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IKEA stockholders are intended to better and beef up IKEA image as an environmental witting corporation and engage Neway Consultancy to calculate it out. Constructing a park is a good manner of stand foring IKEA environmental friendly policy. IKEA will necessitate 2 old ages to finish this undertaking. In stage 1, commission board has to be form to guarantee the undertaking is heading the right manner and making it the proper manner. It ensures that the design of park is accepted by community and stuffs and vehicles used in constructing the park adhere to the environment policy demand. In stage 2, building will get down after the design for the park has been confirmed and attempt is seting in to cut down the perturbation for the local community. Publicity will be placed nearby building site to construct wonder among the community towards the undertaking. When the park is about complete, phase 3 is taken into action by measuring the community responds towards the undertaking and farther modified the park to run into stakeholders ‘ demands. Phase 4 would be managing of the park to the authorities to go on for care of the park. Phase 5 is the launching of the park and changeless care of the park.

Challenges faces by IKEA are the scarce country in major metropolis where the park chosen to construct. There may be deficiency of work force in finishing the park in a short clip. To rush up the completion of the park, resettlement of works from other topographic points will do environment job to bing ecosystem.

The benefits of stakeholder are acquiring a topographic point where they could loosen up during their after working clip, cut down urban heat island consequence to the metropolis, provide fresh air to the metropolis and filtrate the contaminated air.

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The benefits to IKEA are the public consciousness towards the importance of protecting the environment shown by IKEA. It attracts tourer and community to see the park and acknowledge IKEA as an environmental friendly corporation. It besides helps to increase the consumer visit to IKEA through the promotion from the park.


1. Introduction: 4

2. Environmental Aspect 4

3. Action Plan 4

Phase 1 – Formation of the Committee Board 5

Phase 2 – Execution of the Propose Plan 5

Phase 3 – Outcomes Evaluation 6

Phase 4 – Accountability 6

Phase 5 – Sustainability Planing 6

4. Challenges to Implementation 6

Hard to obtain suited land 6

Traveling bing works from other country will make more harm than good 7

Labour is difficult to happen 7

5. Benefits to the stakeholder 7

A topographic point to loosen up 7

Help cut down planetary heating 7

Contribution of property 7

6. Benefits to Ikea 7

7. Decision 8

8. Reference List: 9

9. Appendix: Authorship Listing 10


Neway Consultancy is a well-established company which aid to steer their clients on their end and supplying feasible solution. It is hired by IKEA to propose ways to better its societal public presentation and corporate citizenship. As IKEA is an environmentally-conscious company which looking frontward to carry through their environmental policy, IKEA could construct an eco-friendly diversion park nearby its warehouse shops.

Environmental Aspect

This proposal covers the environmental facet of societal public presentation for the interest of the stakeholders. Environmental facet is defined as an component of the organisation ‘s activities, merchandises or services that can interact with the environment. ( Dr D. Ganguly ) The modern society expected more from a company which non simply do net incomes, but besides contribute to the environment. ( IKEA environmental and societal issues, 2001 ) . Therefore IKEA makes attempt to the environment. This will derive regard from the people and gain good credibleness. Therefore, society will back up IKEA more. The stakeholders related to this proposal are the clients, workers and society. Corporate duty of IKEA is to guarantee a green and healthy environment for them.

IKEA new park will be located in an country where the development is huge and there are about no Parks in that country. In this proposal, our aiming country is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where there is full of office edifice and promenades that to the full occupied. Park is a pollution-free country where citizens in the busy metropolis could impermanent flights from their busy life style and bask the vegetations and zoologies. It besides provides freshman and cleaner air from the planted trees and reduces the planetary heating and island heat consequence.

Action Plan

To set this proposal into practical, it requires 5 stages to put to death the program in supplying community with a healthy environment. This proposal timeframe would take about 2 old ages to finish.

Phase one: formation of the commission board

Phase one of the undertakings would take approximately half a twelvemonth to be completed.

1 ) Choice of specializers from different Fieldss to organize a commission board

a ) To seek and supervise for the most suited land to construct eco-friendly park

B ) To negociate with the land proprietor for the verification of the land

degree Celsius ) To make research and choice few established and award-winning architecture and landscape companies to be after and plan the park to carry through the demands for eco-friendly intent. This is to guarantee better quality of the design.

vitamin D ) To look into and supervise the advancement of the park to guarantee that the program and design intent of the architecture squad would n’t rolling out from the end set by IKEA. This is to minimise the opportunities of failure and blowing the resources. The standards of eco-friendly park such as provide recycle bins in the park, seting new trees often, park landscape gardening to cut down dirt eroding, uses energy salvaging merchandises and so on. ( National Association of RV Parks & A ; Campgrounds. 2010 )

vitamin E ) To take the best and most eco-friendly design from each of the company and publish to the populace for voting. This will promote the engagement of the populace in giving thoughts for the best involvement to the undertaking. At the same clip, IKEA can derive free promotion as this will be the hot subjects among the populace when they aware of this immense undertakings.

degree Fahrenheit ) To pass on with the authorities, NGO and environmental organic structures for their support and engagement in this undertaking. This helps to foster beef up the belief and support of the community towards the undertaking.

Phase 2: Execution of the propose program

The execution of the propose program would take approximately a twelvemonth to finish.

1 ) To fence the country environing the park so that no intruder would upset the on-going building activity.

2 ) To get down the building activities. Committee board demand to guarantee that the C footmark due to the building activities cut downing to the upper limit. The vehicle of the provider and contractor must adhere to the emanation ordinance in the policy set by IKEA.

3 ) Promotion in the mass media of the creative activity of the park. This helps raise consciousness of the populace, acquire attending, and construct a green and positive image for IKEA. Leaflet and booklet printed in recycling eco-friendly paper. Banner surround the building site printed with eco-friendly ink. Environment friendly fertiliser used to works the leafy vegetables trees and workss. The messages of traveling green demand to be deliver to the populace.

Phase 3: rating of the successful of the undertaking before establishing

Phase 3 will be go oning for 3 months.

1 ) To measure the public respond towards the pre-launching of the eco-friendly park. The sentiment of the populace is of import for the commission board to measure public satisfaction towards IKEA ‘s undertaking in constructing the park. From at that place, IKEA can garner the information to cognize how good their publicity schemes for the park. Public feedbacks will be reviewed for the betterment of the park.

Phase 4: answerability of the park

Phase 4 will be done in the last 3 months.

IKEA will subscribe an understanding with the authorities to give power for keeping the park. IKEA may invariably supply fund every twelvemonth to support and better the installations in the park. IKEA will besides form environmental activities in the park to raise consciousness and educate the populace the importance to protect the environment.

Phase 5: keep the sustainability of the park towards the nature

1 ) Launching of the eco-friendly park

2 ) The workss in the Parkss will self sustain under the normal status provided that the nurseryman H2O it during drouth and security guards will be employed to assist regulate the park from hooliganism.

3 ) To interact and run intoing with authorities for the job and solution that occur in the park every 6 months.

4 ) To supply shuttle coach from the IKEA promenade to the park. This is to supply the convenient for the stakeholders.

Challenges and hazards of execution

1 ) It is really difficult to acquire a suited land around the metropolis Centre and demand strong dialogue to acquire the best monetary value. The land in the metropolis Centre are expensive as they consider as “ aureate ” country which can utilize to gain batch of net incomes by constructing commercial Centre, condominium, and promenades. The hazard is that IKEA might non suited land in the nearby the community country.

2 ) Searching for the assortment of trees and workss to works in the park. As the timeframe for is a rather short to implement the whole undertaking, large trees and other works may needed to be shift from other. This may make more injury to bing environment.

3 ) The park needs to be finished building in 2 old ages clip, so the labour issue create job. When the clip to construct is short, more labors needed than usual to run into the deadline. Workers need to be imported from neighboring state to cut down the labor cost. Their on the job license is a large challenge that needs to be settled.

Benefits to the stakeholder

After execution of the proposal, these are the benefits that the stakeholders can acquire.

1 ) A topographic point to loosen up the head and spend clip in natural environment. In the metropolis Centre, the community can barely see something green. Skyscrapers are more familiar for them. They spend more clip in the promenade. So the park is a topographic point where they can acquire near to the nature. ( What is a recreational eco-park, 2009 )

2 ) Reduce the planetary heating consequence. The combustion of fossils fuels in industry country or even from auto has produce nursery gases like C dioxide. By making a park, the trees and workss can bring forth O and utilize up C dioxide, so this can cut down nursery gases and cut down planetary heating. ( A.Farrar, 2007 ) .

3 ) Contemplation of the incorporation of the local community. During the vote of the design, local community can show of the cultural diverseness value into the park. This allows the stakeholders to lend in the property of the park and experience about their part in the park. ( What is a recreational eco-park, 2009 )

Benefits to the IKEA

1 ) A undertaking to demo environment duty to increase its societal public presentation and corporate citizenship. This helps to prolong the natural home ground and at the same clip make a positive and green image for IKEA. ( What is a recreational eco-park, 2009 )

2 ) Attraction for local community and tourers. ( What is a recreational eco-park, 2009 ) Local community will be attracted to pass their clip with their household in the green environment while tourers can see to research the singularity of the park as shuttle coach will be provided from the promenade

3 ) Addition in the clients that visit to IKEA promenade and therefore increase the opportunities people passing money in IKEA. Customers can park their auto in the promenade and visit to the park before and after shopping.


The success in this proposal can convey betterment to the societal duty and corporate citizenship towards IKEA. This fulfils the end of IKEA in working in this undertaking as the eco-friendly park brings positive impact for IKEA and its stakeholders.

( 1500 Words )


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