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Malala Yousafzai was merely 15 old ages old when she was shot in the caput by the Taliban. The article “The Bravest Girl in the World” by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb was presented in the December 9. 2013 issue of the upfront magazine. The article explained that the Taliban imposed rough Torahs in the Pakistan region-including the forbiddance of schooling for misss. Malala Yousafzai and her male parent defied those Torahs and spoke out about every girl’s right to go to school. Their rebelliousness earned them many supporters and enemies. One twenty-four hours. while she was returning place from school. she was shot by the Taliban. She survived the onslaught and has become more famous-enabling her to distribute her message to the full universe.

I am candidly appalled at how a miss traveling to school is such a large trade in Pakistan. I wholly agree with Malala and her pa. misss have the right to hold an instruction and they should be treated every bit to boys. I feel this manner because instruction is authorising and can assist misss and male childs likewise to turn up and accomplish their dreams- why would anyone desire to nail a immature girl’s dream? Reading this narrative truly makes you number your approvals and be grateful to hold the privilege of traveling to school without worrying about your encephalons being blown out.

I can link to this state of affairs because I’m a miss. the chief character is besides a miss. and we have both been against sexism at one point of our lives. The lone ground they had for opposing her acquisition was that she was a miss. If it were a male child. they wouldn’t have cared one spot about him larning. There are some things that I haven’t been allowed to make merely because I was a miss. ( Paintballing is the lone thing I can believe of at the minute but I know there were more occasions. ) Thankfully. it’s non to the utmost point of non being allowed to travel to school. However. I remember a few old ages ago my sister wanted to travel off to college and all my relations disapproved because “she’s a miss and shouldn’t go off by herself. ” My pa still allow her travel and she merrily went to college. got her bachelor’s grade. and is now working on having her Master’s grade.

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The author communicated her message efficaciously by utilizing narrative. She told us what happened as if it were a story- she was besides really descriptive. I noticed that the author utilised similes ; “that room access was like a charming entrance” ; names “Bhai Jan. or ‘brother’” ; and duologue in the article. The usage of these devices helped me understand the narrative better and made the article more interesting.

Why do the Taliban contemn the idea of adult females larning? Is it because they are afraid that it’s one measure closer to equality? Was the gunman of all time identified? After a spot of research. I found out that 10 work forces were arrested in connexion to the shot. Because of this calamity. I think that Torahs that protect school kids should be implemented. A jurisprudence should be made against halting in the center of the route for random strangers- particularly if they have half their face covered. Besides. I believe that the best manner to react to this is to hold ALL the misss go to school with protection. That manner. the opportunity of another calamity occurrence is alleviated.

Yousafzai. Malala. and Christina Lamb. “The Bravest Girl in the World. ” _The New York Times_

_Upfront_ 9 Dec. 2013: 12-15. Print.

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