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When believing about my ain personal values, I think of the imposts and beliefs that I have developed through experience and instruction. Although these values have changed over clip, I believe that they are pretty consistent with the NASW codification of moralss and values of the societal work profession as a whole.

The preamble of codification of moralss provinces that “ The primary mission of the societal work profession is to heighten human wellbeing and assist run into the basic demands of all people ( NASW, 2006-2009, p.401 ) , ” and that is precisely what I strive to make.Impermanent Assistance for Needy Families ( TANF )While I consider myself presently in a in-between category American household, this has non ever been the instance. Turning up my household instilled in me the importance of working difficult to accomplish your ends, but despite their difficult work my household excessively faced hard fiscal times. I can retrieve times when my parents could n’t pay their measures, had to work multiple occupations, and struggled to set nutrient on the tabular array.

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Having gone through these unsmooth fiscal times, my household instilled in me the importance of giving to other people in demand and to this twenty-four hours I consider my male parent one of the most generous people I know. He would give everything he had to assist person in demand, whether he knew them or non. A common prejudice is that people in demand are lazy or unqualified, but this is far from the truth. I have witnessed several households, including my ain work really hard to raise their household, yet still struggle to do it.One childhood experience that stands out in my head is traveling into the food market shop with one of my best friend ‘s female parent who was unemployed after losing her occupation of 12 old ages due to the shop that she worked for shutting.

My friend ‘s female parent had told us that she was traveling to acquire food markets and that we needed to deflect the food market shops doorman when we were go forthing, because she had no money to pay for the food markets. Although I was cognizant that what she was making was incorrect, I knew she needed to feed her household. My friend ‘s ma did non steal munificent points as one would anticipate if you were stealing, she merely took the points she needed to feed her household. During the auto drive place, my friend ‘s female parent apologized to us and explained that she is merely excessively abashed to use for Welfare or travel on unemployment and that all of the nest eggs she had prior to being unemployed is now gone. This has been a memory that I have carried with me since that twenty-four hours. Although I felt that there was small I could make at that clip, I believe that it is non merely my responsibility to assist people in demand, but societies as a whole.I believe that authorities and society have an duty to step in and assist households that are in demand.

I do non believe that any female parent should hold to steal nutrient to feed her household. I consider it my responsibility to “ advance national criterions and policies for the bringing of benefits and plans that serve as a safety cyberspace for all people during times of poorness ( NASW, 2006-2009, P. 364 ) .

” I agree with the NASW Code of Ethical motives that all people are entitled to the basic needs to last. As a societal work pupil, I feel duty to recommend for households in demand and to develop plans that educate people on the demand for public assistance reform.Schneider ( 1999 ) radius of the demand to reform public assistance and for a displacement in policy to concentrate on set uping cosmopolitan benefits. I am in understanding with this every bit good as the demand to “ reject the position that views failure to develop wealth as a personal failure without mention to structural inequalities ( NASW, 2006-2009, p.363 ) . ” I believe that it is of import to advance instruction and fight the stereotypes associated with people in demand. As a societal worker I will supply services and reding to households fighting to last and I anticipate confronting many challenges due to the ordinances and policies that are presently in topographic point.

Rights of Legal and Illegal Immigrants

Immigrants in the United States have faced a great trade of favoritism, inequality, and poorness throughout history.

It is difficult for me to understand how people can be treated so ill merely because they were non born an “ American. ” When I consider the United States, I believe it is a runing pot state and that all people deserve the right to hold their basic demands met despite their legal position in this state. I agree with the codification of moralss that societal workers need to be sensitive to cultural and cultural diverseness and strive to stop favoritism, subjugation, poorness, and other signifiers of societal unfairness ( NASW, 2006-2009, p. 401 ) .Whether immigrants are legal or illegal, they are people excessively and should be treated with self-respect and regard. Legal immigrants have to travel through a hard and extended procedure to go a citizen, which I believe is one ground why there are several illegal immigrants populating in the United States. I think that alternatively of developing harsher in-migration Torahs, this state needs to help illegal immigrants in the procedure of deriving citizenship, an instruction, and work. I agree with Padilla ( 2008 ) in that immigrant statute law must handle people every bit, promote societal justness systematically, and acknowledge the significance of human relationships.

NASW ( 2006-2009 ) recognizes that policies should advance societal justness and avoid racism and favoritism or profiling on the footing of race, faith, state of beginning, gender, etc. ( p. 227 ) . My positions are consistent with NASW and I believe that the recent push for harsher in-migration Torahs is a terrorizing reverse for this state. It makes me perfectly horrified that the province of Arizona would even seek to transfuse a jurisprudence that would name for constabulary officers to look into for in-migration position and require immigrants to supply cogent evidence that they are authorized to be in this state. This jurisprudence straight conflicts with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that “ acknowledge the right to go forth one ‘s state as a basic human right ( NASW, 2006-2009, p.

226 ) .As a societal worker I think it is critical to recommend for people who have small or no political voice and who have faced such rough favoritism throughout history. Bing that I am considered a white in-between category American, I will necessitate to ever be believing about cultural diverseness with my clients. Although I would be obligated to describe undocumented citizens, I besides feel that it is my ethical duty to supply all people with the information and services they need to carry through their basic endurance demands.

Emotional Expression of the Client and the Worker

I entered this profession because of my compassion to assist others. For every bit long as I can retrieve, I ever wanted to assist people in demand. During high school, my impulse to assist grew as I witnessed my fellow pupils being bullied for how they dressed or what type of house they lived in. Although I was considered a “ popular ” miss, I did non like that some people were considered “ unpopular.

” I did non believe that sorting and judging people to be better so person else was just or justified. I was friends with everyone in high school and refused to acquire involved in the intimidation that was go oning all around me.It was during my junior twelvemonth of High School that I took action.

I spoke with my high school counsel section and expressed my concern with the targeting of the underprivileged or “ unpopular ” pupils in the school. I told them that I wanted to make something about the job and begged for their support. I was granted permission to get down an Anti-harassment Group, which I successfully did with the aid of some other recruited pupils. Together we went out of our manner to supply all pupils with friendly relationships and support. We revised the school ‘s policy on intimidation, created anti-bullying contracts, gave presentations to all categories ( high school, in-between school, and simple ) , and exhausted clip with fellow pupils who were frequently targeted by others.

We as “ popular ” pupils discouraged intimidation and worked difficult to alter the repute of strong-arming being “ cool. ”I carry this compassion to assist others with me in pattern and think that it is of import for societal workers to demo emotional look when working with clients. I feel that it is perfectly appropriate to show 1s emotions and demo compassion and fondness when working in this field. Although I maintain that emotional look is of import, I believe that keeping curative boundaries with clients is every bit of import. I besides agree with The Code of Ethics that societal workers should non prosecute in any physical contact with clients if there is a possibility that the contact may do psychological injury ( NASW, 2006-2009, p.

407 ) .As the Assistant Program Manager of an Adolescent Community Residence, I ran into issues environing curative boundaries and emotional look of client and workers on multiple occasions. Adolescents remained in the group place for about 1 A?-2 old ages. Many of the occupants in the group place sought out fondness from the staff. When a occupant was holding a unsmooth clip, I felt that it was appropriate to give them a clinch and reassure them that staff was at that place to back up them and assist them acquire through their hard times. I felt that by utilizing the emotional look of myself helped to develop a trusting and curative relationship.As it is my desire to work with kids and striplings, I imagine that I will hold to face issues of emotional look of ego and curative boundaries in the hereafter.

I think that in pattern, I will hold to be witting and utilize my discretion about the sum of emotional support used while working with clients. I besides think that it will be of import for me to see a clients race, civilization, gender, past experiences, etc. on how comfy the client may or may non be with emotional look and physical contact.

Religious Beliefs

Turning up I had really small exposure to faith ; nevertheless, I was able to acknowledge the impact faith and spiritualty has on other people ‘s lives.

Religion and spiritualty became a world to me when I studied abroad in Thailand. Religion and spiritualty was at the centre of their civilization, and guided their determinations and attitudes on a day-to-day footing. Although I have limited cognition in this country, ensnarling myself in Thai civilization made me acknowledge the power spiritualty and faith can hold on people and society as a whole.I besides have witnessed the curative consequence faith and spiritualty can hold people.

The NASW Code of Ethics ( 2006-2009 ) provinces that, “ Social workers should obtain instruction about and seek to understand the nature of societal diverseness and subjugation with regard to race, ethnicity, national beginning, colour, sex, sexual orientation, age, matrimonial position, political belief, faith, and mental or physical disablement. Although I do non see myself a spiritual individual, I think that it is important for societal workers to understand the spiritual and religious beliefs of their clients. I am in understanding with Dale et Al. ( 2006 ) that understanding the importance of spiritualty, the nature of organized faith, and secular utilizations of faith is cardinal in understanding the development of human character and societal establishments. Without deriving this penetration, a societal worker may pique or disrespect their client merely because they are non cognizant of life styles and imposts based in their spiritualty or faith.As a societal worker I will promote my clients to discourse their religious and spiritual beliefs and how it affects their lives.

Based on my limited cognition about this country, I will hold to be excess cautious non to judge or pigeonhole people because of their spiritual or religious pick. If clients want to discourse faith and spiritualty, I will be consecutive forward with them and allow them cognize that I have limited cognition in that country but that I am unfastened to listening and larning about their beliefs and experiences with faith and spiritualty.

Provision and Use of Social Services

I believe that the construct of societal services and supplying aid to people in demand is really of import to the field of societal work.

I understand that the end of societal services is to assist people financially, supply nutrient aid, catastrophe alleviation, medical services, and employment ; nevertheless, I believe that the procedure to obtain these services demands to be streamlined. The drawn-out and mortifying procedure that people/families in demand have to digest can do farther emotional hurt on the person and household.Turning up I have witnessed people excessively embarrassed or humiliated to use societal services due to the stigma associated with it. I experienced this first manus while assisting households at the Community Residence I worked at attempt to obtain the services they needed. Often times, I would wait in drawn-out lines with the households I worked with seeking to assist them obtain aid and so be denied do to the paperwork or certification non being adequate for what is needed, or the households to be ineligible for services. I believe that many people/families are being turned down for services based on the many commissariats and specific demands.

Although some people/families that are denied services can set up other agencies to last, non all can make so. I understand that there needs to be ordinances on services ; nevertheless, I do non believe that anyone should be denied aid obtaining the services they need for endurance ( i.e.

nutrient, shelter, medical attention, etc. ) .The NASW Code of Ethics ( 2006-2009 ) maintains that “ Social workers should recommend for life conditions conducive to the fulfilment of basic human demands and should advance societal, economic, political, and cultural values and establishments that are compatible with the realisation of societal justness. ” As societal worker, I believe that it is their ethical duty to recommend for people in demand and advance a individual ‘s right to self-government. I think that given a opportunity and the tools needed ; people can do positive alterations in their lives.

Belcher et Al. ( 2004 ) examined faith-based intercessions and the broad societal public assistance province and came to the decision that although faith-based intercessions could supply some basic supports, the drive force for societal alteration should stay with the province. Although I agree that the province should be taking duty, I do esteem faith-based intercessions seeking to step-up the home base and make full some spreads.As a societal worker I believe that I will frequently happen myself recommending for my clients need for societal services. I believe that at times this procedure can go nerve-racking and run outing, as the current societal service system is non run intoing the demands of the people it is designed to function.

For illustration, if a household is denied for services because they make a twosome dollars above the cutoff for services, I think that the system is being excessively simplistic and non sing the entireness of the state of affairs. It is my belief that the societal services system needs to take a more holistic attack alternatively of holding extended commissariats, demands, and cutoffs for the services.

Pro-life Versus Pro-choice

Ever since I can retrieve, my household instilled in me the belief that abortions were incorrect and even considered them “ slaying. ” As I approached the age of sexual activity, my household was really vocal about practising safe sex and their positions against abortion. My female parent informed me that I was non a planned gestation and that although she was a adolescent female parent and unprepared for the duty ; she would hold ne’er made the pick to hold an abortion. Despite my households strict beliefs sing abortion, my values are different from my households. I believe that there are state of affairss when abortions should happen or at least be the pick of the female parent.The NASW Code of Ethics maintains that it is the societal workers duty to “ advance the right of the client ‘s to self-government ( p.

404 ) ” and defines that as being “ without authorities intervention, people can do their ain determinations about gender and reproduction ( P. 147 ) . ” Although I would non see an abortion as an option for myself, I understand that to others, it might be the best option for them. Abramovitz ( 1996 ) pointed out that throughout history there have been policies and conditions that have forced adult females to do childbirth determinations based on the conditions of assistance or public aid, and I believe that is an violation on their constitutional right of generative pick.As a societal worker, I believe that it is my ethical duty to back up and supply information so clients can do informed determinations when sing an abortion.

I would happen myself conflicted if working with a patient who has had multiple abortions, because despite sing myself pro-choice, I besides have great value for life and giving life. I believe that all people should hold generative pick, but should non mistreat the determination to abort or utilize abortion as a signifier of birth control.

Rights of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered People

Turning up, one of my best friend ‘s had “ two female parents, ” as she would state. Throughout simple school and in-between school, I witnessed how my friend and her household were treated and I rapidly understood why she did non desire people to cognize about her female parent ‘s sexual orientation.

We grew up in a little rural community and were non exposed to people of different sexual orientations or penchants really frequently. This friend was bullied and ridiculed in school by equals because of her female parent ‘s sexual orientation. I myself did non understand why two adult females would be together or in love ; nevertheless, after acquiring to cognize my friends household, I came to recognize that one could non command their feelings or who they fell in love with.Sing the favoritism and bias that my friend and her household went through was really frustrating because after acquiring to cognize the household and apprehension that it is okay to hold different sexual orientations or penchants, I did n’t see them any different from my household or anyone else ‘s. I had a similar experience in high school with one of my friend ‘s male parent being transgender and once more witnessed a great trade of favoritism against this household.

I do n’t believe a individual should be denied the right to love person else based on sexual individuality, penchant, or orientation. I do non understand how people can be denied the right of matrimony, a brotherhood between two people, because they are sapphic, homosexual, bisexual or transgender. I agree with the NASW Code of Ethics that same gender and transgender persons should be afforded the same rights and regard as all people ( NASW, 2006-2009, p. 247 ) .I feel that a ambitious circumstance that I could confront as a societal worker will be to turn to households that have kids or other relations who are LGBT and do non O.K. of them.

As a societal worker it would be my ethical duty to educate on the right of self-government and nondiscrimination.

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