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To sustain the hospitable environment that is essential to life, we must know that the resources of earth are not infinity. Earth’s limited resources must be conserved and somewhere possible recycled. Furthermore, people must develop new strategy to facilitate the process of environment conservation with the economic growth. The prosperity of world depends on the sustainable conservation method our society make while also meet the basic needs of residents. All these protections needs developing countries and developed countries collaborate o ensure the conservation progress.

Thus, we can easily conclude that individuals can hardly handle the environmental issue. First of all, a single person cannot deal with some environmental problems which require the whole society to solve. We may cite an example of population growth to illustrate the point. Population growth worldwide is at root of virtually the all the world environment problems. As the number of population growth, crowding generate pollution, destroy more habitats, use up additional resources. The most important to lower the population growth rate is by necromancy and social equity.

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The population growth rate has fallen in some developing nations where several social conditions exist: more liberty for women, ladies receive social statues equal to that of men, enable to hold jobs and own properties; in addition, birth control information in the area are widely available and women are free to make their own reproductive decisions. All these facts determine that environment growth cannot be solved by individuals. In addition, the relive of environment problem is decided by international cooperation.

Dozens of international agreements have reached in the recent decades. For example, in 2002, over 200 delegates from 200 countries convened at South Africa to establish new goals on environment conservation in the 21st century. They also call on governments pay more attention on environment problems and provide more aid to it. Without the international endeavor, human can hardly survive. Although we always state that environmental issue is too huge for us to handle, but if each of us do our part and a little more contributed to the environment, it doesn’t come a tough issue anymore.

Pedestrians do not trample on the lawn; kids do not throw litter anywhere; workers in the factory discharge sewage in accordance with relative laws. From discussed above, we conclude that environment problem is so serious that requires people to fight together. Admittedly, every person can do contribution to the environment conservation, however, mostly, the whole society plays a more important role. Therefore, reinforce my standpoint that the environmental issue is too hard for individuals to handle.

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