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William Gibson’s drama. The Miracle Worker. illustrates how people who triumph over adversities can win in accomplishing their ends. The drama follows Annie Sullivan. a half-blind northern immature adult female. as she travels to Post-Civil War Tuscumbia. Alabama in order to learn Helen Keller. a blind and deaf small miss. When she arrives in Alabama. Annie meets Helen’s household members ; her male parent. Captain Keller. is a obstinate. commanding former Civil War captain and her female parent. Kate Keller. is a immature. excessively protective adult female. both of them have kept Helen about as a pet because they did non cognize what to make with her or how to handle her. In order for Annie to win in learning Helen. she has to conflict with Captain Keller’s obstinacy. Kate’s excessively protectiveness. and Helen’s militance.

For case. Annie is forced to demo her contentious side as she repeatedly faces off with Captain Keller to be able to learn Helen better. For illustration. Annie and Captain Keller argue at the breakfast tabular array over how to learn Helen. and Captain Keller exclaims. “‘I fail to see where you have taught her anything yet. Miss Sullivan! ’ to which Annie responds angrily. ‘I’ll get down this minute if you’ll leave the room. Captain Keller! ( Gibson 668 ) . Captain Keller urgently wants to hold peace at the breakfast tabular array ; nevertheless. Annie interrupts that peace by demanding that he go forth the room. Annie knows that. in order for her to be able to train Helen. Captain Keller and Kate must go forth the room so that they can non interfere. In add-on. Annie requests another hebdomad to learn Helen without the intervention of her household. and Captain Keller exclaims. “And what would one more hebdomad accomplish? We are more than satisfied. you’ve done more than we of all time thought possible. taught her constructive–“ ( 691 ) .

Captain Keller is more than satisfied because Annie has taught Helen manners and how to act. Annie is frustrated with the Helen kellers because she knows that Helen’s larning manners is merely the first measure in her instruction ; Annie wants to learn Helen communicating. but knows that this accomplishment is unachievable with Kate and Captain Keller’s frequent interventions. Furthermore. at Helen’s welcome place dinner. Helen tests her parents and throws a H2O hurler on Annie. Captain Keller tries to halt Annie from training Helen. but Annie rounds on him and cries. “Don’t smooth anything else out for me. don’t interfere in any manner! I treat her like a seeing kid because I ask her to see. I expect her to see. don’t undo what I do! ( 700 ) .

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Helen has been in the garden house with Annie for the past two hebdomads. following regulations twenty-four hours and dark. and Captain Keller wants to do Helen’s welcome place dinner more gratifying by leting her more freedom than she has had in the past two hebdomads. Annie knows that if Captain Keller allows Helen to acquire her manner. even one time. all the advancement she has made over the past two hebdomads will hold gone to waste and she will return to her old bad wonts and unsavory manners. Annie’s being stubborn and her sheer will power assist her to stand up to Captain Keller. insure that Helen can win in her acquisition and going able to pass on with a universe from which she has been closed off.

Furthermore. Annie is driven to a changeless conflict of volitions against Kate’s blinding love for Helen because this love interferes with Helen’s being able to larn from Annie. her instructor. For illustration. Annie turns incensed when Kate gives Helen a Sweet after Helen stabs Annie with a needle. and Kate explains. “We catch our flies with honey. I’m afraid. We haven’t the bosom for much else. and so many times she merely can non be compelled” ( 664 ) . All Kate realizes is that Helen’s bad behaviour Michigans when she is given confect. therefore Kate by chance rewards her for misconducting. Annie feels frustrated because she knows that if Kate carries on honoring Helen for bad behaviour. Annie will ne’er be able to free Helen of her bad wonts. In add-on. when the Helen kellers are taken aback by Annie’s proposition of passing two hebdomads entirely in the garden house. Annie explains. “Mrs. Keller. I don’t believe Helen’s worst disability is deafness or sightlessness. I think it’s your love. And pity” ( 667 ) .

Annie knows that Mrs. Keller’s love and commiseration for Helen has caused Kate to falsify Helen’s distinction between right and incorrect. and Annie realizes that being entirely with Helen will let her to be taught without the intervention of her mother’s love. Annie thinks that this love and commiseration from Kate is Helen’s worst disability because it prevents her from larning linguistic communication and keeps Helen closed off from the universe around her. Furthermore. Helen tests her household. and her instructor. when her welcome place dinner after her two hebdomads entirely with Annie. repeatedly dropping her serviette. Kate tries to do alibis for her and supposes. “Will one time hurt so much. Miss Annie? I’ve–made all Helen’s favourite nutrients. tonight” ( 699 ) .

Kate’s desire to do Helen happy on her first dark back blinds Kate to the realisation that if she allows Helen misconduct even one time. the advancement that Helen has made in the clip she spent with Annie in the garden house will decrease and Annie will hold to get down learning Helen all over once more. Annie knows that if Helen realizes that she can acquire off with misconducting. now that she is reunited with her household. she will return back to her old ways and go on misbehaving. Because Annie battles with Kate to maintain Helen in line. Annie is able to learn Helen how to move and act like a seeing kid. and get down to interrupt through Helen’s shell that prevents her from learning linguistic communication.

What is more. due to her stubborn. ardent attitude. Helen forces Annie to conflict with her in order for Annie to do Helen understand that everything has a name. For Example. upon first meeting Helen. Annie shows her a doll and instantly spells d-o-l-l into Helen’s manus. Helen. desiring the doll. rejects the spelling and whacks Annie over the caput ; as Annie gets up looking for Helen the storyteller reveals. “But rounding from the mirror she sees the door sweep. Helen and the doll are on the exterior. and Helen is turning the key in the lock. Annie darts over. to draw the boss. but the door is locked fast. ( 655 ) . Helen has no desire to spell back to Annie. and when Annie will non give her the doll until she spells back she hits Annie with a hay conditioner and flees out the door. Due to her hurt. Annie instantly realizes the trouble she is traveling to hold learning Helen. and she becomes of all time more determined to win in doing Helen learn.

In add-on. Annie tries indefatigably to acquire Helen to eat her breakfast with a spoon. but the storyteller reveals. “She attempts once more this clip Helen accepts the nutrient. Annie lowers the spoon with a suspiration of alleviation. and Helen spews the mouthful out at her face” ( 672 ) . Helen resents the efforts that Annie makes to learn her how to utilize proper manners and battles back bitterly with her full armory of fast ones. Annie. alternatively of being discouraged by the abuse. is merely more determined to win in learning Helen tabular array manners after holding nutrient spewed into her face. Furthermore. Helen returns to misconduct one time she is reunited with her household. roll uping in her intentionally flinging a H2O hurler at Annie ; the storyteller reveals. “Annie gets her breath. the bits the hurler off in one manus. hoists Helen up bodily under the other arm. and starts to transport her out. kicking…”

Annie takes Helen to the H2O pump to replenish the hurler and it is at that place the miracle happens as Helen says “‘Wah. Wah’ ( and once more with great attempt ) ‘Wah. Wah’” ( 701 ) . Annie grabs Helen to take her outside to replenish the H2O hurler and. is rewarded when. one time outside. Helen comes to the realisation that the letters Annie has been spelling into her manus are so the names of the things around her. Helen. although originally ferocious at being dragged outside. is astounded when she comes to the realisation that the things Annie has been tapping into her manus average H2O. and she is even able to believe back to before her disablement when she could state ‘Wah Wah. ’ All of Annie’s attempts with Helen are eventually rewarded when Helen is opened up as she realizes that everything does hold a name.

Annie succeeds in learning Helen the significance of linguistic communication because she pig-headedly battles Captain Keller. Kate. and Helen. Annie knows that Helen’s worst disability is non her hearing loss or sightlessness. instead that she has been kept as a pet out of her parents’ love and commiseration. Captain Keller tries to halt Annie from training Helen. but Annie fiercely demands for him to acquire out of the manner and halt interfering. Annie victory over the troubles she faces and succeeds in her end of learning Helen linguistic communication and opening her up to allow the universe know the hoarded wealths she holds in her imaginativeness.

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