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THE ARRIVAL OF A FLYING SAUCCER It was 9:30 pm. As it was a cold winter night not many people could be found on the streets of Florida. Besides it was a Friday night when everyone used to rest after 5 weekdays. However I was late again to return from my office. I was freezing along in the lonely field four miles away from my home. Suddenly my car halted without any explanation. Quickly I got out of my car to check what was wrong. After opening the bonnet I was pleased to find every part was in proper order. Surprisingly my car battery was out of order though it was fully charged before I started.

All in a sudden I saw some mysterious lights all around me and I saw something huge was coming down on earth. It was a round shaped thing without any landing wheels. Within a flash thought of flying saucer came in my mind. However it took a few seconds for me to make sure my suspect that it was a spaceship. At first I could not believe my eyes. I thought it must be an illusion. Hence I pinched my hand several times to make sure that I was not dreaming. Confusedly I gazed all around me only to find complete darkness everywhere as far as my eyes could reach.

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But soon I realized that it was not an illusion as I heard a continuous low frequency sound that could cause serious headache to any living being on earth. It was a bizarre sound which I had never heard before and I had my hair raised. My fingers quickly found themselves inside my ear hole which lightened the pain a bit. At last the flying thing touched the ground and I experienced a mild earthquake. The thing could be ten ton in weight and fifty meter in diameter. The whole place was trembling as it got down on the plain field. However I found myself hiding behind the car all through this time which I must have done out of extreme fear.

While I was busy about myself the whole spaceship was covered with smoke all around it. At last when I gazed again at that round heavenly thing I saw dazzling red light coming out of the mysterious giant ball. I had my eyes with a horror-stuck look behind the golden round framed high powered glass. Even I forgot to breathe out of extreme bewilderment. However it seemed to me that I started to breathe again and my brain gained some precious oxygen to work at that crucial moment. As usual the first thought was to run away from the visitor to the nearest locality for some help and the decision was quickly brought into reality.

As I ran away from it I did not even dare to gaze back. It seemed that I was running for decades and covered the radius of earth before I found a group of buildings gathered like a bunch of grapes. I saw lights as everyone was using other source of electricity. I knocked at the first building that was in my path. I thought several years passed away before the door was opened at last. Nevertheless I saw an old woman of age sixty or more. However I quickly got inside the house before she could utter any sound. Moreover I quickly drank a glass of water without any conversation.

Hence I turned toward her and within thirty to forty seconds I explained everything that happened few hours before. Surprisingly there was no expression in her face. However I realized my mistake and explained again this time taking few minutes but still there was no expression on her face. Finally she produced a note pad and wrote to me that she was dumb and deaf and was alone in the house! I felt like tearing my hairs as I came out of the house. Then I carefully selected my next choice before knocking at the door. I was losing my temper as a beautiful woman of age twenty or so showed up opening the door.

However my first words were if she could hear and speak. I saw signs of astonishment in her deep blue eyes. She frowned and spoke out to prove I was wrong. Getting inside I repeated my speech once more to her. She was suspecting me as a mentally sick person after my first words and then she was confident about that. Soon I realized this was not coming handy so I reached out for the phone. After three successive dial I was able to reach my friend. There after I repeated my explanation for the fourth time that night but I saw signs of disbelief as I heard nothing from that side.

After one complete silent minute he told me that he was coming to take me home. On the way home I was treated like an alien. Even my friend was starring at me in a mysterious way. Several times I was scolded for working too hard and end up in this situation. However he consulate me that a good rest would do the trick for me. After all the stress I was asleep as soon as I closed my eyes in a warm comfortable bed. The next morning I woke up with shocking news from my friend that some people had discovered a large hole in the field where I saw the spaceship last night.

Hence I had a quick shower and set off for an hour journey to the field. As usual we saw a big crowd of people around the hole. Actually the land was depressed at about one meter deep with a diameter of fifty meter. After eleven hours of stress I had a mean smile on face which did not last for long. While my friend and I were gazing at the huge burrow in front I was called by a police officer. Soon I was taken to the nearest police station. On the way toward the police van I had a glance over a familiar face. She was the woman I sought for help last night. Then everything was clear to me.

Actually the things that happened was like this, the police was searching for any clue they could hold on to, then they must have encountered with that lady and heard my story and now they were going to interrogate a witness. It was a short journey to police station where I was interrogated for hours before my lawyer came to the rescue. Nevertheless the police had their answers and secured the place prohibiting it for general citizens. Two months later after the incidents I had rejoined myself to my office. However I visited several psychiatrists just after the occurrence to prove myself typical.

But after that during those two months I was a common face on TV. I had several interviews and also some live discussion with famous people. Moreover I had to put forward my experience in several internet websites. Besides I traveled scientists from all around the world. I was taken to the landing place with them quite a few times. Finally I got a nickname ‘Mr. Flying Saucer’. The place was then opened for all. Everyone used to visit the place every now and then. Nevertheless the stressful night it was really mesmerizing to be a superhero for those two months.

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