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“The back door was slid open, and he could see Isako on all fours, blowing at the charcoal in the brazier.” Pg 3


“A cooking device consisting of a charcoal or electric heating source over which food is grilled.”

“A metal pan for holding burning coals or charcoal.”






“And don’t loiter. Its not safe. And don’t keep licking your lips. You look like a stray cat.” Pg 3


‘To stand about without any aim or purpose.”

“To stand around without apparent purpose.”







“A head, which Jiro thought he recognized as that of Mochida, one of the left handed manipulators, poked out of the narrow opening.” Pg 11


“A puppeteer, especially one controlling marionettes.”



“It was the smell of supper that lent the place an air of opulence.” Pg 13


“Wealth; affluence.”

“Great abudance; profusion”



“He packed his few pieces of clothing and stealthily made his way out of the front of the shop.” Pg 24


“Characterized by or resembling stealth or secrecy.”

“In a stealthly manner.”




“One September evening, soon after dusk, a small group of Komuso monks approached  the entrance of the rice brokerage of Yamamoto and begged for alms.” Pg 21


“Money or good contributed to the poor.”



“The samurai blood that flowed in my ancestors’ veins has become more and more diluted the farther we come from the sword bearers.” Pg 38


“Reduced in strength or concentration or quality or purity.”









“He filched from his father’s house copies of the texts for the next two plays so that Jiro could memorize them in advance.” Pg 38


“To steal, an act of theft.”

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