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to hold and use(a weapon or tool)


“the poor were to hungry to were to hungry to waste strolling about, and the merchants and those who had a little something feared to go out lest they be roobbed by the renegade samuria, the ronin had forgotten the code of honor but not how to WIELD their long curved sword”   




stand or wait around idly or without apparent purpose 


“And don,t loiter. It’s not safe. And don’t keep licking your lips you. Look like a straw cat” 



Be filled with wonder or astonishment 

“it was a street of MARVELS for the boy”




great wealth or luxuriousness. 

“it was the smell of supper that lent the place an air of OPULENCE.”



thinly dispersed or scattered 

“she might even feel that he had repaid some of his terrible debt from being born and surviving, bleeding their SPARSE like a leech on a starving ox.”




Cautious and surreptitious action or movement 

“He packed his few pieces of clothing and stealthily made his way out                                       the front of the shop.”



 steal in a casual way normaly somthing that is small 


“he FILCHED from his father’s house copies of the texts for the next two plays so that jiro could memorie them in advance”



suffer something painful or difficult patiently. 

“His only son is a fool’ currently masquerading as a puppeteer, to be sure, but how long can the travesty ENDURE.” 

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