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Tenzin Gjatso is XIV Dalai Lama – religious and political leader of Tibetans. For the followings he is called the life Buddha, for the 1s who do non believe in reincarnation he is merely the leader of Tibetans. In 1989 he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He travels a batch around the universe prophesying the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism. Dalai Lama was born on 6 June 1935 as fifth of seven kids. His hapless household of husbandmans lived in a little Tibetan small town located in North Takster in Tibet.A At the age of 2 he was recognized as the reincarnation of his predecessor, the Thirteenth Dalai Lama.A As a consequence, from his earliest yearss he spent much clip analyzing the Tibetan book and at the age of 25 he earned his doctor’s degree in doctrine of Tibetan Buddhism. The name of “ Dalai Lama ” signify Ocean of Wisdom.A Lama besides means ‘Guru ‘ or teacher. The Dalai Lama says “ The more we care about the felicity of others, the happier we feel ourselves. “ A As a sermonizer of peace Dalai Lama is forced to confront the effects of the Chinese business of Tibet.A In the 1950s the Chinese ground forces entered his state and started a systematic procedure of destructing Tibet ‘s civilization and religion.A In the twelvemonth of 1950, the power of China was tremendous and under no fortunes was Tibet terrorised. The function of Dalai Lama was to presume a place of Head of State and Government to protect his state. Four old ages subsequently the Guddism Guru had a meeting with Chinese leaders including Mao Tse-Tung in Pekin. During visit to India in 1956 he oscillated the 2500th Buddha Jayanti and had a figure of meetings with Prime Minister Nehru and Premier Chou about state of affairs in Tibet which was invariably acquiring worse. Despite many peaceable attempts, dialogues and protests at the terminal of 1960s, Dalai Lama was forced to go forth his fatherland and together with some followings fled to the neighbouring state India. Since 1960 Tenzin Gjatso has been the caput of the Tibetan authorities which as the consequence of his ostracism is besides located in India. In 1963, Guru declared a bill of exchange fundamental law for Tibet which secures a democratic signifier of authorities. In the last two decennaries, some educational, cultural and spiritual establishments were found by Dalai Lama. This sort of activity was important to keep the Tibetan individuality and rich heritage. The leader is forced to populate in a hard clip for him and Tibet state. In such fortunes he has religious distance and larn how to pull off with hardship and even the enemy. Murakami said “ A there ‘s no war that will stop all wars ” . Dalai Lama said “ Infinite selflessness is the foundation of peace and felicity. To accomplish it you have to command hatred and pattern forbearance. Our enemies teach us forbearance. ” Taking into consideration the debatable state of affairs as respects to Tibet in 1987 the guru proposed five-point Peace Plan. In his vision of Tibet would go a shrine: a peaceable country in the bosom of Asia, where all animate existences could populate in harmoniousness, basking preserved, and reproduced a alone natural environment. Any of Dalai Lama ‘s peace proposals have non been accepted by China so far. Since 1967, Tibet leader as an active diplomat has initiated a figure of visits to governments in about 46 states. He has been often engaged in spiritual duologue. He met withA Pope Paul VIA at theA VaticanA in 1973. He met withA Pope John Paul IIA a twosome of times in a twelvemonth of 1980s, 1990s and in 2003. Since 1970s a good repute of Guru has grown steadily. Many establishments, universities gave him a figure of honorary Doctorate Degrees an Peace Awards. Dalai Lama in 1962 wrote his first book “ My Land and My Peoples ” From that minute his literary end product has been more than 100 books.

If inquiring about the Dalai Lama ‘s image, words like: modestness, humbleness, kindness and simpleness, qualify him the most accurately. Such an image is merely connected with a self-conscious, good individual. Thankss to the Dalai Lama Tibetan people are recognized as holding good characters. Each twenty-four hours the Dalai Lama works to continue Tibetan civilization through educational and cultural institutions.A His work besides aims to raise consciousness on a world-wide phase about the affair of Tibet.A The leader conducts an active life, ask foring and sing political and spiritual leaders. The Dalai Lama demonstrates peaceable efforts to complete the Tibet struggle. The advice is applicable for the Tibetan state but besides for each individual who wants to work out any jobs. The usage of peaceable actions may take to work outing any struggle without a war. The Dalai Lama is a 74 twelvemonth old monastic. His face is really unagitated. In whichever manner person comes into contact with the guru: article, book, interview on telecasting, documental programme he presents his cheerful disposition. The Dalai Lama frequently says about himself that he is merely a simple Tibetan monastic. He gets up at four in the forenoon to chew over and pray. His modestness may be seen as a manner of acting but besides as a manner of populating his mundane life. He is the writer of many books about Buddhism and the ways to accomplish interior peace. As a Buddhist monastic he strongly rejects any signifiers of force. The mission of the Tibetan Leader is to learn people that any struggle may be solved in a peaceable manner.

In 2008 one of the most celebrated American magazine “ The Time ” one time once more considered the 14th Dalai Lama as the most influential political leader in the universe. It is interesting because for about 40 old ages he failed to win freedom for Tibet. Human rights guardians explain that, although the construct has suffered the failure of the route means, in kernel, the Tibetans have no other manner to seek autonomy.A Dalai Lama believes that peaceable methods are the lone acceptable 1.

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Positive capablenesss

Transformational leader – Harmonizing Barbuto et Al ( 2006 ) the high degrees of transformational leading is needfully to be an effectual leader. Harmonizing to Bass et Al ( 2006 ) , transformational leading characterizes a leader ‘s ability “ to animate followings to perpetrate to a shared vision and ends for an organisation or unit, disputing them to be advanced job convergent thinkers, and developing followings ‘ leading capacity via coaching, mentoring, and proviso of both challenge and support ” Dalai Lama portions an thought of an liberty for Tibet with its state. The Tibetans strongly believe in a success and with much composure and regard follow the leader.

Harmonizing to Covey S. ( 2007 ) there are four constituents of transformational leading.

Charisma or idealized influence is when the leader ‘s behavior cause followings to place with the leader.

Inspirational motive is when followings are motivated to move by a strong sense of intent. The function of the leader is to joint a vision to do the people inspired

Intellectual stimulation is to promote creativeness among followings. It must be done by leaders ‘ vision which should show the links between leader, organisation and the chief end.

Individualized consideration or individualised attending. The leader should look at his followings as persons and see their particular concerns and demands. Best manner to make it compose is training and mentoring. Conscious diverseness among the squad or organisation members is a benefit and makes the group stronger.

Self Awareness – Harmonizing to Klimecki J ( 2010 ) about all successful leaders are brooding harmonizing to their personality. The ego awarded individual is interested in a frequent feedback from others. They look for any signals from environment to better their personal manner. The more a leader looks at what is go oning inside him after the experience of work, the more it is capable of contemplation. Peoples with high consciousness understand that people from around may complement their strengths and better their public presentation. It is of import to accept the failure if it happens. Defeat should find the future actions and besides do an realistic aspirations.

Emotional Intelligence – “ If you want to construct a ship, do n’t beat up the work forces to garner wood, split the work and give orders. Alternatively, learn them to hanker for the huge and eternal sea ” . Antoine de Saint-Exupery, A ” The Wisdom of the Sands ” . A true leader builds his place by giving inspiration and motive to the group of followings. A good leader is individual of dreams and large aspirations who can do those images become world. Harmonizing to Bryan Tracy people who manage and lead the organisations vary. Features like personal appeal, courage, vision are no longer plenty. Furthermore even intellect is non sufficient. To go a leader an emotional intelligence is needed. In most instances it is known as self-awareness. The witting leader must cognize which of his ain features are necessary to construct the place among other people. Harmonizing to Cooper R. et al the Tibetan Leader is clearly intelligent but non merely in head. The Buddhism Guru has high emotional intelligence, which is seeable in the manner he interacts with others and everything he does is trusty. The Dalai Lama demonstrates emotional intelligence by: instruction and acquisition, experiencing linked to ground alternatively of abstract thoughts, deep understanding alternatively of wont. Harmonizing to the writer that leader was the most reliable one from all the 1s he had of all time met. Harmonizing to Goleman ( 2006 ) emotional intelligence can be learned. The procedure is non easy.A It requires a batch of clip and above all, commitment.A But the benefits ensuing from holding a well developed emotional intelligence, both for the person, and for a group are worth the attempt.

Negative capablenesss

Charismatic Leader – Harmonizing to Bass ( 1990 ) magnetic leader is connected with an extraordinary signifiers of influence, and it is often associated with leaders who are perceived as exceeding, gifted, and even heroic. To beef up the personal appeal between Guru and followings direct contact is needed. Unfortunately non all leaders have a possibility to be in contact with the subsidiaries under their authorization. This deficiency of direct contact between leaders and subsidiaries in organisations by and large can be attributed to clip restraints, geographic distance, or merely the distance created by the size or extended hierarchy of organisations. Without significant direct contact between a leader and subsidiaries, there may be a nothingness of leader behaviors and actions for subsidiaries to measure and compare against paradigms in their mental scheme. A deficiency of positive information about the leader will probably do it hard for subsidiaries to develop magnetic perceptual experiences.

The president of the regional authorities of Tibet Autonomous Region has said in one of the issues of China Daily ( 2007 ) that the bulk of Tibetan people do non desire Dalai Lama to return to the topographic point where he was born. Whether the Chinese media are partial, the leader who is non with his followings loses a subordinates indorsement.

Effectiveness – What is the function of Dalai Lama at a place of caput Tibet authorities? He represents the state and stands for a guard of freedom and liberty. Leader who has a vision about the hereafter, should concentrate on executing particular actions, inspire the followings. .A The undertaking of leaders is to turn the vision into the seeable consequences. The current Tibetan Guru state of affairs is that he has non home and is powerless harmonizing to China statement and actions. Harmonizing to Polish newspaper ( Gazeta Wyborcza ) the leader of Tibetan Buddhists, admitted that his policy with regard to China has failed.A The dialogues with China had started in approximately 1970s and were focused on holding an liberty for Tibet. There have been several unit of ammunitions of negotiations with minister plenipotentiaries of Tibetan Chinese functionaries, their consequence is none.A Experts in China believe that Chinese policy shapers are merely waiting the leader of Tibet to decease what may do the split among his successors.A To avoid the state of affairs some new scheme in dealingss with China is needed.A Dalai Lama himself says he wants to travel and pass the remainder of the twenty-four hours in speculation. The inquiry is how long the Guru will set off the retirement.

An attitude to the tradition – Timing is of import for taking. He is taking all the clip because of Tibet affair. Harmonizing to Gazeta Wyborcza Dalai Lama is concerned that after his decease to the Chinese governments will take his replacement, and wants to make the same for life.A During one of the visits in Italy The Buddhism Guru said “ If a adult female proves to be more utile than work forces, do non govern out such a signifier of embodiment ” . Dalai Lama takes into consideration the state of affairs where a referendum among Tibetans in the universe will be a demand. Harmonizing to Guardian ( 2008 ) Dalai Lama has said that there is a opportunity that he will non be reborn. This would be an option of the traditional expression of the embodiment. The inquiry is if Buddhism tradition and faith should be modified because of the fact that current leader can non impact at Tibet liberty.


As said at the get downing Dalai Lama is modest, sort and low individual under no fortunes. These words describe him as a self-aware and a good individual. However the inquiry which should be asked at this point is if self-awareness and being good are adequate to be a successful leader? As we could see from the whole study his scheme to happen freedom for Tibet is still non working because as he has non succeeded in winning freedom for Tibet.

Harmonizing to Goleman D. et al a airy leader is one who has his vision and is a beginning of inspiration for his followings. Dalai Lama can be characterized as a individual who is cognizant of the necessity of ego betterment and he is continuously working to better his personality and public presentation. That is why he might function illustration for his people. However he should non merely concentrate on particular actions and inspirations but besides turn the vision into the noticeable consequences. Dalai Lama has non been able to negociate for Tibet people for over 40 old ages. To do affairs worse the fright of non holding the relief may fall in his whole life attempts to accomplish his end that is free Tibet.

Equally far as the transformational leading is concerned harmonizing to Bass ( 1990 ) Dalai Lama was able to develop the vision and sell it to followings but lacked in happening the manner forwards because of non holding the full scheme defined. The lone manner which Dalai Lama saw to convey freedom for Tibet was to work out any struggles in a peaceable manner. It was reasonably good scheme at Dalai Lama was non able to discourse with Chinese policy shapers in a determined manner. Harmonizing to Guardian Tibet leader is a religious 1 who was found, non chosen.

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