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What is Early Childhood Education?
Birth to 8 years of age.
Why should you study Infants, Toddlers, and Caregivers?

1.) The first three years are a pivotal period in development.

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2.) Understanding Brain Development.

3.) Understanding Social-Emotional Development.

What are three historic views of infants and toddlers?

1.) Woman had many Children.

2.) Wealthy women had a wet nurse and did not breast feed.

3.) Disabled infants were killed or abandoned.

What is Locke’s view and Rousseau’s view of Children?

1.) Locke believed Infants were a blank slate.

2.) Rousseau’s viewed Children as good, and parents were the ones who corrupted them.

Where can you find infant and toddler information?

1.) Internet

2.) Books

3.) Magazines

What is NAEYC?
National Association for the Education of Young Children
What government information can you find about infants and toddlers?

1.) Information on Birth defeats.

2.) Information on SIDS.

3.) Information on Autism.

What is one core concept about Infant and Toddler development?
Children Develop at there own time.
What makes quality Child Care?

1.) Safety

2.) Environment

3.) Adult-child ratio

What are three foundations or standards for infants and toddlers?

1.) Relationships

2.) Communication

3.) Self-Regulation

What is the Code of Ethical Conduct? What are the four areas of responsibility?

Guidelines and Rules for Teachers and Caregivers.


1.) Responsibility to the Family.

2.) Responsibility to the Child.

3.) Responsibility to the Community.

4.) Responsibility to Society.

Name one NAEYC Statement of Commitment.
Never Harm A Child.
Why should you study physical motor, and sensory Development?

Motor Milestones help identify developmental patterns.

Understanding and Knowing how the brain sensory develops. (5 senses).

Describe a child’s physical growth? (height, weight, and length)

Average height 19 to 21 inches long.

Weight 71/2 lbs

What are axons, dendrites, neurons, and synapses?

1.)Axons- impulses transmit away from the body.

2.) Dendrites- impulses to nerve cells.

3.) Neurons-cells of the Central Nervous System

4.) Synapses- connections

What are three strategies to enrich infant and toddler brain development?

1.) Active learning

2.) Enrich Environment

3.) Good nutrition

What is Motor Development? What is Gross Motor? What is Fine Motor?

Motor Development includes all areas of development. Gross Development- large muscles.

Fine Development- small muscles.

What is SIDS?
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
What is crusing, and crawling, and creeping?

1.) Crusing- walking sideways holding on to something stable such as furniture.

2.) Crawling- using arms and legs with stomach on the ground.

3.) Creeping- moving on hands and knees with stomach off the ground.

What is Sensory System?

5 Senses

(Smell, Sight, Taste, Touch, Hear)

Why Should you study Cognition and Intellectual Development?
Learning Determines how the brain is wired.
What is Cognition?
The ability to process information and apply knowledge.
What is memory? What is metacognition?

1.) The process of storing information for short or long time.

2.) Thinking about Thinking.

What are race, culture, and ethic identity?
Universal asppects of cognition.
What is Piaget Theory of Cognition Development? What is Schema?

He believes cognitive development encompasses a complex variety of factors. (Children work independently).


A concept or a Mental Category.

What is Vygotsky Theory? What is Scaffolding?

Children Cognitive Development depend on the environment.


Adult structures and supports a learning situation leading infants and toddlers.

What self-regulation? What is private speech/Self-talk?

The ability to gain control of bodily functions, manage powerful emotions, and maintain and focus attention.


Communicating or Thinking outloud.

What is ZPD?
Zone of  Proximal
What is the Social Learning Theory?
The child is shaped by individual experience and learn through Invitation and Observation.

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