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Shafi school was named Shafi after Muhammad ibn Idris ash-Shafi`i. Being portion of the Muhammad ‘s household he was linked to be from Quraishi folk. He was born in 150 AH ( 760CE ) in Gaza. Shafi ‘s school is the 2nd largest school followed by the Sunni muslim community comprising of 29 % Muslim in the universe. Al Shafi ‘s school resort to four beginnings of law to present new Torahs. These four beginnings are besides known as Usul al-fiqh. The four beginnings are: –

Primary beginnings

A· Quran- the holy book for Muslims. Muslim resort to the Quran for verbal Godhead counsel and moral way for day-to-day life.

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A· The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad – the words and patterns of Prophet

Muhamamd is taken into history to associate to modern twenty-four hours jobs.

Secondary Beginnings

A· Ijma – This is besides known as consensus. This is a procedure through which Muslim community decides the existent significance of the words said by Prophet Muhammad. Some of the illustration poetries which were interpreted by the Muslim Community are:

O ” My followings will ne’er hold upon an mistake or what is incorrect ”

O ” God ‘s manus is with the full community ”

This has been the most of import analysis in history of Islam. This is because there were many such poetries said by Prophet Muhammad, which could hold easy been misinterpreted. Thus this community was formed to construe His words and come to a determination with the consensus of the bulk.

This procedure was besides debated between the Shi’ite and Sunni. Sunni on one manus respects Ijma every bit of import as Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H ) for beginning of counsel and jurisprudence constitution. While Shi’ite respects Ijma to be of secondary importance merely, as the believe Quran and Sunnah are free from errors.

A· Qiyas – This besides means Analogy. This fundamentally is a procedure through which legal understandings are made, when confronting instances which has non been discussed in past. Torah are merely passed by coming up with logical grounds taken out of the Quran or Sunnah to come to a decision.

Al Shafi ‘s school followed ijma by the understanding of the whole community at big. While the contention against it was that the whole community could non come to one determination at big. While ‘ijma ‘ was formed otherwise in the other school of idea. For illustration to organize ‘ijma ‘ Hanafi school took sentiment of Islamic legal expert merely. On the other manus Maliki took sentiment from merely the occupants of Medina.

The Sunni law accepts Qiyas as the 4th beginning of Sharia. The Shi’ie community on other manus disagrees with this procedure. In fact they have replaced this 4th beginning with their ain ‘aql ‘ , which means to ground. Following Qiyas as a beginning of Islam jurisprudence has been in contention for long in the Muslim community. The truster of Qiyas as being the Forth beginning of Islamic jurisprudence puts frontward the expression of Prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H ) frontward to support their point. Prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H ) one time said, “ Where there is no regulation to prohibit something, I will Judge amongst you harmonizing to ground, ” . Through this Sunni Community agreed upon holding Qiyas as beginning of jurisprudence.

Following Qiyas has been in contention in the Muslim community for long. When Islam was under growing and enlargement phase among assorted civilizations and societies most jobs were been solved by the usage of Qiyas. For illustration the Persians formed their ain legal expert to work out jobs by the aid of Qiyas as they were separate from the place town of Islam – Medina. This rose many contentions as the Umayyad Dynasty swayers misused this power.

Shafi School followed all the four beginning of Islamic jurisprudence. But regarded qiyas being the weakest among all for coming to a decision. Imam Shafi believed analogy should non be used as a base, as it might travel against the existent significance of the Quran or Sunnah. His instance against qiyas would be that if each community had the power to pull strings logical thinking, so the legal system would be disrupted. His school of thought therefore became more celebrated among the Sunni community. While on the other manus Hanafi ‘s school supported qiyas strongly. This school of idea is regarded to pattern qiyas greatly to come to a decision. They put forward their thought by giving judgement on emerging jobs, non merely by the usage of Quran and Sunnah, but besides maintaining in head the Spirit of Islam. They were criticized for giving judgement or passing regulations based on the involvement of public and Muslim community instead than based on facts.

Shafi ‘s school has been working on the rules set by Imam Shafi. Imam Shafi was non a great truster of qiyas. His school about excluded analogical determination for decisions. They were celebrated for fall backing to determinations given by associating the case in points, tradition and originality of Islam. This was one of the grounds why the Sunni community followed Shafi ‘s school of idea. Bing a house truster of Prophet Muhammad ‘s words or Hadith to come to an determination made this school more preferable among the Sunni community. While the Shi’ite who believed that the Hadith is non perfect as they were largely dictated by Prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H ) comrades such as Abu Bakr are non believable. These Controversies divded the Muslim community in Sunni and Shi’ite. Thus is besides lead Sunni to prefer Shafi ‘s school, while Shi’ite preferred Hanafi ‘s school of idea as it gave more weight age to qiyas for concluding determination.

Imam Shafi believed that merely that Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H ) should be accepted that explains the Quran. This rose contentions among other school of ideas as they accept all the Sunnah of the Prophet. His believe was to hold independent resoning merely based on the Prophet Muhamamd ‘s words associating to the Quran. This is besides called Ijtihad. His works ‘risala ‘ which was of import in the Islamic jurisprudence universe shaped the Islamic Jurisprudence. His work did non acquire any visible radiation for centuries, but today his work is been by bookmans to understand Islamic jurisprudence. He was called the laminitis of Islamic Torahs due to this, but so was called a mastermind as his thoughts inspired modern yearss state of affairss.

In decision Al Shafi ‘s School has been an inspiration or school for Torahs for Sunni. This is because they follow Quran foremost, secondly Hadith of Prophet Muhammad to come to an decision. If these beginnings do non assist so secondary beginning -‘ijma ‘ is used and in conclusion qiyas is used for concluding judgement. Due to this different cantonments of bomber groups formed. Sunni who believed in ahl al-hadith which is advocates of tradition and the other Shi’te who believed in ahl al-ra’y which means advocates of ground. These were the statement put frontward by these two parties. But finally Al Shafi had a large impact on the Sunni Muslim Community.

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