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Three objectives for social & emotional development.
Objective 1. Regulates own emotions and behavior.
Objective 2. Establishes and sustains positive relationships.
Objective 3. Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations.
Social & Emotional Development
Three elements of objective 1 (regulates own emotions and behavior).
1. Manages own feelings.
2. Follows limits and expectations.
3. Takes care of own needs appropriately.
Social & Emotional Development
Four elements of objective 2 (establishes and sustains positive relationships).
1. Forms relationships with adult.
2. Responds to emotional cues.
3. Interacts with peers.
4. Makes friends.
Social & Emotional Development
Two elements of objective 3 (participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations).
1. Balances needs of self and others.
2. Solves social problems.
Four objectives for physical development.
Objective 4. Demonstrates traveling skills.
Objective 5. Demonstrates balancing skills.
Objective 6. Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills.
Objective 7. Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination.
Physical Development
Two elements of objective 7. (demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination).
1. Uses fingers and hands.
2. Uses writing and drawing skills.

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