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The U.S. Department of State defines terrorist act as “ premeditated, politically motivated force perpetrated against non-combatant marks by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, normally intended to act upon an audience. ” Similarly, as terrorist act against tourers frequently involves international citizens, international terrorist act is defined as “ terrorist act affecting citizens or the district of more than one state. ”


Geographic location, poorness and unstable neighbors are some cardinal elements that have contributed to past terrorist onslaughts faced by Kenya.

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Kenya ‘s alone geographic location Acts of the Apostless as a passageway from the Middle East and South Asia to East Africa and beyond. Therefore, Kenya had to provide for the many activities that would now be because of this tract so an extended haven was constructed every bit good as two international airdromes, one in Mombassa and one in Nairobi along with rail, route and communicating substructure. With these add-ons, travel and entry into and around Kenya is rather easy and normally vague due to its penetrable boundary lines coupled with its surrounding neighbors and unmonitored coastline. In peculiar, the Arabs in Kenya that occupy the coastal countries are closely linked to the Arabs in the Middle East as they both portion a common faith and linguistic communication. This has made it rather convenient for terrorist to intermix into the community.

For these grounds, Kenya is a preferable pick for terrorist to strike.


Tourism, one of the foundation blocks of Kenya ‘s economic system, constitutes 25 % of the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) and has been adversely affected by the reverberations of terrorist act.

First, the inflow of tourer to Kenya can be estimated to over 500,000 visitants each twelvemonth. Europe and the United States of America ( USA ) represent Kenya ‘s traveler bring forthing part with 70 % of the market being Europeans ( Switzerland, Italy, Belgium France and Britain history for the majority of tourers ) . In add-on, visitants come from Japan, Asia, Scandinavia, and other African states.

USA, Germany, Great Britain and some other states, upon having the intelligence about the terrorist onslaughts on Kenya ‘s US Embassy in Nairobi, instantly issued travel advisories to their citizens and imposed travel prohibitions to forbear travel to Kenya as it was deemed insecure. Furthermore, the extended media coverage of the onslaughts peculiarly focused on Kenya ‘s exposure to terrorism badly tarnished its image. These responses lead to a diminution in travel to Kenya and some adjacent states as travellers feared the spillover of the terrorist onslaughts. For illustration, touristry concerns were awfully affected by the travel warnings. Tourism brought in US $ 500 million in one-year gross and was losing at least $ 1 million mundane due to the diminution in touristry. ( ) Consequently, Kenya ‘s touristry industry was paralyzed.

Kenya suffered a lessening in tourer reachings. This had a ripple consequence on all sectors of the industry. The cancellation of leisure trips and concern conferences were quickly on the rise. Kenya ‘s repute plummeted and this lead to the loss of its competitory value. Kenya was no longer an option to be considered for holiday or investing. Tourism catered to the employment of 500, 000 Kenyans runing from circuit operators, circuit ushers, travel bureaus, campaign driver, terpsichoreans, hotelkeepers, restauranters, little concern operators to airport and air hose forces. Subsequently, there was a important addition in unemployment as many Kenyans lost their occupations. Employees that were still employed received salary cuts. For case, at the Carnivore eating house ; all of the 330 staff had their wages reduced, including Dunford the president ( National Geographic 2010 ) .

The bombardment of the US Embassy had a monolithic impact on Kenya ‘s substructure. The Embassy was stationed at the hamlets of two streets in Nairobi, next to the Ufundi Building and the Co – op Bank Building. The detonation destroyed these three edifices and other edifices and comfortss within a two to three block radius. ( ) The rubble consisted of broken glass from Windowss, window frames, furniture and fixtures, concrete block walls, autos, coachs, electric poles, street visible radiations and the list goes on. The transit sector within Kenya suffered major reverses as the streets were earnestly damaged and likewise vehicles. Additional jobs surfaced as resources ( medical ) were delayed as it was hard to acquire in and around Nairobi. Access was restricted to deliver and exigency forces. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, was known for its many tourist attractive forces but these concern operations declined as a consequence of the bombardment. With the loss of power and telecommunication, circuit operators, travel bureaus and hotels were unable to update their web sites or communicate with possible visitants who would normally book their reserves, Tourss or tickets online.

Another hinderance to Kenya ‘s touristry industry in visible radiation of the terrorist onslaughts is the slack in foreign direct investing ( FDI ) . Investors were inclined to invalidate their FDI in Kenya due to some of the ‘shocks ‘ felt by the terrorist onslaught such as the direct devastation of substructure, the rise of operating costs due to an increasing demand of security steps, and the rise of recruiting costs due to losing inducements to work in terrorist act – prone parts. ( ) . This farther contributed to the loss of gross specifically for touristry development enterprises.

An of import issue on the docket of Kenya ‘s authorities to battle terrorist act is now the debut of more security. The impression about safety is non confined to the citizens of Kenya entirely but is extended to the tourer as good. For this intent, authorities disbursement had to be diverted from productive investing designed to advance growing, eliminate poorness and prolong touristry development. ( ) Outgo on high tech security equipment such as surveillance cameras, metal sensors and testing machines had to be implemented as schemes to antagonize terrorist act.

Kenya ‘s fiscal costs continued to intensify in wake of the terrorist onslaught as more support was required for the killing, Restoration and Reconstruction of the substructure, edifices and other comfortss destroyed in the blast including tourers ‘ installations. As an illustration,

Similarly, another disbursal incurred is that of extended advertisement to pull more and new tourers to Kenya. This scheme was employed to portray Kenya as a one time once more safe topographic point and to neutralize the negative media attending received after the bombardment.

Apart from the above mentioned negative effects of terrorist act on Kenya ‘s touristry industry, some positive effects were identified. With the lessening in tourer reachings to Kenya, domestic touristry was being promoted. Locals provided a part of gross needed to prolong some touristry concerns. Likewise, a new ‘must see ‘ tourist attractive force was developed. The August 7th Memorial Park was constructed on the site where the US Embassy was one time situated. This commemoration was built to mark the lives that were lost and represents a testimonial to the bravery of the several thousand others who have had to get by with lasting hurt and/or the loss of loved 1s. It is a topographic point where people come to reflect, retrieve and loosen up. ( )

With respect to the Kenya ‘s theodolite path part, terrorist act is no exclusion. The air hose industry was besides hit hard after the terrorist onslaught on the US Embassy.

Cancellation of flights

Merging of air hoses to last

Closing of some air hoses

Job cuts

Loss of gross

Increase security surveillance

Cruise ships no longer include Kenya on their path

Increase cost of ticket to see state with terrorist act


There is a demand for the development of an anti-terrorism statute law in Kenya: following the 1998 bombardment of the US Embassy in Kenya the authorities recognized that there were no equal steps in topographic point to cover with such Acts of the Apostless and hence the demand to develop and implement statute law to cover with terrorist act was indispensable. Harmonizing to Kenya ‘s Counter Terrorism commission, the Government on two occasions made efforts to implement such Torahs with the ‘Suppression of Terrorism Bill ‘ in 2003 and the ‘Anti-Terrorism Bill in 2006 severally. However, both measures failed to be introduced to parliament. ( Google 2010 )

There is besides a demand for revamped direction policies to be set in topographic point for Kenya ‘s boundary line line and costal security control. ( Google 2010 ) besides stated that the demand for heightened security is critical in these countries, for illustration: the boundary line between Kenya and Somalia poses a great menace to Kenyan subjects and tourer due to fact that Somalia has been without a authorities of over 16 old ages and is known to be politically unstable. This can be done by seting steps in topographic point such as ; heightened security cheques for individuals come ining Kenya through Somalia, denial of entry for leery entrants and denial to unneeded travellers particularly during the peak tourer seasons. Proper executing of security in these countries may let tourer ‘s to experience safer and hence increase overall tourer visits to Kenya.

The touristry board of Kenya could seek to extenuate some of the negative impacts of the past terrorist act onslaughts on the state by animating a new image for the finish. Though terrorist act would finally hold a annihilating impact on any state being affected, shifting Kenya in the heads of tourers and other tourers ‘ finish by concentrating on the positives instead than the negative facets of terrorist act can help in the procedure of traveling frontward. An illustration of this is the usage of the US Embassy bombardment as a memorial site where locals and tourers can see.

There needs to be a crisis direction portfolio that distinguishes terrorist act from other signifiers of crisis. It should besides sketch in item the steps that should be implemented before and after such a crisis. Then the portfolio should help in painting a clear and clutter free procedure that should be followed after an act of terrorist act to ease a timely recovery for Kenya ‘s image. Because terrorist act has so badly tarnished the image of Kenya ‘s touristry merchandise it is really important that merely specified and extremely qualified persons should turn to the populace and medias issues. Therefore, the portfolio will besides sketch all persons that should be involved in this procedure with clearly defined functions and aims.

The touristry board of Kenya could seek to extenuate some of the negative impacts of the past terrorist act onslaughts on the state by making a new image for the finish. Though terrorist act would finally hold a annihilating impact on any state being affected, shifting Kenya in the heads of tourers and other tourers ‘ finish by concentrating on the positives instead than the negative facets of terrorist act can help in the procedure of traveling frontward. An illustration of this is the usage of the US Embassy bombardment as a memorial site where locals and tourers can see. With shifting in head the touristry board can besides switch some of their attending to local tourer by boxing their offerings in such a manner that would be attractive to the local population.

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