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What is the general definition of gifted and talented?
Youth who are identified at the preschool, elementary or secondary level as possessing demonstrated orpotential abilities that give evidence of high performance capabilities in areas such as intellectual, creative, specific academic or leadership ability or in the performing or visual arts and who by reasonthere of require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school
What is Howard Gardner’s overall definition of gifted and talented?
an ability or set of abilities that permit an individual to solveproblems or fashion products that are of consequence In a particular cultural setting.
What are the possible class placements for students who are gifted and talented?
Placed in a special class, but also havethe opportunity to work in the regular class with non-gifted students.
What are the characteristics of students who are gifted and talented?
A. Dislike drill & routineB.

May show unevenness in cognitive developmentC. Remember a great amount of material

Why should school districts be careful about using intelligence tests for identifying students who are gifted and talented?
A. Show no correlation between IQ test scores and later achievementB. Don’t test higher mental processesC. May be culturally biased
Renzulli defines giftedness as an interaction among what?
Above average general abilities, high levels of task commitment and high levels of creativity
What factors contribute to giftedness?
Genetics (heretity) and Environment
Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence includes what 3 intelligences
A. Analytic IntelligenceB.

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Synthetic IntelligenceC. Practical Intelligence

What is the IDEA definition of health disorders?
are those chronic or acute health problems which adversely affect a person’s educational performance
What is the definition of physical disorders?
impairments which may interfere with an individual’s mobility and coordination
• Cerebral Palsy can range from_________ to ___________.
Mild to Severe
Definition of diabetes
A developmental or hereditary disorder characterized by inadequate secretion or use of insulin produced by the pancreas to process carbohydrates is
Definition of cystic fibrosis
A disorder of the secretion glands which produce abnormal amounts of mucus, sweat, and saliva.
What organs in the body are affected by Cystic Fibrosis?
lungs and pancreas
Definition of seizure
A cluster of behaviors that occur in response to abnormal neurochemical activity in the brain is the
Definition of cerebral palsy
A physical disability resulting from damage to the brain before or during the birthing process
What is a symptom of cerebral palsy?
Lack of coordination
What is quadriplegia?
All four extremities and the trunk of his/her body are affected
Definition of spinal cord injury
When the spinal cord is traumatized or severed
Definition of Spina Bifida
An abnormal opening in the spinal column
Definition of Muscular Dystrophy
A group of chronic inherited disorders characterized by progressive weakening and wasting of the voluntary skeletal muscles
In Muscular Dystrophy, what replaces muscle tissue?
Fatty tissue
Definition of Sickle Cell Anemia
A chronic disorder that has a profound impact on the function and structure of red blood cells
If you are born without a limb (born with an amputation) you have a much easier time adjusting to what?
adjusting to therapy and a prosthetic device
•A tonic clonic seizure affects the entire what?
the entire brain
Assistive technology and augmentative communication devices that can be used with students with severe and multiple disabilities
Mobility-Lifts,adaptive driving controlsComputersToys & games- switch opp. toysCommunication–touch talkers,computers
Mild learning & behavior disabilities
A. The definition allows for success in a regular classB. Students are generally able to adapt to social environment outside schoolC. Most of the students in this group are labeled learning disabled or behavior disorderedD.

Only in school setting

moderate learning and behavior disabilities
A. Intellectual deficits are more evident & pronounced in this group of studentsB. Their difficulties are evident in a broader range of environmentsC. They exhibit multiple performance deficits
Severe and Profound Disabilities
A. may be impaired in every part of lifeB. disability identified at birthC.
Primary phase
Shock, denial, grief
Secondary Phase
ambivalence followed by guilt, anger, shame and embarrassment
Tertiary Phase
bargaining, adaptation, reorganization, acceptance
Health disorder
When individuals have limited strength, vitality, or alertness, due to chronic or acute health problems
The birth of a child with a disability may cause marital stress because of what?
A. Financial burdens which result from medical billsB.

Fatigue from attending to the needs of the disabled infantC. Child takes too much of the wife’s attention

Siblings commonly experience _____________ in reaction to a sibling with a disability
A. EnvyB.

LonelinessC. Anxiety

What are the DEVELOPMENTAL cycles parents go through in rearing a child with a disability?
A. Learns or suspects disabilityB. Determine what action to take for educationC.

Child Completes educationD.Parents become old and cant care for child

What can grandparents provide?
Respite care
How do fathers respond to a child with a disability different from mothers?
A. More likely to internalize feelingsB. May resent wifes attention to childC. May feel hopes and dreams are shatterd
How does a child with a disability and his/her family affect professionals
A. Professionals need to understand the impact they have on the family over timeB. Professionals need to understand the impact that the child with disabilities has on the family over timeC.

Professionals need to understand the impact that the child with disabilities and his or her family have on them

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