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The word ‘Mass’ comes from ‘Ist Missa Est’, which is the Latin translation. ‘Mass’ is usually only used by Roman Catholics. Other Christian groups may refer to it as ‘The Lords Supper’,’Holy Communion’ or ‘Breaking of the Bread’. Mass is about celebration, singing and getting closer to God. It is also about remembering those who have died or are ill.At the start of the Mass, the people have a chance to say sorry to God/Jesus if they have done anything wrong and ask for all their sins to be forgiven. The Gloria is said on Sundays, it is a hymn of praise and may be sung or said. The opening prayer follows which expresses the theme of the Mass.The Mass is divided into two main parts. First it’s ‘The Liturgy of The Word’. This part is done around the Lectern. It consists of readings not from the Bible itself but from a Lectionary. The Bible readings are arranged so that all four Gospels are read over a three-year cycle. The purposes of the readings are:* The Bible is the word of God to his people. It shows that God promises to save all the people through his son, Jesus Christ.* The readings are spiritual food for the life of the Church.* Christ is always present through the words of scripture.There are several readings in this first part of the Mass. The First Reading, which is read from the Old Testament (from the Acts of the Apostles during Eastertide), followed by a Psalm which reflects on the First Reading.The Second Reading, which is read from the New Testament, often Letters, Acts or Revelation.The Gospel is read only by the Priest or a Deacon carried in Pomp to Lectern.The Homily follows in which the priest tries to put the Gospel reading into modern context.The Creed (profession of Faith) is recited by everyone, usually the Nicene Creed.Last, The Prayers of the Faithful (Bidding Prayers).People pray for the needs of the Church, the world, the Local Community, the sick and their families and close friends. Also they thank God for all they have.The Second main part of the Mass is done around the Altar. This is called ‘The Liturgy of the Eucharist’ the gifts of bread and wine are brought up to the front, for the offertory to the priest. Thanks are given to God for the bread and wine and the priest washes his hands whilst quickly asking God to cleanse him from sin. After the prayer over the bread and wine the priest says one of the four Eucharistic prayers. The People acknowledge the works of God and in offering the sacrifice. The priest re-enacts the key events at the Last Supper, the consecration, and the transformation of the body and blood of Christ into bread and wine (this is also known as Transubstantiation). After the priest has said the Preface alone, everyone joins in the ‘Holy, Holy’, which is a prayer of praise. The Eucharistic Prayer follows during which we remember the words that Jesus had said at the Last Supper and the Bread and wine is consecrated. Some Catholics believe that the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Christ. Not all Christians believe that this actually happens, (some believe that this part of the proceedings is just a symbolic act of memorial).The Rite of Communion follows during which everyone all says the Our Father together, which is the prayer given to us by Jesus himself. The Peace offering follows during which we have the chance to show our neighbour that we are unified with them in our love for God and Jesus Christ. The ‘Agnes Dei’, which is Latin for ‘Lamb of God’, reminds us that Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice because he died for all of mankind. After everyone has received Holy Communion there is a final prayer which the priest will say before he announces any notices on behalf of other people or of interest to the people attending the Mass. When the final Blessing is over the priest will finish off the Ceremony by saying ‘Go in the Peace of Christ’, ‘The Mass is ended, go in peace’ or by saying ‘ Go in peace to love and server the Lord. The priest tells the people to always try and follow in the Footsteps of Jesus. To help anyone in need or to take care of anyone who is sick. Also to take to the Community what they have learnt in the Mass about Jesus and God.Part BIt is important for a Catholic to regularly attend Mass for many reasons. Catholics should gather together and pray to God as a Christian community. To keep their faith in God and Jesus strong and if they have made any sins they can ask for forgiveness before the Mass and be free of sin. Jesus had said, “When two or three gather in my name, I will be with them”. When a Catholic goes to church, they are in the house of God and to attend a Mass in the house of God should be a privilege for all Christians, and it should feel like as if they are with God. By attending the Mass it shows a Catholics love and commitment to God and their dedication to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. It is important to listen to Gods word straight from the Bible and what he expects of his people. They should all try to become better people.It is important for a Catholic to keep Holy the Sabbath Day, it is a commandment which therefore all Christians must follow. When they go to Mass and go up to receive Holy Communion, they are receiving Jesus, the Bread and Wine becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. This is where Jesus told all his disciples, “Do this in memory of me” at the Last Supper. We remember then the ultimate sacrifice he made for us, for all of mankind. Catholics are told at the Mass how Jesus Christ, the descendant of God had died for us, but he is in every Christians heart and mind.Mass is also a time to pray for those who are in need, whether they are sick, going through a rough time in their lives or have recently experienced a death in the family or a close friend. Catholics can also help the church by taking on particular jobs such as a reader, member of the choir or a Eucharistic minister. By doing so they can contribute to the life of the local Christian community.Part C’Praying to God in private is more important than attending services in church’I do not agree with this statement. The Church specifies the importance of attending Mass on a Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation. It is much better for Catholics to be in one community and under one roof and pray to God together. It is more Spiritually Cleansing for Catholics to pray in the house of God. They may gain strength from being with other Christians.Some people may like to receive Holy Communion, which becomes the Body and Blood of Christ so it feels like Christ is in them and a part of their lives. They are also fulfilling the command of Jesus in which he says, “Do this in memory of me”. Some people who find it hard to mix with other people and fit in will feel more comfortable praying in Church because everyone is here for the same reason and no one is different from them, they all want to pray to God whether its asking for something, praying for someone who is sick or if they have a big opportunity approaching and just asking good luck for the future to come. As said before Jesus had said, “Where two or three gather in my name, I will be with them”.On the other hand Jesus had said, “When u pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret”. People may find it much better to pray in private for many reasons. Prayer should be a personal duty, which Catholics must carry out on their own. When someone prays you shouldn’t pray in a local place where many can see you so you get praise that isn’t the meaning of prayer at all. When someone prays it should be between you and your God and no one else. People find it more comfortable praying in private because then they can say whatever they wish to say, if they have a secret wish they wish to share with their Lord they have no worries of anyone finding out.The time spent travelling to church can be used for prayer. People who have a disability, old aged or sick may find it more convenient to stay at home and pray. People can pray wherever they want, in the bath, whilst driving to work or when washing up.Private prayer is more comforting because its like a direct conversation between you and your God and more open as well. Whatever you say will be straight from the heart to God and no one will have to know about what you did.Perhaps it’s not where or when you pray and worship God but it is important to do so out of love, commitment and dedication without seeking praise or attention. As long as what you say to God is from your heart, mind and soul it doesn’t matter wherever you go to pray.

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