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Conflicts widened between the North and the South as two sides collided in every event before the Civil War. The North and the South were really different in many ways. They were known as two different states because of their cultural and economic differences. The dissensions between the North and the South aggravated the separation that was shortly to follow. When the North gained the control of the authorities. the South seceded.

The North was industrialized and had many mills. It besides included railway paths of more than 20. 000 stat mis. The railway transferred colonists. manufactured goods. wheat. and natural stuffs. On the other manus. the South was really agricultural. consisted of many plantations and little farms. The North was far more advanced in the technological field. Because of its industrial environment. most immigrants settled in the North. As a consequence. the North’s population grew much faster. Merely a little figure of immigrants settled in the South because there were non plenty occupations available due to slavery. These differences show that the North and the South were non united even before the Civil War.

Dred Scott vs. Sanford was a battle over a black slave who was taken to a free province by his proprietor. Dred Scott. who lived in a slave province Missouri. was taken to the free district in Illinois and Wisconsin. Scott sued his proprietor for his freedom claiming that he lived in a free province. therefore he had become a free adult male. The test eventually reached the Supreme Court. The Court ruled that being in free district does non do a slave free. Dred Scott lost the instance and was still considered a slave.

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The race for the U. S. senate began between Democrat Stephen Douglas and Republican Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln believed that the “government can non digest for good half slave. half free” while Douglas believed in popular sovereignty. Both Lincoln and Douglas agreed to halt bondage but they disagreed on how to maintain it out. There were many arguments between the two and many important inquiries were answered in these arguments. Douglas. who showed his intelligence and inventiveness during the argument. won the senate place.

Another event stroked the struggle between the North and the South. John Brown. a extremist emancipationist. felt that he was the courier of God. He was analyzing the slave rebellions in the ancient Rome because there was a similar rebellion in the United States. He had mistaken that the Southerners killed five of his work forces. Brown sought retaliation. He and his work forces sneaked into a proslavery colony in Kansas and killed five work forces. John Brown’s engagement in the Bleeding Kansas led to the Harpers Ferry Raid. Brown’s program was to capture the federal armory at Harpers Ferry. Virginia and administer the arms to slaves. His program failed and John Brown was captured. Soon after. he was hung for lese majesty.

The campaigners struggled for ballots from each and every province in the Election of 1860. The Democrats split over into Northern Democrats who supported Douglas and Southern Democrats who supported J. C. Breckinridge. The little parties such as Know-Nothings. Whigs. and moderate Northerners formed Constitutional Union Party. John Bell was their campaigner. The Republican Party supported another campaigner. Abraham Lincoln.

The ballots were counted and Lincoln emerged as the president of the United States. The Election of 1860 gave disadvantages to the Southerners. Fearing that Republicans would convey them under their control and extinguish bondage in the South. the Southerners looked for a manner out. They lost their religion and assurance and believed that sezession was their lone manner.

South Carolina seceded and Mississippi followed along. Florida. Alabama. Georgia. Louisiana and Texas joined few hebdomads subsequently. The Southern provinces created a Union known as the Confederacy. They created their ain fundamental law. which was a small different from the fundamental law of the United States. In the Confederate Constitution. the people were allowed to have slaves and travel them from one province to another. The term of president was six old ages and protective duties were prohibited.

After these serious. terrorizing events. the Civil War was fought. During the three yearss in July. over 160. 000 work forces fought. fell. and died in the quiet town of Pennsylvania. Blood and dead organic structures were in every sight. However. this was merely the beginning of the Civil War.

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