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The Indian Hotels Company Limited and its subordinates are jointly known as Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and are recognised as one of Asia ‘s largest and finest hotel company. Incorporated by the laminitis of the Tata Group, Mr. Jamsetji N. Tata, the company opened its first belongings, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Bombay in 1903. The Taj, a symbol of Indian cordial reception, completed its centennial twelvemonth in 2003.

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 66 hotels in 42 locations across India with an extra 16 international hotels in the Maldives, Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East.

At Taj Hotels, have ever believed in society and environment being built-in stakeholders in their concern along with their stockholders, clients, sellers and others. Over the last decennary, the motion towards ecologically sound touristry has gained urgency and importance across the Earth and they recognize that responsible patterns in trend are every bit diverse as the geographicss.

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“ Embrace endowment and harness Expertness to leverage criterions of excellence in the art of cordial reception to turn our international presence, increase domestic laterality, and make value for all stakeholders ”

“ The Taj Group of Hotels commits itself to the overall betterment of the ecological environment. It is our enterprise non merely to conserve and protect but besides to regenerate and renew the environment in which we live and operate ”

Cleavage means dividing client ‘s down into sub -groups or sections whose members show similar features, demands and purchasing behaviour. There are four authoritative ways in which hotel markets are segmented.

Concentrated on occasions, trueness position, user position, usage rate, benefits, and attitude towards service of a merchandise. Example politicians, and V.I.P people, festivals, nuptialss, events etc.

Among clearly defined sections, markets must take one or more sections that they can outdo service, based on what each section demands and what the operations can supply. Once the proper market sections have been identified, aim selling is the logical following measure. The sections chosen become mark markets, and the full selling plan is designed for these marks and determining the selling plan and selling mix to run into the demands of a specific section or sections.

Taj doctrine is to make every corner of the state to function the basic demands of the clients. Harmonizing to the cleavage The Taj hotels divided their hotels into three major classs those are 1 ) Luxury, 2 ) concern, 3 ) Leisure. Each section covers different types of client demands and wants.

A service or merchandise ‘s place is the manner the merchandise is defined by consumers on of import properties. The topographic point, the merchandise occupies in consumer, minds comparative to viing merchandises. Hotel brands place can be viewed from two prospective those are, Brand Management, and the Guests. Brand direction must hold a clear construct of the hotel ‘s intended place. The promotional attempts must joint non merely what the trade name offers, but how its offerings are different from those of other trade names. Finally trade name place is determined by its clients.


Health & A ; Fitness installation to its invitees

Latest cardio vascular machines, strength preparation equipment

Spa besides includes steam suites & A ; sauna, specialised intervention suites.

Swiming pool, Gardens, Waterfall

The beauty salon of the Taj hotel offer a broad scope of beauty and hair intervention for work forces, adult females.

Selling Mix: THE TAJ BRAND ( Appendix: Three ) ( Kotler P. et Al ( 2003 ) )

The trade name “ Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces ” comprises 58 hotels across India and 17 hotels globally. The hotels are grouped into 3 classs – Luxury, Leisure and Business.

The selling mix of Taj hotels is explained as below: –


The trade name “ Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces ” comprise 58 hotels across India and 17hotels in international locations. The hotels are grouped into 3 classs – Luxury, Leisure and Business. The Taj Luxury Hotels offer munificent adjustment, epicure forte eating houses and bars, fittingness Centre and watering place and well-equipped concern Taj believes that the their nucleus merchandise is infinite. This infinite is supplemented with the services they provide like the eating houses, wellness nine, feasts, discotheque, saloon, concern Centres etc. Their other auxiliary merchandises besides include travel agreements, fining, airport pick-ups, sightseeing etc.

Types of Adjustment: ( Appendix: Four )

Tower Wing Rooms

Heritage Wing Rooms


Broadband radio Internet entree at choice Taj hotels

Facilities and Servicess

PLACE AND TIME: ( Appendix: Volt )

Equally far as topographic point is concerned, all the Taj services and installations are provided at one point.

To guarantee timely bringing of their services, they have set procedures in topographic point and in instance of failure or hold of service ; they have built in eventualities and trained their staff to pass on the hold to the client in the right mode.

To guarantee standardisation in their services, they have Standard Operating Procedures

( SOP ) , e.g. the nutrient that is served in the eating house will be of the same quality and gustatory sensation at any given twenty-four hours and clip.


Taj on a regular basis comes up with offers during season and off-season such as Taj Holiday

Summer Package to tout tenancy in their hotels.

They carry out their publicities by agencies of Calendars, monthly missive to their ‘Taj Inner

Circle Customers, Taj Junior League, Taj Club, informing them about their approaching events.

Taj takes portion in exhibitions wherein they promote their vacation bundles.

Monetary value:

Taj realizes that their monetary values are high and non low-cost by all, but this is due to assorted operating expenses that it incurs and the superior quality that it offers. For e.g. a wayside sandwich marketer sells his sandwich for Rs.10 as he has no operating expenses and has no quality criterions to keep, like the quality of the staff of life and the veggies. But at The Taj, they serve the best quality and besides incur overhead disbursals.

The mark audience that the Taj caters to are the 1s who come to the Taj for its Ambience and universe category criterions ; therefore they say that their monetary values are justified as

They help The Taj retain the exclusivity that it stands for.

Physical Evidence:

Taj is to the full fulfilling its clients on history of physical grounds as the hotel is counted in 5 stars it has maintained its environment that is liked by all.


Major Service brushs that highly delighted or disappointed are:

Check – in, transporting baggage to the room, Food, Wakeup call, Check out. These are the chief procedures that all hotels perform but in instance of taj many more procedures are at that place as assortment of services are offered to its clients which make them happy.


Taj has assorted professional people to manage its clients and to give a high service to its

Customers like: Skilled individual, Professional individual, Personal Agents, Technological individual, Travel agents.

As Taj has employed professionals for functioning its clients so there are less opportunities in its

Service slowdowns and it can present its best.

S.W.O.T ANALYSIS OF TAJ HOTELS: ( Kotler P. et Al ( 2003 ) )


Largest hotel concatenation in Indian hotel industry. Comprises 66 hotels in 42 locations across India with an extra 16 international hotels in the Maldives, Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East.

Normally Taj hotels are situated in leisure and pilgrim and tourer locations. Now they are seeking to travel frontward every corner of the state.

Presence of popular nutrient and drink mercantile establishments. Different monetary value classs helps wider client base.

Brand trueness


Huge repute

Patent protection.


Presence in limited metropoliss. Not proper web in semi urban.

High cost service.

Lack of safety steps.

NaA?ve in planetary sphere.

Susceptible to political events: The internal security scenario and societal agitation besides hamper the foreign tourer reaching rates.


Raising income.


New geographical location.

Peoples shift trade names in these tough times. There is decidedly softening out at that place, and they are traveling to be switching in peoples purchasing forms.

Emergence of low cost air hoses now helps do long distance travel something that everyone can bask.

Peoples are progressively specifying themselves by the trade names they use, and hotels are no different.


Fluctuation in international tourer reachings.

Slowdown in economic development of the state.

Increasing competition.

Terrorism and geo political tenseness.

Global economic down bend, the universe ‘s largest hotel operator, IHCL ( Indian Hotels

Company Limited ) , is luring the populace to go by offering its hotel suites at cheaper rates.

Responded with their ain willingness to considerA options to metropolis centres every bit good as midscale trade names.

Selling Scheme:

A higher accent was placed on the concern section as the net incomes are higher ( This market being less price-sensitive ) as compared to the luxury section.

There was a proliferation of the Taj Presidency hotels non merely in new metropoliss, but besides smaller towns.

The action program is more chances, adding to and complementing the trade name.


Taj can better in the country of system as system of an organisation can besides be its core competence and it can besides function better if the internal system is good. Bing a five star hotel, taj is good positioned and hotel has equal client base. Selling schemes are besides good but hotel has to better a batch and recover its clients after the Mumbai onslaughts. In whole its service is good.


Harmonizing to “ Raymond bicson ( C.O.O of Taj hotels ) ” After panic onslaughts and economic lag, in 2008-09, little growing in hotel industry. Government is back uping touristry and cordial reception to turn. There are so many chances and strengths to get by with current state of affairs. Raising the income of clients, and globalizing the trade names are chances.

Taj has trade name trueness programmes, interior circle, junior conference, Taj nine ; these are for the client keeping and acquiring new clients who are trade name minded people.


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