. Manager should maintain himself updated with industry intelligence, tendencies and rivals. They should often come up with vouchers voucher publicities to assist convey in new client and maintain current 1s coming back.

Each section director will describe to general director and he will be the 1 who makes the concluding determination.

We expect the staff committedness towards the direction and their work. They must carry through their responsibilities and duties and first and first do client happy and satisfied. In the close future our staff must possess multi accomplishment. They should be able to make a spot of everything. It helps to set our concern in a place of strength when the force per unit area is on. Staffs that realize they have multi accomplishment will seek to look for ways to utilize them. This keeps them engaged and interested in their occupation, which is the best manner to avoid the employee turnover. We expect a leading quality from our Restaurant Manager to take our concern towards profitableness. They should develop the airy accomplishment cognizing where to take the concern in close hereafter.

Enrolling qualified and high skilled employee is our chief concern. First we will develop a enlisting program that is advertised the vacancies and enroll possible campaigners to make full those vacancies. Secondly choice is done by testing academic public presentation and by face-to-face interviews. Preference will be given to experient people. It is the duty of Human Resource Manager or Assistant director to choose the suited employee. Freshly graduates excessively will be given opportunities in conformity to their academic public presentation. Once the employees are selected initiation procedure will be carried out. New employees will be made familiar with the concern environment and direction hierarchy. The accomplishment that new and freshly alumnus employee possess may non be equal to carried out required occupation therefore it is ever of import to supply them the preparation plans designed by Human resource director. We will do certain that the right occupation is given to the right people.

( See appendices A and B )

2.2 Selling and Public Relations

The blend eating house is situated in a location which is the bosom of the metropolis and the busiest country and is besides perfect for the concern operation. The attractive force for the visitants to see and dine in this eating house would be the location and likewise the sort of nutrient we serve in the eating house which would be the merger of the Nepalese and the Indian culinary art: the most popular nutrient among the local abode and the tourers sing Nepal. Similarly the design of the eating house is average sized non excessively crowded where the visitants can hold their clip for dining in a broad and friendly environment.

Selling is one of the of import factors in any concern that is associated with purchasing and merchandising of any sort of merchandises and services. This includes advertisement, merchandising and delivering of merchandises and services among the people or the clients. It is all about acquiring the attending of the mark market by utilizing some sort of schemes like mottos, packaging designs, and particular events. Popular construct of selling is merely about advertizement and gross revenues of a company but for a company selling is everything and act as an of import tool to get clients and keep relationship with them ( investopedia, 2012 ) . Therefore, in order to pull as many clients and keep good relationship with them our eating house has designed a selling scheme and has planned to use some selling tools. The certain selling schemes that we will use for bring forthing the attending and geting as many clients as we can are:

Ad: Ad is one of the of import tools of marketing any concern ; it would assist to supply information and inside informations about our eating house among the people.

Information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) : Information and communicating engineering is the latest signifier of selling and keep relation with the clients and spouses through the agencies of networking and cyberspace. We can pass on with them and print the intelligence about our eating house by utilizing information engineering ; a good illustration of this can be by making the web site, web pages, and sharing our information in societal networking sites like face book.

Gross saless publicities: We can besides utilize this of import tool of selling in order to pull the clients ; we have planned to give away some free dining verifiers in assorted competitions. Similarly we would besides supply our diners ‘ book and supply them to our clients, they can utilize this book in order to put order of the nutrient and acquire another nutrient point for free in our eating house.

Public relation and promotion: A good public relation is the key for the constitution and the smooth running of the concern. So we will seek to better our public relation by making a client friendly environment in our eating house and supplying them great client service. We will besides utilize different promotion methods to make every individual in the state

Personal merchandising: The publicity and selling besides can be done among our friends and household. So, this scheme will besides be used to derive more consumers through personal relationship of our employees and the direction squad.

Publications: The local newspapers, magazines and broachers can be used as the selling method.

Events: To pull attending of people towards our eating house we will organize different occasional events in our eating house in which we will supply price reductions on assorted nutrients and free repasts.

The present mark markets that we are concentrating on are the local visitants, college and universities, tourers, office and concern but the enlargement of the markets is every bit necessary for a sustainable concern. So, we will be spread outing the markets by set uping our subdivisions in other metropoliss and location of Nepal. The constitution of branch mercantile establishments in different other topographic points can easy pull more clients for our concern.

The environment that we are in is ever-changing, so there is possibility that we face crisis in our concern environment every bit good. A crisis can be defined as any state of affairs that has the possible to impact long-run assurance in an administration or a merchandise, or which may interfere with its ability to go on runing usually ( PATA, 2003 ) . The crisis is ever followed with the hazard and some of the expected operational hazard that can be caused during the crisis period are natural catastrophes like temblor, landslides, flood other hazards that involves in our eating house are fire, nutrient poisoning due to nutrient taint, the hazard of staff turnover, rivals, fiscal and economic crisis. A strategic crisis direction is necessary to get by with such hazard. In the instance of fire we would put in assorted bar methods like the fire dismaies in the eating house, fire asphyxiator, H2O sprinkler system, exigency issue and reaching the exigency like ambulance, fire brigade. To forestall the hazard of nutrient toxic condition and nutrient taint we will purely follow the HACCP ( hazard analysis critical control point ) system in the kitchen during the nutrient readying. The staff turnover can be managed by supplying inducements and actuating the staff in our eating house. For the economic crisis direction we have planned to procure and reserve some financess that can be utilized in such period and eventually to cover with all these hazard and crisis an insurance policy will be made with a dependable insurance company. The PATA ‘s crisis direction templet will besides be used in our eating house that involves the 4Rs: decrease, response, preparedness and recovery ( PATA, 2003 ) .

2.3 Visitor Experience and Service Quality

A quality control system is non merely an excess in nutrient processing but is something done by big industries. Quality control system is indispensable constituents of all nutrient connected concern.

The chief intents of quality control have to protect consumers from the danger which means poisoned nutrient. To guarantee that client has quality and measure of nutrients to that do them pay. The other thing is that to salvage the concern of suppliers of misrepresentation, harm to the equipment for illustration some sort of waste in natural stuffs and accusals incorrect by suppliers, mediators or clients. And besides do certain that nutrients that operate in the state are met to be all right. Blend eating house will offer clients a unflawed adjustment and sole services of cordial reception. Our chief end is to supply an first-class “ quality ” , “ service ” , “ Value ” and “ security ” by giving visitants a sense of balance, advancing their wellbeing and comfort, and giving a sense of connexion to nature and wellness. We will utilize the ecological nutrient ( organic nutrient ) , without perfectly no side effects.

The services offered would be the best in the eating house industry, doing clients feel that they are particular and of import to us. Our nutrient rates would be sensible, maintaining in head the value for client ‘s money.

Measurement of client satisfaction is an built-in portion of the attempts to better the quality of merchandise or service, which consequences in competitory advantages of the company. The services are basically an intangible experience and it is hard for clients to measure the merchandise before the experience. Not paying attending to the influential properties purpose pick can ensue in negative rating of a client, and may take to unfavorable consequences, so, up to 70 per centum of gross revenues to new clients can be besides really down.

Training of staff is an obvious manner to better the quality of the service. Blend eating house train its staff at all degrees in advancing the client satisfaction and wages with inducements based on client ratings, as a agency of credence of their attempts and set up a theoretical account for the remainder of the staffs. The directors will be given particular preparation and guidelines to turn to the ailments of clients, i.e. the ability to separate between ‘reasonable ‘ and ‘unreasonable ‘ , act fast, understand and show concern from the point of position of the client, acknowledge errors without being defensive, clear uping the stairss necessary to decide the job, see the compensation and persevere to recover client good will.

The Blend Restaurant will be built with a concern for its effects on the Earth and the environment through a good impact design. The Blend Restaurant that will be built at a standard degree, besides Blend eating house will function as theoretical account of simple creative activity in the natural environment. The pick of building methods and stuffs of the storm and the direction of effluent, and renewable energy resources will lend to the sustainability of the healthy and built a sustainability environmental eating house.

2.4 Partnerships and Alliances

An component that seems to be often lost in little and moderate-sized growing schemes concerns is the construct of constructing your concern through confederations – more normally known as “ strategic ” confederations and the creative activity of a “ program ” to do the Alliance or partnership in fact go on. If these coactions are guaranteed by carefully luxuriant legal understandings or a handshaking during tiffin, strategic confederations have proven to be a really successful manner to entree new markets, new clients or the exercising of a new thought, in order to principal that we all want – to increase profitableness.

Blend eating house would wish to hold partnerships and have confederations with some of the major five star hotels like ;

Hotel La Meridien Kathmandu

Gokarna forest Golf resort and watering place

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

These five star hotels, Resort and Spa are chiefly pulling international tourers and besides local tourers excessively. By holding an confederation and partnerships with these star hotels by Blend eating house, the chief benefits are to acquire that tourers for Blend eating house by have a contract with those hotels.

The contract with Blend eating house and the hotels will hold some particular citations in that it tells the hotels must direct the tourers to Blend eating house for at least two repasts in a twenty-four hours ( breakfast, tiffin, dinner ) . And the Blend eating house will supply some particular nutrient points to those tourers from the hotels with a really good.

2.5 Demand and capacity direction

The eating house operation that we will be operating is a medium sized concern with moderate pricing of the merchandise and services that can be low-cost for the consumers and besides a profitable concern for us. The pricing of merchandise and services that would be provided in the eating house would be based and related on assorted factors, foremost the rivals pricing should be determined so that we can pull the consumers with the lower monetary value than that of our rivals. Other factors are the market monetary value of our providers, the rental belongings of our concern and the assorted costs that incurs for the operation such as the wages for the staffs, fuels and gases disbursals, electricity and H2O measures, the comfortss, furniture and ornament costs this cost would be merely during the beginning of the concern nevertheless we should retain the cost that would happen for the care of these comfortss.

The concern should hold a basic construct and apprehension of that which period is likely to gain more gross than during the general period. This is known as output direction and requires cognition of invitees ‘ expected behavior, plus an apprehension of which concern is most good to the eating house ( Quain, William J ; Sansbury, Michael ; Quinn, Dennis, 1999 ) . So, to gain every bit much gross in a pick period we would set up assorted particular events with particular pricing during the local festivals, weekends, new old ages and Christmas. Similarly during the low season or the normal weekdays when there are less flow of invitees we can set up and promote the clients for take away and some promotional offers, such as less monetary value Tuesday offer where we can take down the monetary value in some of the specific nutrient points that can assist to bring forth more consumers even in the low gross revenues period.

The mark markets that we have can non be termed as seasonal markets as there is the general flow of the clients at any clip. However there are some particular ocassions when the flow of clients are expected to be high, occasions such as festivals. During this period the eating house would follow some schemes for the smooth operation which can be first come foremost service policy, enouraging for takeout and besides set uping the client waiting sofa, this steps can be followed in order to pull off the crowding, waiting lines and visitants flow.

2.6. Finance

The chief beginning of income is generated by restaurant gross revenues by selling nutrient and drinks to clients. In our concern country assorted types of events, amusement and festivals are organized on quarterly footing like nutrient festival, street concerts, etc. We are actively affecting in those events as it takes topographic point.

To maximise the gross we are be aftering to supply catering services up to 100 people at a clip. In add-on we will convey the unrecorded music public presentation on every weekend that will pull the people towards our eating house. This will give our client the chances to bask the nutrient and music with their household and friends. We can besides do our eating house an ideal topographic point to form a corporate meeting and events, societal assemblage, birthday parties and more. We will give our best attempt to supply better nutrient and services to clients.

( See Appendices C )

2.7. Legal Conformity

We need to obtain a nutrient service constitution licence before get downing our operations. The will give us the permission to lawfully run our eating house. Safety of client and employee at concern premises, security of their assets, fire emptying program, hygiene and cleanliness are the major duties of our concern. We will necessitate fire section license from Fire Department of Nepal because our concern are utilizing flammable stuffs and is unfastened to public country. We besides need a license from Health Department to guarantee the nutrients that we serve to the people will be of high quality and hygiene. We need to follow the demands set by authorities sing staff working hr, rewards, compensation, favoritism at workplace, etc.

The legal duties toward our client, employee and environment are as follows:

Food Act, 1996: A individual meaning to open a eating house concern must obtain Food & A ; Beverage licencing prior to operation. This act makes certain that the quality nutrient is being delivered to the consumer and is harmless to their wellness.

Labor Act 1992: Harmonizing to this jurisprudence employee should non be forced to work for more than eight hours a twenty-four hours and should be given one-day leave each hebdomad. No kid should be employed in any constitutions.

Local Government Act 1999: Harmonizing to this jurisprudence the people or employee from cultural communities, socially and economically backward part should be provided with chances.

Environment Protection Act 1997: The C gases and waste stuff coming out of kitchen is an environmental issue. This act involves in forestalling the pollution and protecting the environment. Harmonizing to this jurisprudence we need to acquire a particular license if we are firing any waste stuffs, dispatching anything in cloacas, utilizing merchandises that produce gas.

Anti favoritism Act ( 1998 ) : This act will decide the racial and disablement favoritism and strong-arming act /behavior among the employee in the workplace.

The hazard and menaces of our concern may include fire, natural jeopardies, offense, accidents and nutrient toxic condition. The fire brigade statistics has confirmed that commercial cookery activities consequences in big figure of fire each twelvemonth hence the fire snuff outing equipment like fire cover, portable fire asphyxiator, automatic fire suppression systems should be serviced at least every six months. Floods and temblor represent major concern hazard for the eating house. It brings a immense harm to the concern premises. Health and safety of client and employee should be of high criterion in order to cut down exposure to injury and accidents at the premises. Comfortss like broken ceramic, spectacless must be placed at the safe topographic point. Floors should be kept clean at all times. If the swabbing has been done the wet signage should be placed so that everyone will be cognizant and will cut down possible accidents. Our whole direction squad will seek our best to pull off those hazards and wo n’t allow the carelessness occur at our premises.

2.8 Sustainable direction

A concern can run and run in any mode but when we set up a concern it is of import that it carries out swimmingly for the longer period of clip. This procedure of concern that doesnt fail and goes along as a sustainable concern is of import in the present context. A sustainable concern have the keratin factor of doing long term dealingss with the clients every bit good as the internal employees and providers. The sustainability of the concern is based on the economic, societal and environmental stableness. Therefore it is of import to pull off these as we carry out our eating house operation. The economic sustainability of our blend eating house can be managed depending on an ability to place markets that will go on to present concern in the long term ; to understand what possible consumers are looking for ; and to accommodate to tendencies and alterations in beginning market conditions, travel forms and gustatory sensations. This requires effectual and ongoing market research to steer touristry development in the finish as a whole and realistic market appraisal for single undertaking proposals ( United Nations Environment Program and World Tourism Organisation, 2005 ) . Similarly, UNEP and WTO ( 2005 ) explicate how the societal sustainability can be managed: by esteeming human rights and supplying equal chances for all in society. It requires an just distribution of benefits, with a focal point on relieving poorness. There is an accent on local communities, keeping and beef uping their life support systems, acknowledging and esteeming different civilizations and avoiding any signifier of development in the concern. Furthermore, they province the environmental sustainability, can be managed by conserving and pull offing resources, particularly those that are non renewable or are cherished in footings of life support. It requires action to minimise pollution of air, land and H2O, and to conserve biological diverseness and natural heritage. So, the piece runing out eating house concern these factors are to be taken into consideration. The codification of moralss is indispensable in any concern operation our eating house would besides hold the codification of moralss for the clients every bit good as the employees. Behaving and transporting out the operation ethically is one of the key for sustainable concern, we make certain that our clients behave ethically and make non state anything that can ache the feelings of other people in the eating house, and likewise the direction and the employees are responsible for the manner they behave in the eating house and make a proper on the job environment among all the staffs. The eating house can hold some environmental hazards such as pollution due to the waste stuffs that comes out from the eating house, emanation of C gas due to the usage of more electricity power this can be controlled utilizing natural beginning of power such as solar panel warming system and cookery engineerings and use of the electricity and other resources sagely.

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