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Thesis: Book V of The Odyssey provides crucial information about why and how Odysseus is released for his journey home. I. The idea of nostos (homecoming or return) is present throughout Book V. A. The narrator has Hermes deliver the message to Kalypso that “His (Odysseus) destiny, his homecoming, is at hand, when he shall see his dearest, and walk on his own land” (Homer Pg. 84). 1.

The narrator is making Hermes deliver the message that it is time for Odysseus to return home, the concept of nostos. B. The narrator has Kalypso give Odysseus supplies and she is to “help you (Odysseus) homeward without harm—provided the gods who rule wide heaven wish it so” (Homer Pg. 86). 1. The narrator is having Kalypso provide Odysseus with the necessary supplies he needs to make the journey home. II.

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The idea of dedication is present throughout Book V. A. The narrator has Kalypso explain to Odysseus on what he will encounter “If you could see it all, before you go—all the adversity you face at sea—you would stay here, and guard this house, and be immortal” (Homer Pg. 87). 1. The narrator writes about how Odysseus is giving up everything, even being IMMORTAL for a trip back to his homeland of Ithaca. It really shows his true dedication. B.

The narrator has Odysseus meditate and during this meditation, Athena instructs him and “he gripped a rock-ledge with both hands in passing and held on, groaning, as the surge went by, to keep clear of its breaking” (Homer Pg. 93). 1. The narrator really shows Odysseus’s dedication through his pain and suffering. Even though Odysseus was in so much pain, his heart and mind overcame this obstacle and brought him that much closer to home. Conclusion: Book V of The Oddysey shows the ideas of dedication and nostos through Odysseus’s release and adventure home.

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