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The construct of matrimony up until the 20th century was considered to be esteemed and was the cardinal purpose of the English novel. Wilde uses the construct of matrimony in The Importance of Bing Earnest as a paradox. The characters are disinterested. some repulsed. by the construct of matrimony yet it is the concluding end and motive of the drama. The construct of matrimony is presented in many ways. Each character presents their sentiment on matrimony. and has had an experience with it. The characters call matrimony by a figure of names and show it to be a “demoralizing. ” province. It is portrayed to stop in jobs and unhappiness yet unwittingly the characters all move towards this end. Wilde. who had been married himself. uses this drama to demo the two category systems that are developed from matrimony. Like the upper category and lower category there is the married and single.

Algernon’s first treatment with Lane about matrimony nowadayss it to be an atrocious province. Lane expresses his ain experience with matrimony and refers to it as a “misunderstanding. ” This begins the drama. and provides and an image of the suffering province of matrimony. Algernon’s 2nd conversation about matrimony favours divorce. Algy’s sentiment on relationships and more specifically marriage show that he believes it to be “very romantic to be in love. ” and that “divorces are made in Eden. ” but he speaks with great antipathy for matrimony proposing that there is “nothing romantic about a definite proposal. ”

Through the drama Algy’s sentiment is reformed upon his meeting of Cecily. Algernon proposes upon this first meeting. His presentation of this establishment is inconsistent. I believe that Wilde uses the abnormality in Algy’s sentiment is to stand for the unnecessary accent on matrimony. and more significantly on the eccentric grounds for matrimony. Victorians frequently married to derive political and societal position or more specifically belongings. power and prestigiousness.

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Lady Bracknell shows little to no involvement in her hubby. She does non straight speak of her grounds for matrimony but whilst discussing Cecily’s “social possibilities. ” it is suggested she “had no luck of any sort. ” and married for grounds of societal position. Lady Bracknell’s precedences when make up one’s minding who Gwendolyn should get married uncover a shallow demand of a name and esteemed dealingss. proposing to Jack that he needs to “require some dealingss. ” before he could perchance be considered to get married Gwendolyn.

Bracknell’s definite thoughts about the grounds to acquire married nowadays a shoal and superficial thought of matrimony. and possibly are used by Wilde to foreground the incongruousness between the grounds for matrimony and matrimony itself. Wilde presents a struggle between idealized romanticism and the political world. Gwendolyn has a desire to be married to Ernest nevertheless her female parent. Lady Bracknell refuses the possibility due to the stature and deficiency of dealingss. Gwendolyn and Lady Bracknell present a struggle between the idealised romanticism presented in the Victorian poesy and the extremely politicized world.

Gwendolyn and Cecily present the grounds for matrimony to be extremely superficial. get marrieding simply for a name. whether it is foremost or last. The sarcasm used in this drama shows that while the adult females are concerned for a name they do non see the necessity of holding an sincere hubby instead than merely a hubby that is named Ernest. Wilde uses this shallow sentiment to pull attending to the irrelevancy of a name or a place in society. The concluding statement of the drama reflects the moral that a name is merely a name. and that there is a “vital importance of being. ” earnest. The construct of matrimony ties together some of the thoughts that are presented in this drama and pigeon berries merriment at the Victorians misconception of matrimony.

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