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On the other hand, those who are educated are making a change or trying to prevent global warming. Individuals believe that prevention serves as an inconvenience in the lives of individuals. Contrary, that is not the case. In order to change or even diminish global climate change, simple changes in individuals’ lives need to occur, specifically saving electricity, releasing less greenhouse gases especially carbon dioxide, and recycling, all of which can contribute tremendously to the prevention of global warming.

Examples of roundhouse gases that have been linked to global warming are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide chlorofluorocarbons (CIFS) and carbon monoxide (Greenhouse Gas Emissions). Carbon dioxide is released by burning fossil fuels, power plants generating electricity, driving a car, simply breathing, and deforestation. “Over the last 800,000 years, natural factors have caused the atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO), concentration to vary within a range of about 170 to 300 parts per million (Pym’ (“Global Climate Change Indicators”).

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National Climate Data Center (NCSC), supports that the incarceration of carbon dioxide has been increased by a lot in several years. “Carbon dioxide is 72% of the totally emitted greenhouse gas” (“Global Climate Change Indicators”). The amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases every year causing the weather to be warmer than the usual weather. Carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere by many everyday things like light bulbs, heat and car. How is it possible to emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?

A simple solution is for people to grow plants or trees in their backyards. The result would be that plants or trees inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen because plants or trees need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis during day time. Getting a smart car or fuel efficient car can save a lot of carbon dioxide to be released in the atmosphere. “Each gallon of gasoline you burn creates 20 pounds of CO. That’s about 6 to 9 tons of CO each year for a typical vehicle” (EPA). Also, a IV engine or higher can give you less mileage than average car and put plenty of carbon dioxide in atmosphere.

However, if one invested in a fuel efficient car, it would enable a higher gas mileage which means the car will be burning ewer gallons Of fuel and releasing less amount Of carbon dioxide. On the plus side, a long term investment by buying a fuel efficient car can help individuals save gas money due to higher gas mileage. At the same time, one may argue that fuel efficient cars are more expensive than other cars, but over the long term, fuel efficient cars would save more money on gas and emit less carbon dioxide which can save the world from ending.

Global warming prevention seems like the only logical solution. Not only will prevention helps the environment, but also assure the world’s existence for entities to come. However, one may ponder how global warming can be prevented. Prevention can actually occur within the comfort of one’s home. For instance, one could buy or replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs to release less carbon dioxide and save money every year. “A standard compact fluorescent bulb will save around one third of a tone (1 000 Kilograms) of greenhouse gas” (“How to Fight Global Warming’).

Not only can a single light bulb save a lot of carbon dioxide that is released every year, it can also help us prevent global warming along the way. Many individuals cross the world fail to turn off lights, lower the heater, or even turn off all the electronic devices when they go to work or on a trip. This task may seem minute, but can be costly. If electronics are not turned off and are still plugged in, it means that energy is being used. One can save over “1 ,OHO pounds of carbon dioxide and save almost $300 per year by unplugging them (EPA).

Imagine how much money one can save on electricity by turning off all the lights and lowering the heat when one is not home not only preventing global warming but also preventing burning down the house if any electronic gets overly charged which can lead to an explosion or gets on fire. Another task that one can contribute to prevent global warming is taking shorter showers. Studies have shown that “showers account for 2/3 of all water heating costs” (“Small Change for the Dad). However, if one takes shorter showers than the result is saving “350 pounds of carbon dioxide and about $1 Proper year (“Small Change for the Day”).

Individuals could also continuously check their home thermostat. During the winter, instead of individuals immediately turning up the heater, a possible solution could to raring heavier clothing such as sweaters or jackets. However, during the summer, individuals could avoid turning up the air conditioning and wear lighter clothing. By giving attention to one’s home thermostat, the savings add up to”2000 pounds of carbon dioxide and about $pepper year” (“Small Change for the Day”). Money is being saved plus carbon dioxide concentration is going to be less in the atmosphere, so less weather changes.

Recycling seems like a chore to some individuals but others are too lazy to separate recycle and trash. Many see plastic bottles and other non-perishable items lying around. But how many individuals take the initiative to recycle? Not many. It is not the fact that recycling is difficult, by all means it is not, but one has to go out of their way to put the effort to do so. In the United States, plastic bags are constantly being used. In the super market, school lunches, and even for manufactured products plastic bags are essential.

The production of plastic bags requires millions of gallons of fuel that might be used for heating. ‘The production of 1 keg of plastic bags requires 2 keg of oil for energy and raw material, burning 1 keg of oil creates about 3 keg of carbon oxide in the atmosphere” (“Time for Change”). Fuel is burned down to make a plastic bag which leads the carbon dioxide concentration increases. Bags are everywhere! The good part about using these plastic bags is that most of the materials used to produce the bags are recyclable and can be used again and again.

However, not everything can be recycled. In fact, ” many chemicals are unable to broken down after they have been used and may make their ways into the streams and have a disastrous affect on any forms of life that inhabit the stream” (Lee). In order to prevent this, consumers only have to put Roth a little effort, such as reading labels on chemicals, specifically cleaning solutions or other household items, and reviewing proper disposal techniques. With a little caution by the consumers, an enormous contribution will result for the world.

Batteries and old cell phones should be properly recycled. “Cell phones and Pads are made of precious metals, copper, and plastics-all of which require energy to mine and manufacture” ( EPA). If properly recycled then companies can make new phones or reuse the materials in any kind of similar technology. Whether it’s replacing a light bulb, running off that extra light, or recycling plastic bag a step toward prevention is being made. It is obvious that the world cannot be changed overnight, but every ounce of effort one individual make, can add up.

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