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Admissions Office
Office that coordinates the admission process
American College Test
Scholastic Aptitude Test
Selective Admissions
When colleges have a minimum score that must be obtained on thier entrance exam to be accepted
Open admissions
when the college accepts anyone with a high school diploma or GED.
Developmental courses
Remedial or transitional courses that help in your deficient areas.

College-Level Examination Program
College Catalog
The college publication which outlines admission information and things like tuition and fees
This exam measures your skills in critical areas such as reading, math, and writing.
Is a time to learn about about the school and how it works.
Advising Center
A room where advisors are there to help you with your selection process
Core Curriculum
All students are required to take the same group of courses.

Any course of interest to you that is not specified for your major.
Course Load
The amount of credit hours you are taking.
The process of exiting one institution and entering another.
Officially enrolling in the courses you have selected
Course Number
Number assigned to your course that generally indicates the level of difficulty
process that allows you to be taken our of a course and select a new one.
take yourself out of the class with or without the instructors signature.

Academic Calender
Highlights the important dates in the academic year
Where your grades are on record, needed if you transfer to another school
Grade Point Average
Total Quality Points
Determine by multiplying the point equivalent by the number of credit hours
Registrar’s Office
determines whether or not you meet the qualifications for graduation
under 30 credit hours
Under 60 credit hours
Under 90 credit hours
After you have completed 90 credit hours
Office of residential housing
Housing office Takes care of any housing applications and fees.
Tuition and Fees
The cost of the classes you are enrolled in and additional fees.
Financial Aid Office
coordinates funds such as loans, grants, scholarships, and work study
Bursar’s Office
Business office
Cashier’s Office
Coordinates student records of payment
failure to pay by the deadlines results in de-enrollment or PURGE
Associate’s Degree
Often prepare you for entry level positions in some fields.
Bachelor’s Degree
They prepare you for further graduate or professional study in your field.
Certificate Programs
often in technical or vocational fields. Certify you to practice a trade.

provide you with valuable support and advice to help with any needs.
Course Description
Is a description about the course
Copying an authors work without citing it and saying it was your own.
Courses that are mandatory to have taken before you can apply for a certain field.

like the nursing field.

An outline of what is expected of you in that particular course.

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