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Ottawa Tourism provides industry leading and finish selling to pull visitants, Tourss and conventions to Canadas Capital Region. A not-for-profit organisation, Ottawa Tourism works with its 350 member concerns to profile Canada ‘s Capital Region as a diverse and exciting topographic point to see. Ottawa Tourism ‘s aims are to advance the finish, increase trial and heighten economic impact for the industry and its rank.

The study will briefly depict the position quo, current challenges and /or obstructions faced by the Ottawa touristry industry and within, and ways to get the better of those challenges and obstructions on a short and long-run footing to efficaciously advance Ottawa as a premiere finish and hike touristry ‘s economic impact. This study is based on the findings of the ‘The Premier Ranked Tourist Destination Framework ‘[ two ]survey completed for Ottawa by Brain Trust Marketing and Communications in September 2009.


Readers are familiar with the touristry industry and follow the tendencies and statistics.

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This study describes and outlines the focal point of Ottawa Tourism for the following five old ages and should non be taken as a strategic and/or fiscal program.

Discussion of Findingss

Status Quo

Canada ‘s Capital Region sits on the boundary line between the states of Ontario and Quebec in cardinal Canada. Ottawa and Gatineau ( two metropoliss that face each other across the wide Ottawa River ) and the encompassing urban and rural communities are officially recognized as Canada ‘s Capital Region.

As the state ‘s capital and the place of authorities, Ottawa sustains a moderately healthy touristry industry. In add-on, it has developed into an across-the-board finish with a assortment of offerings for different gustatory sensation and age cohorts. Ottawa is good positioned as a twelvemonth unit of ammunition, four-season finish and has a mature, strong touristry industry.

Ottawa has a wealth of “ nucleus drawing card ” attributes that draw mass and niche markets, and give Ottawa a competitory advantage. They are ;

Canada ‘s Capital City ( Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal ( UNESCO World Heritage Site ) , other federal attractive force )

festivals and events ( Canada Day, Winterlude, Tulip Festival, Ottawa Race )

four-season out-of-door diversion chances ( skiing, cycling, hike, white H2O rafting )

professional and recreational witness athleticss and events

civilization and acting humanistic disciplines

Byward Market

Bet oning ( Casino Lac du Leamy )

Furthermore, Ottawa Tourism is successful as a “ finish seller ” with its strategic selling activities. Most recent study indicated a 75 % run ad callback in cardinal markets and 55 % of planned trips were as a consequence of advertisement.[ three ]

External Challenges/ Obstacles

The industry is fighting with the planetary recession, accomplishment deficits, volatile currency exchange rates, Disrupted and Expensive air travel and new policies on visas or required travel paperss. This translates interpreting into decreased disbursement on leisure travel, fewer conventions and loss of sponsorship for festivals and major events. During this hard clip, Ottawa touristry has been helped the Destination Marketing Fund[ four ], which sufficiently fuelled international selling attempts to advance Ottawa as a travel finish.

Internal Challenges/ Obstacles

Ottawa touristry deficiencies of individual platform that can organize all promoting attempts. This consequences in loss of visitor-focussed service if different organisations promote their ain dockets. This besides leads to miss of coaction between urban and rural touristry organisations. This highlights the fact that presently there is no finish development scheme in topographic point.

There is a seeable under-appreciation of touristry substructure in the part. There is a deficiency of visitant service centres in the part and peculiarly in Ottawa. This job is amplified by the fact that there is a deficiency of signage for visitant centres and attractive forces compared to metropoliss like Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City.

Ottawa is in close propinquity of assortment of H2O organic structures and given the importance of Rideau Canal, there are non plenty boat faux pass. Where there are, they are non near to nucleus attractive forces.

Five-Year Focus

Ottawa Tourism is join forcesing with different stakeholders on a wholly new degree to organize a incorporate platform to turn to some of the challenges faced by the Ottawa touristry industry. This platform which is already in plants is known as “ The Tourism Leadership Alliance ” . It will include representatives from Ottawa Tourism, the local hotelkeepers ‘ association, airdrome authorization, National Capital Commission, Convention Centre, municipal authorities and the Ottawa Senators. There is a strong desire among the organisations to join forces. This confederation would work towards the ultimate end of ‘Destination Development Ottawa ‘ . This means that it would concentrate on make fulling the spreads within Ottawa ‘s offering such as coaction between offerings of urban and rural countries. It will seek new avenues of support. Furthermore, it will concentrate on constructing the tourism-related substructure. These activities go beyond the traditional promotional and selling programs implemented by these organisations.

These stairss taken to cover with the internal challenges will besides assist Tourism Ottawa to cover with the external challenges that are beyond its control. Tourism in Canada saw a bead of 3 % in 2008, nevertheless, it picked up.3 % in 2009. Tourism Ottawa will increase its selling attempts to Canadians particularly those along the Windsor-to-Quebec City corridor, the “ tyre traffic ” country, where tourers can drive to Ottawa for a visit ; the Canadian or American tourers non taking for European finishs due to recession but still want an first-class holiday at an low-cost monetary value.

This coaction will besides seek to turn to the labour deficit within the industry due to the aging population and strong competition from other sectors and employers in the local economic system. Some stairss it plans to take are to back up “ Hospitality and Tourism ” plans provided in local colleges and universities and, collaborate with the academe to run into industry demands. It will besides concentrate on developing bing concerns in cordial reception and client service.

One thing that can destroy a visitant ‘s experience is their travel to and from the finish. Tourism industry needs to concentrate on this built-in portion to supply a complete experience. Transportation system suppliers must understand that they need the finish every bit much as the finishs need them.


Ottawa as the capital metropolis has a clear advantage and it has strong federal and provincial plus base upon which the touristry industry is developed. It is improbable that Ottawa will lose its position as a preferable finish, and underachieving industry means lost grosss to the metropolis.

Popular and traditional finishs can go easy tiring due to altering demographics and altering gustatory sensations in this fast-paced information and technological epoch. New finishs are going popular by offering new and exciting touristry chances. Therefore, this is the clip to tackle all attempts and develop Ottawa as premiere finish. Destination Development is non about advancing and selling but it is about making a “ touristry civilization ” that makes visitants experience welcome throughout the finish. It is about doing their visit smooth from the minute they step out from and return to their places.

Destination development and developing a trade name image for Ottawa will be the focal point of Ottawa Tourism for the following few old ages, which will include activities such as coaction, communicating and networking within the Ottawa touristry sector, to supply a unexcelled touristry experience to its visitants.

External and unpredictable factors such as slow economic system, volatile exchange rate or pestilences can adversely impact the industry. With increasing Numberss of these events, Ottawa touristry will hike its image as an first-class and low-cost finish for Canadians every bit good.

Ottawa ‘s touristry will advance rural finishs in cohort with urban finishs and sell combination bundles to to the full avail its offerings.

End Notes

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