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Much of the researches available on immature parentage have focused on the experiences of teenage female parents and chiefly those separated from the immature male parents. Subsequently, attempts have been made to determine the relative engagement of male parents in assorted facets of parenting and the typical parts of male parents ( knight et. Al, 2006 ) . There are important spreads in the proviso of service for teenage male parents ( Cater et al 2006 ) . Practitioners wishing to offer support for the immature male parents face a figure of barriers such as the difficultly in happening immature male parents, the deficiency of equal support for immature male parents when they are identified, complicated household issues, educational troubles and the negative attitudes of single professionals.

Despite the turning research on immature male parents, there remains a famine of research that recognises the broad diverseness of immature paternity and the different demands immature male parents may hold ( e.g. immature male parents in attention, immature male parents in prison, non-resident male parents, immature male parents from cultural minority groups ) . Young male parents are unseeable as a group, yet they are more likely to necessitate support services and be affected by unemployment, hapless lodging, and a deficiency of instruction ( Speak et al. , 1997 ) . It is hence non surprising that small is known about the outlooks and experiences of immature male parents in accessing support and the barriers they face.

The survey arose from the observation that there is limited information available in current research on the positions and experiences of immature male parents in Outer London Borough. Much of the research that is available on immature parents focuses on the experiences of immature female parents. This survey sought to set up, from the position of immature male parents and the administrations that worked with them their outlooks and experiences in accessing support and the effectivity of the support available.

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Research inquiries

How accessible and effectual are the support available to immature male parents in run intoing their socio-economic demands in Outer London Borough?


The purposes of my research are:

to place which administrations are offering support to immature male parents and how they worked with them ;

to research immature male parents ‘ position of support available to them and the obstructions they face in accessing it ;

to set up, from the position point of immature male parents and the administrations that worked with them the effectivity of the support.

Research methodological analysis

The qualitative paradigm purposes to understand the societal universe from the point of view of respondents, through elaborate descriptions of their cognitive and symbolic actions, and through the profusion of intending associated with discernible behaviour ( Wildemuth, 1993 ) .

The research would be undertaken utilizing the undermentioned qualitative research techniques:

Desk scoping.

Structured interviews with immature male parents and service suppliers.

Case survey reappraisal of undertakings and enterprises that provide practical support to immature male parents.

Desk Scoping

Desk Scoping focused on look intoing into the bing grounds. This included seeking the undermentioned beginnings:

An extended hunt was made of all relevant databases, libraries and diaries for literature beginnings refering to the undertaking issue. In add-on a comprehensive reappraisal of cyberspace based literature and resources were made. Using the London South Bank University library on-line resources via hypertext transfer protocol: //, ASSIA ( Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts ) , an electronic resource, was searched, 51 consequences were found utilizing the term immature parentage ( hunt was from 2001 to current ) , 33 consequences were found utilizing the term teenage male parent ( hunt was from 2002 to current to cut down the hunt consequence to a manageable figure ) and 9 consequences were found utilizing the footings immature male parent and support. ASSIA covers English linguistic communication diaries in applied societal scientific disciplines and includes wellness, economic sciences, societal issues & A ; societal policy, organizational behavior and communicating.

Relevant governmental administrations ‘ web sites were searched for information assemblage.

As relevant studies were identified through these avenues, the mentions within these studies were followed as a manner of farther placing relevant research studies.


The most common signifiers of roll uping qualitative informations are participant observation and in-depth interviewing ( Kenworth, Snowley & A ; Gilling 2004 ) . Cohen & A ; Manion ( 1993 ) interviews are initiated by the referee for the specific intent of obtaining research-relevant information and focused by ( her or ) him on content specified by research aims of systematic description, anticipation or account.

7 semi-structured interviews will be conducted with service bringing forces from those administrations offering specialist support to immature male parents ( societal services, connections, rearing support, parentingUK, foremost lodging, wellness bureau, and employment support ) . These interviews would be conducted by telephone to place common/different support patterns and to measure their sensed effectivity.

In add-on to the interviews, local service suppliers would take portion in informal meetings. Some would be interviewed at the start of the survey and supply information on the local context. Others would supply ongoing duologue during the clip of the survey, peculiarly those from pregnancy services in the survey vicinities. A roundtable airing event would be held towards the terminal of the survey to discourse findings and their relevancy for local pattern and policy.

A lower limit of 10 semi-structured interviews would be held with immature male parents ( immature male parents in attention, immature male parents in prison, non-resident male parents and immature male parents from cultural minority groups ) who have either received or non standard support. Due to the delicate nature of these interviews and the possible exposure of the participants, an appropriate qualified research worker, following the strictest ethical guidelines, will sensitively carry on interview. Prior to any interviews, the research worker will update their Child Protection Training to guarantee that s/he is to the full cognizant of current relevant issues.

The nucleus subjects to be explored through the structured interviews are:

placing the support demands of immature male parents ;

local services available to immature male parents, both practical and emotional ;

partnership working among bureaus that provide immature male parents with support ;

chances and challenges to supplying practical support to immature male parents.

Interview will be conducted in the participants ‘ places and supported by big household member or friend. Parental/guardian consent will be confirmed prior to the interview and all interviews will be recorded digitally. Data will be held in conformity with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Their names and other placing information would be anonymised in the presentation of happening. The immature people taking portion would be assured in authorship and verbally that the narrations they shared would be treated in assurance and that confidentiality would be breached merely in the event of revelation or kid protection concerns being revealed sing issues non already known to the relevant bureaus.

A semi-structured interview will be used by the same research worker to guarantee consistence ; all interviews will be digitally recorded with consent and lasted between 20 and 60 proceedingss. Digital entering the interviews would heighten the dependability of the interview. Using semi-structured interviews in this survey enables the interviewer to be guided by the participant who should be encouraged to speak freely, even though the interviewer may hold certain points to cover.

Participant will be recruited in the undermentioned manner:

Young male parents who have used administrations offering specializer ( societal services, connections, rearing support, parentingUK, foremost lodging, wellness bureau, and employment support ) support will be contacted via a list to be provided by the bureaus and invited to fall in the survey merely after procuring the immature individual ‘s understanding and parental/guardian consent. For others who have non used specializer services, would be recruited through their kids ‘s female parents or via local contacts and word of oral cavity.

Young male parents will be encouraged to take part in the survey, through presenting a ?10 ASDA verifier to all participants. Should sufficient participants be identified, choice through standards including age, gender and ethnicity type will be made to guarantee a wide representation of demographic groups.

Case Study

To research in more depth the experiences of immature male parents and to understand more to the full the pattern of those administrations offering activities to immature male parents, three instance surveies were reviewed. These instance surveies are illustrations of undertakings or enterprises that provide practical support to immature male parents. The purpose of the reappraisal was to research the scope of attacks that have been developed to back up the practical demands of immature male parents, foregrounding successes, challenges faced and lessons learned.

The findings reported here centre chiefly on the experiences of going and being a male parent from the point of views of the immature work forces involved in the instance surveies. Additionally the study includes some immature adult females ‘s positions on the immature work forces as male parents.

Research design

It is anticipated that in order to complement bing longitudinal study informations, the current survey will use chiefly qualitative methods to research the immature male parents outlooks and experiences in accessing support and the effectivity of the support they receive. The purpose of a qualitative research worker is to research people ‘s experiences, feelings and beliefs so that statements about how people interpret and construction their lives can be made ( Holloway & A ; Wheeler 1996 ) .

The Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis ( IPA ) attack would be used for this survey and will supply an penetration and apprehension of immature male parents outlooks and experiences in accessing support and the effectivity of the support. IPA was chosen over the ‘Grounded Theory ‘ attack ( Glaser & A ; Strauss 1967 ) , as we do non desire to develop a theory but to understand and research how the participants understood their personal and societal environment and what experiences and events meant for them.

It is envisage that a retrospective, life-history attack, including a scope of groups ( e.g. immature male parents in attention, immature male parents in prison, non-resident male parents, immature male parents from cultural minority groups and practicians ) will give penetrations into immature male parents ‘ outlooks and experiences in accessing support and the effectivity of the support they receive. I expect the sample to reflect a sufficient scope of potentially important variables such as gender, age, ethnicity and societal background.

The ethical commission within the London South Bank University ( LSBU ) would see the survey for blessing. All participants would be given information sheets explicating the process. Before giving signed consent, participants would be advised that they were free to go forth at any clip. Pilot surveies would be done of the inquiries being asked to look into the lucidity of the linguistic communication.

Beck & A ; Hungler ( 2001 ) suggest that four ethical rules must be considered when take parting in research: ( 1 ) the right non to be harmed, ( 2 ) the right to be to the full informed on all facets of the survey, ( 3 ) the right to make up one’s mind to take portion or non ( and the right to retreat at any clip ) and ( 4 ) the right to privateness, namelessness and confidentiality.

Qualitative research commences during the procedure of informations aggregation. While the research worker processes the information forms are so looked for during the interview and so choose a subject to follow. The information analysis continues throughout the interviews and besides one time informations is collected. Two research workers will independently set about the analysis and checkered and re-checked with each other for emergent subjects.

Diverseness within the sample would let for the geographic expedition of immature male parents ‘ experiences across a scope of fortunes associating to their age, vicinity, instruction and employment, populating agreements, relationships with their spouse, support from household and friends, contact with formal services, etc.

Social work and qualitative research portion the common ends of covering with subjectiveness, depicting the complexness of lived experience, and appreciating worlds where intuition is valued. Qualitative methodological analysis is, hence, in my position a suited method to be employed in researching the outlooks and experiences of immature male parents in accessing support.

Research workers would take necessary stairss non to present prejudice by by chance describing their reading of participants ‘ feelings. At the beginning of the survey research workers would declare and enter their feelings. The research workers would besides guarantee that the degree of subjectiveness remains at a comparatively impersonal degree.

Ethical issues are of import and would be considered at every measure of the research procedure. This is non merely about obtaining ‘ethical blessing ‘ for a survey but besides guaranting the rights of participants are non violated. When describing the findings of the research, participants ‘ namelessness and confidentiality would non be breached.

The function of the interviewer is to promote participants to discourse their experiences of the phenomenon. It is possible that in the cause of the interview participants could unwittingly discourse personal information that they had non planned to uncover, or that may rekindle tragic or uncomfortable experiences related to this survey. Researchers would go on to negociate with participants to determine whether they wish to go on with the interview or non. Psychological support would be in topographic point to pull off any emotional hurt that may ensue from the interview. Everything would be done in the class of the survey to protect the rights of vulnerable respondents.

The research workers would non do any overdone claims as to the significance of the research and deductions for pattern, and farther research would be located in the survey ‘s findings. Furthermore, the research worker would associate the findings of the survey back to the original research intent, and exemplify whether or non it has been adequately addressed ( Thorne et al. , 2005 ) . The research workers would reason by puting the findings in a context that indicates how this new information is of involvement, and its deductions for societal work. These decisions would reflect the survey ‘s findings and ideally would offer recommendations as to how they may be developed.

The most common standards used to measure qualitative research surveies are credibleness, dependableness, transferability and confirmability ( Lincoln et al. , 1985 ) . It is hence of import that the readers are able to place the standards used and are able to clearly follow each measure of the research procedure.

To guarantee the credibleness of the survey procedure, the survey would turn to the issue of whether there is consistence between the participants ‘ positions and the research worker ‘s representation of them. The participants would be consulted at every phase of the survey and they would be allowed to read and discourse the survey findings. The research worker would besides depict and construe his experience as a research worker.

The survey would supply grounds of a determination trail at each phase of the research procedure. Future research workers would clearly be able to follow the trail used by the research workers and potentially arrive at the same or comparable decisions. The research workers would show how decisions and readings have been derived from the information. It ‘s hoped that the findings would be movable to other context outside the survey state of affairs and people who were non involved in the research survey would happen the consequences meaningful.

One of the defects of a qualitative research based survey of this nature is their deficiency of objectiveness and generalization of their findings. The survey has been designed to seek replies to how individuals or groups make sense of their experiences. In my position little qualitative surveies can derive a more personal apprehension of the phenomenon and the consequences can potentially lend valuable cognition to the community. Hamilton ( 1980 ) asserts that the value of a survey is established by mention to the phenomena it seeks to grok and the apprehensions it aspires to develop. Stake ( 1980 ) suggests that utilizing qualitative methodological analysis in this type of survey may be in conceptual harmoniousness with the service users ‘ experience and therefore be a natural footing for generalisation.

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