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Ocean Currents
Ocean currents are masses of the ocean water that flow from one place to another. 
Surface Currents
Suface currents are movements of water that flow horizontally in the upper part of the ocean surface. 
A large whirl of water within an ocean basin.
Upwelling is the rising of cold water from deeper layers to replace warmer surface water. 
Density Currents
Vertical currents of ocean water that result from density differences among water masses. 
Wave Height 
Vertical distance between trough and crest.
Horizontal distance between two successive crest or two successive trough.
The distance the wind travels across open ocean.
Daily changes in the elevation of the ocean surface. 
Tidal Range
The difference in height between successive high and low tides. 
Spring Tides
Has the greatest difference in height between successive high and low tides.
The accumulation of sediment found along the shore of a lake or an ocean. 
Wave Refraction
The bending of waves and it plays an important part in shoreline processes. 
Longshore Currents
Currents that flow parallel to the shore and move large amounts of sediment along the shore

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