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The “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction strives through experience- based exhibitions to make a alone environment in which kids, striplings and grownups can welcome antediluvian, Grecian history and civilization into their lives.

Get downing their journey on its first X square kilometres floor, visitants can “ clip travel ” back to the really beginning of the Greeks being ; into the “ Timeline Room ” they can follow the path of ancient Grecian civilisation get downing from the Neolithic period up to the Hellenistic. After this first familiarity, they enter the universe of the 12 Olympians ; from mighty Zeus to wise Athena and how Greeks ‘ worship led them to some of the fiercest wars of ancient times. The Olympic Games subdivision besides offers to the visitants a alone chance to see the manner athletes performed in ancient Olympia. Last but non least, visitants embrace ancient Grecian civilization ; among assorted exhibits, a life changing experience awaits them as they become exposed to Greek calamities or witty comedies in a mini graduated table Epidaurus theater.

The “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction offers to the visitants the chance of familiarising themselves with the mileposts of ancient Grecian history and civilization ; from Parthenon ‘s building secrets to Greeks ‘ formation in the Battle of Thermopylae, they become acquainted with some of the most of import facets of the full universe ‘s history, they experience their ain wars by going generals in simulation games or dispute their heads against the most celebrated Grecian philosophers. By prosecuting all senses, wonder over ancient Grecian history and civilization is aroused ; visitants feel, see, hear and trial! The purpose is to gestate ; demo how Greeks played their ain portion in determining today ‘s universe through wars, scientific disciplines, art and civilization.

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The “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction concern construct is encapsulated in the undermentioned words ; offering to kids, striplings and grownups an educational, constructive signifier of amusement through experience-based exhibitions and plans, which touch upon the subjects of history, art and natural scientific disciplines ( mathematics, natural philosophies, astronomy etc ) under the context of Ancient Greek History and Culture. ( Adequate as discriminator? ? ? USP ) – unrecorded public presentations

The “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction will be besides offering to pupils and instructors educational activities that reflect profound foresight. Its exhibits and plans are underpinned by sound historical informations and while based on interactions prosecuting a figure of senses, arouse visitants ‘ wonder and their thirst to go on their ain pursuit for farther cognition.

Furthermore, the carefully selected plans and exhibits, along with the accomplishments, expertness and dedication of the attractive force ‘s employees guarantee that the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction is in a place to offer an experience that is comparable to any other European historical attractive force or subject park. The “ Classical Bequest ” besides offers a broad assortment of guided Tourss and installations for kids ‘s events and educational seminars. Last but non least, in add-on to its exciting subdivisions, one can besides happen the most clever “ historical ” keepsake store and a great restaurant/cafe all under the same roof. ( retrieved from www.universeum )


Given the unaccessible nature of demographic informations mentioning to the visitants of Greek museums/archaeological sites, we have proceeded to sectioning our market based upon the international research of Reach Advisors ( April, 2010 ) on museum audiences ; after enrolling 103 museums located in 5 states, they compiled a sample consisting of more than 40,000 museum-going families. Hofstede

After taking comparative informations into consideration, the ideal clients for the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction are chiefly household audiences, seeking for a child friendly experience. Parents appear to hold the youngest visitant base, compared to the remainder respondents who visit history museums and historic sites, or art museums. Interestingly plenty, these parents, though the youngest, have the highest income which allows them to be able to afford visits together with the remainder of their households to science centres or attractions/theme Parkss. They desire an synergistic experience for their kids to acquire them committed to knowledge, since they themselves are good educated.

Consequently, the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction targets international travellers ( tourers ) who visit Greece for holiday and are ;

largely females, under the age 50, being parents of minor kids

college educated

with family incomes over $ 100,000/year ( norm in USA & A ; EU )

significantly diverse ( in respects to racial standards )

As antecedently mentioned, the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction besides addresses educational organisations ( schools or universities ) from all over the universe. The activities offered complement the traditional schoolroom learning experience and motivate teachers to be originative, by prosecuting and disputing them to use an retiring signifier of acquisition.

The educational activities offered at the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction will supply the chance to preschool kids and pupils/students between 4-19 old ages old to see the attractive force at a considerable discounted rate, either independently or on supervised field/theme-orientated trips.


The “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction starts off with a critical competitory border ; there is no rival located in Greece that can offer the alone educational experiences to its visitants provided by the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction.

Given our unexcelled focal point on audiovisual media, every bit good as the unprecedented “ unrecorded public presentations ” by our exhibits, the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction is positioned as a premier beginning of educational amusement for the full state. The diverseness of exhibits and the great scope of activities taking topographic point on a scheduled footing, presume a new experience.

However, holding recognized the organisation ‘s alone merchandising proposition, the undermentioned entities are to be taken into consideration as rivals on a context oriented footing ; a ) the New Acropolis Museum, B ) the National Archaeological Museum ( of Athens ) and c ) the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center. Details of the above mentioned organisations appear as follows ;

The Acropolis Museum, 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens

The National Archaeological Museum, 44 Patission Street, Athens

Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, 254 Pireos street, Tavros

What do they offer? How compared? Competitive advantages

As mentioned earlier, despite the fact that the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction is non a history museum, since there are no existent, archeological exhibits, we have carefully monitored the new Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum as major, direct rivals on a context oriented footing.

By emphasizing out the “ context orientated footing ” we wish to clear up that although the three organisations are classified under different types of establishments ( museums vs attractive forces ) , all three provide exhibits related to the same context ; ancient Grecian history and civilization. Consequently, there are high opportunities that the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction is non perceived as showing a complementary proposition to the museums ‘ offerings, but instead as losing possible visitants who will travel for “ the existent thing ” .

The new Acropolis Museum has completed three old ages of most successful operation ; since the 1st of June, 2011 up to the 31st of May, 2012, it has opened its Gatess to 1,143,886 visitants and has managed to prolong the ballyhoo originally created, therefore making a “ positive morale ” in respects to the establishment ‘s hereafter. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Since the Acropolis Museum has been a long awaited undertaking, laminitiss and funders have accomplished a alone, state-of-the-art establishment, worthy of congratulations from all over the universe ; visitants can bask a elaborate aggregation of exhibits, unambiguously presented and invariably enriched, every bit good as a figure of experiential activities ( e.g “ A twenty-four hours at the Acropolis Museum ” ) taking at widening museum ‘s offerings from exhibitions to “ household back packs ” and dining. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Furthermore, the Acropolis Museum is internationally recognized as one of the most important establishments of the state ; it has late been awarded the Keck Award of 2012, for implementing high border engineering for the Restoration and preservation of exhibits. This sum of expertness combined with museum ‘s strategic location ( under Acropolis ‘ hill ) , its advanced architecture and the high service criterions coming from every member of the staff, render it to be a alone cultural experience for all visitants.

In respects to the National Archaeological Museum, this excessively is considered to be “ one of the most of import museums in the universe devoted to ancient Grecian art. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) Having completed 123 old ages of operation, it is the largest archeological museum in Greece with more than 11,000 exhibits. Over 2011, it has welcomed 170,034 visitants and is placed in the 3rd place ( in respects to figure of visitants ranking ) among the museums of Attica ‘s part. ( I I·I?I® I•I›.I?I¤I‘I¤ . )

This establishment excessively, enjoys a strategic location, right in the centre of Athens, which combined with museum ‘s long history, sets it to be a common finish for visitants truly interested in ancient Grecian civilization.

The 3rd one of our rivals is perceived to be the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center. Though it is the lone establishment to which the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction bares many similarities, we consider it to be the “ weakest ” of our rivals.

The Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center started its operation in 1998 ; from an initial 16,000m2 undertaking, it has bit by bit transformed to a multifunctional, cultural park of 60,000m2, where “ visitants experience Hellenic history and civilization. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

By offering a great scope of activities such as synergistic exhibitions, practical world Tourss, educational plans and hosting conferences, it is “ a “ life ” cell of cultural creative activity and look, which will pull people of assorted ages and involvements. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) Furthermore, it is unusually standing out for its advanced architecture, every bit good as for its state-of-the-art engineering applications, which allow visitants to bask an experience based airing of historical information.

Compared to all three organisations mentioned above, we strongly experience that the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction is able to distinguish its offering by a alone set of competitory advantages.

First of all, in respects to the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum, the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction aims to offer to visitants non a unfertile presentation of exhibits but instead experience-based exhibitions, which stimulate their heads and elicit their thirst for cognition. On the other manus, between “ Hellenic Legacy ” and Hellenic Cosmos, the chief difference lies on the alone characteristic of the “ Classical Bequest ” that is no other than “ exhibits executing unrecorded ” . We aim non merely at 3D simulations, frequently resembling computing machine games, but at offering a existent clip, imitating experience where the “ exhibits ” are existent traveling histrions, executing unrecorded.

In respects to reliability issues that might originate, one could state that non being a public organisation renders the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction to be an unstable and undependable establishment. To those persons who believe so, we are simply turn toing them with the illustrations of our legion partnerships with international, educational establishments from all over the universe, every bit good as with the promise that our attractive force will non pass a individual twenty-four hours closed due to any kind of work stoppage.

In add-on to what has been mentioned above, the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction will besides be implementing the most advanced technological applications of audiovisual and synergistic media, to make a alone experience for its visitants. Last but non least, its modern, industrial architecture bonded harmonically with Schinias scenery, is to be a alone point of mention.


Me ( how you candidly think you will stack up in clients ‘ heads )



Rivals A ( Acropolis & A ; National Archaeological )

Rival B ( Hellenic Cosmos )

Importance OUR to Customer


Synergistic exhibits, unrecorded public presentations, educational activities

Live public presentations

No existent exhibits

Real exhibits

Acropolis ; 3D & A ; interaction

Synergistic exhibits, educational activities, Virtual world Tourss

1 ( Strengths )

Monetary value

General admittance fee ; 15 euro


Acropolis ; 5 euro

Nat. Arch ; 7 euro

Exhibition ; 6 euro



state-of-the-art engineering, top quality of unrecorded public presentations ( costumes, public presentation etc ) , premises! ! !


Acropolis ; state-of-the-art engineering, premises! !

2012 Keck Award

state-of-the-art engineering





Acropolis ; high service criterions



Partnerships with international establishments,

non public to be closed upon work stoppages!


Acropolis & A ; Nat. Arch ; high dependability, since both national establishments. Acropoilis ; co-financed by Grecian Ministry of Culture and the European Union



Ten? ( since non public )

Acropolis & A ; Nat. Arch ; high dependability, since both national establishments.



Ten? ( What about unrecorded public presentations? )

Archeologists & A ; history scientists involved! !

state-of-the-art engineering


Company Repute


Acropolis & A ; Nat. Arch ; high dependability, since both national establishments.



Schinias Olympic Rowing Center ( Marathon )


Ten? ( propinquity grounds? )

Acropolis ; @ historical centre of Athinais

Nat. Arch ; @ centre of Athinais



Modern architecture, strong advantage on external elements and Schinias scenery


Modern architecture, strong advantage on external elements, holla Acropolis hill

Modern architecture


Gross saless Method

Recognition Policies



Promotion ( How will you acquire the word out to clients? Ad: What media, why, and how frequently? Why this mix and non some other? Have you identified low-priced methods to acquire the most out of your promotional budget? Will you use methods other than paid advertisement, such as trade shows, catalogs, trader inducements, word of oral cavity ( how will you excite it? ) , and web of friends or professionals? What image do you desire to project? How do you desire clients to see you? In add-on to advertisement, what plans do you hold for in writing image support? This includes things like logo design, cards and letterhead, booklets, signage, and interior design ( if clients come to your topographic point of concern ) . Should you hold a system to place repetition clients and so consistently reach them? )

Given that the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural and Educational Attraction is a in private owned, unprecedented establishment, positioned as suggesting a premium offering to its visitants, it must be to a great extent promoted to guarantee prompt coevals of ballyhoo and positive Word-of-Mouth.

Over the first twelvemonth of its operation, the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction will be intensively advertised. Though cyberspace ( utube ) commercials tend to be considered inappropriate for educational establishments, we strongly experience that effectual, real-time, short Television commercials can fascinate visitants ‘ attending and involvement ; for case, who would go through by “ Zeus ” , “ Athena ” , or an arrow throwster jock, while they take a walk in the centre of Athens? Furthermore, print advertisement shall be extensively employed as good ; newspaper ads ( newspapers selected on highest readership footing ) and promotional circulars will distribute out the word by supplying elaborate yet fascinating information taking at invariably “ bringing ” first clip attendants to the establishment.

A cardinal promotional scheme for the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction will besides be the building of its web site. Throughout our siteA we shall try to raise involvement, supply elaborate information ( in respects to operating hours, tickets, day-to-day agendas, handiness etc ) and entertain visitants by supplying them with the chance of sing a little sample of our activities on line. Meanwhile, our chief mark through the web site will be to ease petitions for rank enrollments and reclamations. We shall try toA direct visitants throughout our site by supplying consistent mentions in all of our promotional stuffs andA by strategically puting linksA to our siteA on other related web sites. Furthermore, the building of societal web pages ( facebook etc ) will besides play a complementary function to the maps of our web site leting us to air our message even further.

Most significantly, the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction will try to construct upon its rank growing, in order to guarantee repeating gross. Easy to hold on rank benefits will enable us to widen our value proposition to our audiences and rapidly spread out our rank database.

In add-on to what has been mentioned above, since the Attraction ‘s premises are more than suited to host on-site selling activities such as workshops, particular events and exhibitions, forming such an docket would be an effectual manner of bring forthing attractive force, traffic and finally grosss. Guest talkers

Another important promoting toolA would besides be direct mailing to the undermentioned audiences ; already registered members and strategic spouses ( possible or bing ) . Via direct mailing, we are given the chance to further beef up our bonds with already bing clients ( via pass oning to them easy comprehended rank benefits ) and fix the land for future coaction with possible 1s ( via pass oning to them customized monetary value offers and services ) . At this point, we should clear up that by “ strategic spouses ” we refer to Greek or international educational organisations, such as museums, schools and universities ; these organisations can besides be used as campaigners for co-marketing. So far, we have contacted aˆ¦aˆ¦ . Greek National Tourism Organization, circuit operators ( promitheia )

Last but non least, in order to set up a extremely effectual consciousness in respects to our establishment ‘s name, we have addressed professionals ( logo interior decorators ) in order to help us to diagrammatically picture our really ain individuality. By taking into consideration all facets of our vision and mission, we have come up with logo description Focus Groups

Detailed publicity program – clip indexs? ?

Imperativeness conferences

Participate in international exhibitions/ educational forums

Tshirts, chapeaus, station cards, pens

Promotional Budget

Pricing ( Does your pricing scheme tantrum with what was revealed in your competitory analysis? )

Ticket monetary values ;

General admittance fee: 15 euro.

Reduced admittance fee: 9 euro.

Family admittance fee ( Two grownups and up to three kids ) : 30 euro

Free admittance

Visitors entitled to cut down admittance fee ;

Students of Higher Educational Institutions ( & gt ; 18 old ages old ) from non EU states and EU states ( pupil designation card required ) .

Pupils ( & lt ; 18 old ages old ) from non EU states and EU states ( ID card required ) .

Senior citizens ( & gt ; 65 old ages old ) from non EU states and EU states

Visitors entitled to free admittance ;

Children under five old ages of age from non EU states and EU states

Persons with disablements / particular demands

Teachers and bodyguards attach toing kids of primary and secondary educational establishments

Tour ushers with official licence from the Hellenic Ministry of Development

Journalists ( journalist ID required )

Grecian citizens executing their military service ( military ID card required )

Since the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction is a extremely differentiated educational establishment, offering unprecedented experience-based cognition upon the ancient Grecian civilization and the rules of history, art and natural scientific disciplines ( mathematics, natural philosophies, astronomy etc ) , we have decided to implement a premium pricing policy.

We believe the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction to be our ain educational “ violet cow ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) , therefore we intend to put a significantly higher monetary value -compared to our chief rivals pricing policy – in order to raising and promote visitants ‘ favourable perceptual experiences. We wish to be perceived as offering a top quality educational experience, with great service criterions at premises of alone natural beauty.

Furthermore, holding conceived the thought of making a Cultural & A ; Education Attraction, we have made extended research on similar establishments abroad. Under this range, we have been to a great extent influenced by their premium pricing policies, which adjusted to the criterions of current Grecian world, have led us to the above mentioned monetary values.

But most significantly, this pricing policy allows us to bask the necessary profitableness figures that will guarantee our undertaking ‘s viability. As it will be subsequently shown in the fiscal portion of this peculiar concern program, aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ .

Proposed Location

The premises of the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction shall be located at the historic part of Marathon and more specifically, at the Olympic belongings of Schinias Olympic Rowing Center.

In respects to the wider part to Marathon, country ‘s historical value is invaluable ; as K. Papoulias, the current president of the Greek Democracy stated “ it is a beginning of inspiration to all Greeks. It is a symbol of democracy and peace and with its history it teaches us the importance of these values to our state. “ ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

The celebrated conflict of Marathon ( 490 b.c. ) during which 11.000 Athenians and PlateansA managed to hold 300.000 Persian, A is recognized by historiansA as a conflict – landmark that hasA changed the class of world ‘s history by fostering the rise of the authoritative Hellenism in the following two thousand old ages. Europe existenceMoreover, the Battle of Marathon and the legendary courier Pheidippides, have likely been the inspiration for the Marathon race, one of the most popular athletic events worldwide. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Furthermore, apart from historical grounds, we consider the Olympic belongings of Schinias Olympic Rowing Center to be of strategic importance in respects to the its station Olympic development every bit good ; it is an unfortunate fact that the huge bulk of Athens 2004 Olympic Works are either demolished or abandoned. Thankfully, the Rowing Center after 6 old ages of highly limited development, is now coming back to life ; in March 2011, the Marathon Rowing Kayaking Academy started operating and created a bunch of hotel installations, eating houses and hosts turn toing groups from abroad who wish to hold their preparatory plans taking topographic point in Greece. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

In respects to what is mentioned above, the Marathon Academy is besides portion of the National Park of Schinias ; a lovely natural attractive force belonging to the Natura 2000 web, where visitants enjoy the brilliant site of one of the largest wetlands staying in Southern Greece.

Overall, we find the location of the Olympic belongings of Schinias Olympic Rowing Center at the historic part of Marathon to be consistent with the image of the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction ; it relates to a great historical point of mention while being portion of a natural wetland, where the domineering component of H2O is strongly implying to one of the very kernels of Grecian civilisation.

Additionally, we trust that visitants will appreciate our location ; although it is rather far from the historic centre of Athens ( and accordingly from our three basic rivals, therefore leting small infinite for comparings ) they will be intrigued by the beauty of the scenery, the possibility of take parting in other leisure activities and the convenience offered by an establishment located far off from the traffic and noise of Athens ; 600 parking infinites, including separated parking countries for coachs. Last but most significantly, apart from coachs or private vehicles, visitants can entree the “ Classical Bequest ” Cultural & A ; Educational Attraction via agencies of public transit ; there are scheduled bus trips to Marathon on an hourly footing from most cardinal point of going at the Pedion of Areos.

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