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formative assessment
Assessment that is meant to provide feedback about students’ learning and understanding while the learning is occuring, rather than after it is completed. It is designed to guide teaching, decisions and is normally not graded.
mentor teachers
Experienced, skilled teachers paired with new teachers to help them improve their skills, solve problems, and become comfortable in their new role.
alternative assessment
A method of assessing learning other than through testing.
student portfolio
A collection of a student’s work selected to show growth over time, highlight skills and achievements, or to show how well the student meets standards.
A scoring tool that lists the criteria for judging a particular type of work. It also describes levels of quality for each of the criteria and is often organized as a chart, with the criteria (characteristics that count for scoring) on the left, followed by columns that describe dfferent levels of quality for each characteristic.
A simple list of items to be noted, checked, or remembered when evaluating learning.
A tool for evaluating alternative assessments that lists the characteristics or factors to use when evaluating learning. They typically identify a maximum point value for each criterion but do not describe levels of quality.
Student’s assessment of their own learning.
peer evaluation
Student’s assessment of each other’s learning.
A characteristic of assessments that actually measures the learning objectives.
A characteristic of assessments that measures learning consistently and fairly, even with different groups or under different circumstances.
course evaluation
Making judgments about how well a course meets its goals and identifying suggestions for improvement.

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