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When I decided to research the types of internships available to me, I remembered one of my Professors is talking about Probation and Parole. I knew I did non desire to be a all in bull but did desire to assist persons and integrate fact-finding accomplishments to my pick of profession. Since my determination to prosecute my grade in Criminal Justice, the lone clip I can retrieve covering the subject of Probation and Parole would be when I took my Introduction to Criminal Justice. During this category, we watched a picture demoing a brief debut to what a Probation and Parole Officer responsibilities entail. Hence, this is how I made my determination to intern at a Probation and Parole Office here in Pulaski County ; it provided me with an chance to assist society, persons, and utilize my fact-finding accomplishments from clip to clip.

After questioning with two different persons, I was accepted to intern with the Department of Corrections Missouri, Division of Probation and Parole, District 11, in Phelps County. The Mission of Probation and Parole in Missouri is to “ oversee and supply rehabilitative services to adult wrongdoers in correctional establishments and Missouri communities to heighten public safety ” ( Cooper, 2012 ) . Within Missouri, 43 different territories cover the province. Each territory is assigned a certain sum of Officers and District 11 employs about 33 persons. Of these 33 persons, 23 are Probation and Parole Officers, and the staying 10 autumn into Management, Supervisory, and Clerical functions ; District 11 screens Phelps, Pulaski, Dent, Maries, and Crawford Counties. The bulk of my internship hours were accumulated in Pulaski County at the Waynesville Office. In Pulaski County entirely, there are five Military officers, these Military officers supervise on norm, give or take, 400 persons in Pulaski County entirely. This does non include Officer Wilson ‘s Interstate Compact Offender ‘s who are on supervising in other provinces.

While interning for District 11, I had the chance to interact with many different Probation and Parole Officers whose occupations varied from direction, supervisory, new hires to arouse offender caseloads. After run intoing with each person, I decided to carry on my interviews on the undermentioned three persons: 1 ) DeWayne Roach, 2 ) Phillip Cooper, and 3 ) Dana Wilson. In carry oning my interview, I emailed each Officer five different inquiries. The chief ground I chose to e-mail them was because they are really busy people and it would be more convenient for the Officers to finish the interview at their ain gait. The five inquiries chose to utilize were ;

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What was your professional experience prior to your place within Probation and Parole?

What is your current place with Probation and Parole? What are your personal ends you would wish to accomplish before go forthing the section?

What are your primary duties within your section?

Make you presently have any undertakings your working on that could or will better Probation and Parole ‘s mission to oversee and supply services to wrongdoers in order to better communities and insure public safety? If so, what are they?

In your sentiment, refering to merely your office, where do you experience Probation and Parole falls short, when covering with Clients? In what countries does Probation and Parole excel and win? Finally, what would you wish to see alteration or better within Probation and Parole itself?

I received Phillip Cooper ‘s answer foremost. Officer Cooper is the Probation and Parole Unit Supervisor for Pulaski County. The first clip I met Officer Cooper was during my interview procedure and he struck firm, rigorous, and serious ; my first feeling of him was he was a chilling foreman. After directing him my interview inquiries, I candidly thought his answer would be longer and more piquant so it was. Turns out, he was short and to the point, which lead me to believe he does non tip toe around anything, and that he is really direct.

Officer Cooper has worked in a societal work environment before going the Unit Supervisor. He was a social worker within the Department of Correction Institutions and worked in Boys and Girls Town. His hopes are to travel up the ladder and finally go a District Administrator like DeWayne Roach. Harmonizing to Officer Cooper, his primary duties consist of:

“ The supervising of 10 officers in three counties. Duties involve, but are non limited to reexamine of all staff studies ; developing new staff ; staffing warrants petitions ; staffing annulment recommendations ; reding staff on policy and process ; carry oning preliminary hearings ; reding staff ; developing public presentation ends and composing public presentation ratings for staff. Additionally, carry oning meetings ; developed and implemented a Pathway to Change Program ( cognitive restructuring plan ) for clients ; oversee the intern/volunteer plan ; take part in the Missouri Reentry Program ( community partnering ) and of class turn toing a myriad of issues as they arise on a day-to-day footing ” ( Cooper, 2012 ) .

A undertaking Officer Cooper brought to Probation and Parole would be the Pathways to Change, he is the proprietor of the plan, and provides high hazards clients an chance for cognitive restructuring. He besides helps form the Toys for Tots plan and the Missouri Reentry Program. He believes resources are the key to client success, would wish to calculate out a manner to make a fund for destitute Sexual activity Wrongdoers to assist relieve the cost of intervention, polygraphs, and appraisals. He besides mentions the deficiency of lodging and employment contributes to recidivism among clients. Officer Cooper stands behind his staff and speaks extremely of their dedication and sense of duty toward their mission and clients. He believes Probation and Parole would better overall, for both clients and community safety, if the province budget were in good wellness.

Mr. DeWayne Roach was the 2nd to answer to my interview questionnaire. Mr. Roach is the District Administrator for District 11. He is the individual who hires and fires. My first feeling of Mr. Roach was he was easy accessible and flexible, compared to that of Officer Cooper. He is responsible for “ directing or helping in the overall planning, development, and disposal of the assigned correctional plans or services ; aids in directing the development and execution of departmental planning issues ” ( Office of Administration, 2012 ) . He besides participates in developing employees on policy, process, and new plan tools, which are to be integrated into Probation and Parole Systems. He creates and develops budget petitions, proctors disbursement, and recommends or initiates cost-saving steps. He serves as the “ affair for the assigned country of duty ; cooperates with and makes presentations to federal, province, local, and community organisations, and other groups refering to the assigned plans ” ( Office of Administration, 2012 ) .

Mr. Roach would wish to see his territory systematically have the lowest annulment rates in the province, see his officers obtain publicity, turn professionally and personally, and go on to put a good illustration for all other Military officers within his District. He besides assists with the Missouri Reentry Program and is presently seeking to happen ways to better the plan. He would wish to increase client success by assisting them obtain employment. He believes the bureau and community fall short in resources for those in demand of aid. Mr. Roach believes in his Military officers do the best they can with what they have to work with. He would wish to see smaller caseloads for the Officers, so they have more clip to pass with their clients.

I ne’er did receive Officer Wilson ‘s interview but will turn to every bit much as I can sing her place within the bureau ; turn toing what she does as a Probation and Parole Officer for Missouri Department of Corrections. Of all the Officers I met within District 11, Officer Dana may hold the biggest duty. As a Probation and Parole Officer she ; ” Conducts probes on wrongdoers for the circuit tribunals, assesses the demands and hazard degrees of wrongdoers to find appropriate supervising schemes, investigates offender misdemeanors and takes appropriate action ; nevertheless, the employee is expected to exert considerable discretion and independent judgement in the public presentation of work within established policies and processs ” ( Office of Administration, 2012 ) .

Aside from Officer Wilson ‘s traditional function as a Probation and Parole Officer, she is besides the Drug Court Liaison, Intern Coordinator, Court Liaison, and she deals with the Interstate Compact Offenders. Her caseload, non including Interstate Compact Offenders, is presently at 83 clients. I believe she has 50 +/- on her Interstate Compact Offenders caseload.

As the Drug Court Liaison, she meets with all participants on a hebdomadal footing, conducts Urine Analysis trial on participants hebdomadal, acts as a counsellor if need be ( at work ) , and updates the Judge on a hebdomadal footing before go toing tribunal hearings. The Drug Court Program provides a Second Change for wrongdoers to travel frontward with new accomplishments, provides a intervention program for offender to derive control of their life, and the possibility of Probation Modification.

As an Intern Coordinator, she is the first individual of contact when persons are interested in using for the internship plan within District 11. She will measure your application, perform/ petition a background cheque, agenda an interview, conduct a pre-employment drug trial and refer or urge you to the District Administrator or Unit Supervisor. Once the application, interview, and intern preparation are complete, she will so schedule a meeting with the houseman in order to supply a agenda conducive to both intern and employee ( Missouri Department of Corrections, 2012 ) .

She besides deals with Interstate Compact Offenders. These wrongdoers have transferred out of the province and are presently functioning a sentence of supervising in the State of Missouri. When an wrongdoer wants to travel out of province, the wrongdoer must make full out an application to the having province and the having province will carry on an probe of wrongdoer ‘s place program, background, and any other points that may necessitate to be addressed. Once the receiving province has completed their probe, they will e-mail Officer Wilson and allow her cognize if the wrongdoer has been accepted or non. There is a judicial admission to this Compact, if the wrongdoer ‘s topographic point of abode is in another province and the wrongdoer wants to travel back at that place, upon being placed on supervising, the wrongdoer will hold to return to their topographic point of abode within 7 yearss. When this happens, it places a batch of paper work on Officer Wilson ‘s desk, which has to be completed within 10 yearss.

Most of my internship hours were received while shadowing Officer Wilson. She is a really busy Officer, who handles a battalion of instances. She is able to pull off her caseload, conduct the internship plan, go to tribunal hebdomadally, produce required paperwork, and travel to school for her Master ‘s Degree, on a hebdomadal footing in a timely mode. She has taught me a batch about Probation and Parole, and is willing to go on to learn me after my internship is complete. She is decidedly a dedicated employee and is willing to learn those who are interested.

After the hebdomads of my internship, the one thing I see as an overall job is the deficiency of resources the community has. The territory entirely supervises, give or take, on norm about 2300 clients. The resources in Pulaski County entirely consist of Pathways, Vocational Rehab, Drug Court, Pathways to Change, ACTS, Offenders Offering Alternatives ( Prison Tour ) , Faith Based Programs and Work Connections. Remember, in Pulaski County entirely, there are about 400 clients under supervising, with the bulk unemployed, high school dropouts, drug nuts, homeless, and suffer from some mental wellness issue. The fact is, there are four plans that do non be the client anything ; these four plans are, Vocational Rehab, Pathways to Change, Faith Based Programs, and Work Connections. The other plans require money, insurance, or a really long delay list.

Vocational Rehab is a plan, which helps those who suffer from some kind of disablement ( documented ) . They will assist the person with occupation arrangement, occupation preparation, schooling, and many other things, and will offer to pay for the classs. Nerve pathwaies to Change is a plan run by Probation and Parole. This plan focuses on those wrongdoers who are considered high hazard. The Probation Officer will direct the client to take part in the plan. The plan itself focuses on Cognitive Rehabilitation. It is a 13-week plan and happens three times a twelvemonth. The Faith Based Programs are precisely what it says. Community Churches offer plans to assist nuts, parents, and kids. Often clip ‘s clients do non desire to travel to church plans. The last resource is Work Connections. This resource will assist persons with sketch edifice, occupation accomplishments, mock interviews, and assist with any other facet of happening a occupation. While this is a good resource, some clients are non motivated to travel because they lack motive, self-esteem, and instruction.

The plans that can supply the most alteration in an person are the plans they have to pay for. Pathways is a Behavioral Health Facility, which requires insurance or self-pay to be accepted ; nevertheless, I believe there is a long waitlist for those who could have province support. Drug tribunal is a great resource but is a voluntary plan, which is applied station strong belief, and cost $ 50.00 a month. Many persons do non desire to portion take in the plan because of its intense agenda. Participants are required to go to three hebdomadal group meetings, go to tribunal one time a hebdomad, attend single guidance one time a hebdomad, attend NA/AA meetings three times a hebdomad and are capable to surprise visits by the trackers. They besides have a rigorous curfew ( 9pm ) , community service, must obtain a occupation, and comply with single intervention program. While it is a great plan, many wrongdoers do non like to take part. ACTS is a substance maltreatment reding that cost $ 50.00 for a 16-week category. While it does non look like much, it is for those who are unemployed. These resources, which cost money, are an excess disbursal on top of the client ‘s tribunal fees they must pay and the probation fee they pay monthly. It would be nice if we could construct a plan with societal work housemans, who are guided by a accredited professional, to assist clients to win.

Overall, my experience with Probation and Parole has been a great one. I look frontward to go oning my internship procedure and continue to larn the different methods used to assist clients win. There is still much for me to larn and because of this, I have started to look into the Master ‘s Program for Social Work at the University of Southern California. This grade has a concentration in Mental Health or Family and Children, with a sub-concentration in Military Social Work. I believe in order for people to alter, society has to supply them with an accomplishable end and if the resources are non available, how are we suppose to anticipate them to win. While the primary intent of Probation and Parole mean good, it lacks the resources it needs in order to win.

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